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Spellmaster II Patch Notes: 0.0.31


A new update is now available for Spellmaster II (version 0.0.31 based on source code revision 169eb426815e). Patch notes for this version follow.

Spellmaster II Preview Release 0.0.31 (10 October 2017)

This is a pretty large update which includes various improvements across the board for both Magic and Intryon players, along with some bug fixes to the core of Spellmaster II itself. Consequently, it is strongly advised that all players install this update.

Spellmaster II core changes:

  • Updated to GinENGINE version 0.3.2
  • Intryon placeholder dummy tabs that were non-functional have been removed.
  • Fixed a bug where you could click buttons in the friends list outside of the scroll box if you had a large number of friends.
  • Replaced the broken patch notes button in the menu with a working link that goes to the dev blog.
  • The card search box used in the deck builder and manual card addition dialog has been massively improved. The default search is now a 'contains' search instead of a 'starts with' search, and each word is also now checked separately, so you can put words backwards if you like (e.g. 'worm token' will now successfully find 'Token: Worm 1/1')
  • Implemented the filter system. You can now filter by affiliation, rarity, card type, firepower, shield, hull, defence total and converted cost. Some filters are not available for all game types yet but this will be improved in future releases.
  • Filter button is now unclickable if you have no decks selected.
  • Filtering is now a client side component.
  • Converted cost is now stored in the card database instead of being calculated on-the-fly by the game.
  • The 'concede battle' option has been replaced with an 'end battle' option.
  • The dialog shown when exiting Spellmaster II mid-battle using the window close button has been replaced with an end battle dialog. If you try to exit Spellmaster II this way, the battle will now be ended when you press Yes to exit. This change was made because of repeat incidents where battles were left paused.

Magic changes:

  • Added support for the following sets:
    • Aether Revolt
    • Amonkhet
    • Commander 2016
    • Commander 2017
    • Duel Decks: Mind vs. Might
    • Archenemy: Nicol Bolas
    • Hour of Devastation
    • Modern Masters 2017 Edition
    • Amonkhet Invocations
    • Planechase Anthology
    • Summer Magic (Edgar)
    • Welcome Deck 2017
    • Ixalan
  • HTTPS encryption is now used when fetching card data.

Intryon changes:

  • The firepower statistic is no longer incorrectly called attack in some places.
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