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Spellmaster II Patch Notes: 0.0.15


A new update is now available for Spellmaster II (version 0.0.15, based on source code revision 99b847489989). Patch notes for this version follow.

Spellmaster II Preview Release 0.0.15 (12 July 2016)

This update introduces the first iteration of Intryon's Morta starter deck cards. It is also the first version of Spellmaster II to be playable on Mac OS X, albeit with a known caveat.

Spellmaster II core changes
• Updated GinENGINE to version 0.2.2, which fixes compatibility with Mac OS X and thus allows the game to be played on that platform. It also features various minor bug fixes and internal changes to GinENGINE, some of which are applicable to Spellmaster II and some of which aren't. In particular, observant players will notice that the font loading code (and thus the initial startup of the game) is now notably faster.
• JavaFX is now used for the open and save deck dialogs rather than Swing. As a result, these dialogs should now look and behave like native dialogs on Windows.

Intryon-related changes
• The first Morta cards are now available for play testing! (Expect further balance changes over time.)
• Intryon card numbers are now printed in grey rather than crimson.
• Artwork has been updated, thanks to @Medessec

Known issues with this release (in addition to those bugs already reported on JIRA)
• The open and save dialogs are not currently working on Mac OS X. This is a known engine bug and not explicitly Spellmaster II's fault. (As a workaround, if you are trying to play with the starter decks on this platform, you can build them manually using the provided templates as a guide.)

Reporting Bugs
If you find any bugs, please report them on our JIRA bug tracker located at jira.ginever.net. This will help us to weed out and fix bugs faster and more efficiently. Thank you.

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