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Spellmaster II Patch Notes: 0.0.16


A new update is now available for Spellmaster II (version 0.0.16, based on source code revision 7b8d7bb81a7e). Patch notes for this version follow.

Spellmaster II Preview Release 0.0.16 (7 August 2016)

This update is primarily to rebalance the Intryon Morta starter deck, although it has a few other changes. Installing the update is required for those of you who are playing games of Intryon with this software.

Spellmaster II core changes
• Updated GinENGINE to version 0.2.3, with various bug fixes. Most notably, drop-down boxes now have a vertical scroll bar, which will remove the artificial deck limit that was previously imposed on the game.

Intryon-related changes
• The size and position of card text was adjusted.
• New artwork for about half of the Morta ship cards has been added by @Medessec. Mirali artwork is now also completely finished.
• Added the Salvager keyword, which is a shorthand for 'Whenever another persistent card you control leaves play, this card gains 1 Charge'. This keyword is now used on all of the cards which previously had that rules text on.
• Reworded the Artillery keyword help text in order to clarify that Artillery does not apply to attached fighters.
• Biological Fusion Engine: The cost of using the ability on this card was increased to 4 resources. This card now also self destructs when used. This effectively resolves the 'infinite Passels' exploit.
• Transfuse Integrity: This card has been reworked. It now transfers 2 hull, rather than losing 1 hull to gain 3.
• Hellspawn: Shield bonus is now set only at the start of each turn. The shield and hull bonuses have also both been capped at 3 (rather than unlimited and 4, respectively)
• Virulent Sabotage: This card no longer has the ability to apply Parasite.
• Dominator: This card has been reworked. The card now comes in to play with 10 charge and the dominate ability now costs 10 charge to use. It also gains the Salvager keyword. Also, dominated cards are no longer lost when the Dominator is destroyed.
• Decrepitating Field: Cost increased to 6.
• Rascal: Changed base stats from 4/1/4 to 4/0/4.
• Afflicter: Changed base stats from 6/5/6 to 6/4/5.
• Corrections to the Italian translation, contributed by @luckcolors

Known issues with this release (in addition to those bugs already reported on JIRA)
• The open and save dialogs are not currently working on Mac OS X. This is a known engine bug and not explicitly Spellmaster II's fault. (As a workaround, if you are trying to play with the starter decks on this platform, you can build them manually using the provided templates as a guide.)

Reporting Bugs
If you find any bugs, please report them on our JIRA bug tracker located at jira.ginever.net. This will help us to weed out and fix bugs faster and more efficiently. Thank you.

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