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An RPG based on the F&T roleplays

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This is a legacy project. Support for this project was discontinued in January 2012.

While Ginever Entertainment no longer provides any official support for this project, you may be able to find help within the wider Ginever community. For more information, feel free to ask in the forums or in our Discord server.

About this project

This is the discontinued alpha release of the Friendships and Troubles role-playing game. It was developed in early 2009 by MDC and is based around the roleplay of the same name. The engine used for this game was RPG Maker VX (RGSS2).

At the time of release, this build was not available to the public. It has been released here for the first time as part of the Legacy Project Series in order to help provide a better historical overview of Ginever Entertainment projects.

The game features Raiden, Synex, Persephanie, Silphius, Barx and Niagra as they journey to find the Blood Eye, locate the Gem of Destruction, and attempt to solve the Mystery of the Pendant Master. It ends abruptly mid-way through the story, as development was cancelled before the storyline could be completed.

This game is historically significant because it is directly related to the Friendships and Troubles roleplays, which dominated the operation of the site for a relatively long portion of time in the latter half of 2007.

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