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Terms of Service

The Ginever Entertainment online services are operated by Ruby-Jane Dennington (Theleruby) who provides these services to you under the agreement that you comply with the terms printed below. These terms apply to all areas which are under the jurisdiction of Ginever Entertainment, and users are expected to be compliant at all times.


Our intention is that Ginever should be a fun, relaxed and friendly community for everyone involved. Consequently, we try hard not to discriminate against people based on their race, age, nationality, gender, romantic orientation, sexual orientation, disability status, religion, etc. because we want everyone to be able to fit in here and have a good time. We also expect users to put in the same effort.

All users should try their very best to behave respectfully towards each other, and to avoid intentionally aggravating others or disturbing the peace. People who are active within the community are also expected to learn each others' no-go zones and not to enter them. If it's clear that things are going too far, or that the person you're speaking to will be unable to brush off your comments, then you are expected to back down; in doing so, you help to maintain the community feeling that we strive to achieve.

Closed-minded behaviour which is intended to cause unwarranted distress to minority groups (e.g. racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, religious bigotry, xenophobia, etc.) is particularly inexcusable and explicitly forbidden. People who engage in this sort of behaviour will be dealt with harshly.

In the event that a conversation seems to be getting out of hand, the staff members are authorised to step in at any time and ask people to disperse (i.e. break it up, stop, shush, chill, etc). If any of the staff members make this request of you, you are expected to comply, regardless of the circumstances.

You are also expected to tell the truth to the staff, to follow instructions given to you, and to answer questions honestly when asked; you're probably being asked for a good reason.

Basically, just be a respectful and decent person. It's not that hard!

If a problem arises which cannot be dealt with by a single member of staff, the team of staff will be expected to converse amongst themselves and vote on the resolution that will be taken. The community will be expected to abide by whatever agreement they come to.

Fair Usage

The following restrictions are in place in order to ensure that these services operate smoothly:

  • Don't intentionally disrupt the operation of the services (e.g. by compromising security, posting useless spam, causing lag or downtime, causing data corruption, etc).
  • Don't cause damage to Ginever or its subsidiaries (e.g. by harming their name, pirating their software, etc).
  • Don't cheat in any of the games we make or operate. It's still possible to have fun by playing fairly!
  • Don't post things which would put the safety or security of other users at risk (e.g. NSFW content, viruses, phishing scams, etc).
  • Don't compromise the legal integrity of the services (e.g. by posting links to pirated software, torrents, mega, etc).
  • Don't break the license agreements for our software or try to encourage or persuade others to do so, either directly or indirectly.
  • Don't hack into or use the accounts of other people.
  • Don't make multiple accounts. (This fills up our database with a lot of useless junk data.) If you forget your login details, there are plenty of ways to recover them.
  • If you find bugs, you are obligated to report them.

Account Ownership

The account you register is intended to be used by you and you only. Consequently, you may not transfer or sell your account to any other person and/or corporation for any reason.

You are also fully responsible for adequately securing your account against theft (e.g. by setting a strong password and using two-factor authentication where possible), because the staff are not obligated in any way to help you recover your account if it has been stolen.

While, if you can provide sufficient proof that you are the original owner, the staff will usually attempt to help you with account recovery, under no circumstances should you rely on the staff of Ginever Entertainment to act as an emergency fallback for theft due to shoddy security practices. Instead, avoid your account being stolen in the first place by appropriately securing it.

Returns and Refunds Policy

Any digital content or virtual currency made available for sale or purchase by Ginever Entertainment is non-refundable. You are expected to make sure that the content will work for you before purchasing it (e.g. by playing the free version or demo version.)

User Suspension

If any of the staff members feel that a user is acting in a way that is in breach of these terms, they are entitled to suspend that user for whatever length of time they see fit. Because this blocks the user from accessing all services, it is normally used as a last resort option when other more reasonable alternatives have failed, and users will only usually be suspended without warning if they appear to have signed up explicitly to breach policy.

Suspensions are targeted at people, not accounts. People who have been suspended are expected to respect their suspension and to stay away from the community unless their suspension is overturned. In addition, all other members are expected to respect any suspensions that are put in place for the full duration of the suspension, and to the maximum extent that is viable.

If you feel you have been suspended unfairly, you are entitled to e-mail the Ginever Entertainment suspension team at suspension-appeals@ginever.net in order to appeal against your suspension. Your best chance of a successful appeal is to leave a reasonable amount of cooldown time (at least 24 hours) before writing your e-mail; this allows you to write your appeal e-mail with a cool head (and for your appeal to be processed likewise).

Wiki Terms of Use

The wiki operated by Ginever Entertainment has its own terms of use which additionally apply. Please see Ginever Entertainment Wiki Terms of Use for further details.

Legal Complaints

Ginever Entertainment attempts to abide by the terms of laws in the countries which it chiefly operates, such as the Data Protection Act and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. If you feel we are in breach of regulations, please send an e-mail to legal@ginever.net and your complaint will be dealt with promptly.

If you prefer snail mail and are OK with a more delayed response, complaints may also be sent to the following address:

R J Dennington
Ginever Entertainment
PO Box 7451