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Spellmaster II Patch Notes: 0.0.11


A new update is now available for Spellmaster II (version 0.0.11, based on source code revision a295bec072f3). Patch notes for this version follow.

Spellmaster II Preview Release 0.0.11 (13 April 2016)


  • Added a new background image for Dragons of Tarkir.

Balance changes:

  • Talon exchanged Disruption for Spearhead 1
  • Valadius exchanged Spearhead 2 for Disruption
  • Valadius changed from 3/1/2 to 2/1/3
  • Astrodemus changed from 6/4/8 to 6/3/8 but gains Adaptable 1
  • Shieldshredder Cannons cost from 5 to 4
  • Block Communications cost from 5 to 4
  • Drain Shields cost from 6 to X(min 3)
  • Added Electromagnetic Disruptor
  • Kiro Miral changed from 5/5/6 with +X/+X/+0 for mineral fields to 5/4/6 with +X/0/0


  • Experimental cards removed now they aren't needed any more.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix misrendered Adami E'lun.
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