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United KingdomTheleruby

Executive Director & Lead Programmer

Director and owner of the company, primary technical officer, lead programmer and software project lead. Responsible for determining the general direction of the business, co-ordinating the development of software projects, and maintaining all of the online services.


United StatesMedessec

Lead Artist

Deputy director, lead artist and community manager. Responsible for general day-to-day management of the community, moderation of the Discord chat room, and co-ordination of all artwork and the general visual aesthetic of the service.


United KingdomPaulicus25

Lead Game Designer

Lead game designer. Currently responsible for creating, designing and balancing Intryon cards.


United StatesTweedybird

Lead Audio Producer

Lead music and sound producer since 2018.


United StatesIcewolf

Social Media Manager

Responsible for providing social media support.

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