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Spellmaster II Dev Blog

News and updates for Spellmaster II


Spellmaster II Patch Notes: 0.0.34

A new update is now available for Spellmaster II (version 0.0.34 based on source code revision 120bd825484c). Patch notes for this version follow.

Spellmaster II Preview Release 0.0.34 (29 July 2019)

Spellmaster II core changes:

  • Fixed the support links in the menu going to incorrect places.


Spellmaster II Patch Notes: 0.0.33

A new update is now available for Spellmaster II (version 0.0.33 based on source code revision 91d81105e9aa). Patch notes for this version follow.

Spellmaster II Preview Release 0.0.33 (28 July 2019)

This is a long-term maintenance update. In addition to fixing some minor bugs, the game engine has been updated to the latest version.

There is also a Magic data set update included, but it is not too recent, being updated only as far as Dominaria (released in April 2018). There is a good reason for this. The data sets were previously scraped from magiccards.info using jsoup, but this site is no longer operating. The replacement service, Scryfall, has explicitly stated there will be no future support for scraping HTML pages from magiccards.info, which makes the current version of the card fetcher unusable. In order to continue to update the data sets, I will have to rewrite the fetcher to pull data from their JSON API instead, which annoyingly doesn't even have a matching set list. Because of this, when I eventually make that change, the entire card library will probably have to be rebuilt from scratch, and any decks people have built which make use of cards with no-longer-matching IDs will effectively have to be remade. What a nightmare!

In the long term, in order to allow for Spellmaster II to see an actual public release, I am hoping to completely decouple the set data from SM2, meaning that datasets and SM2 builds will be updated separately. My plan is essentially for the launcher to update SM2 and then for SM2 itself to manage and update the locally stored card data. There are numerous advantages to doing this. In addition to avoiding shipping any Magic or Intryon content with the SM2 installation, it will be possible to update the set data more regularly (possibly by an automated script) because I will no longer be forced to issue SM2 updates simply for the addition of new set data. Compiling all of the GPQ archives for the set data also takes almost 30 minutes for the build server nowadays, making new builds quite slow to roll out, so after the decouple the compile of new SM2 builds should be pretty fast.

The update to using Scryfall's API will probably happen at the same time as the decouple, resulting in a single big changeover. I'm honestly not sure when I will get around to this. Until then, there are likely to be no further updates to the set data.

Anyway, here are the changes in this release.

Spellmaster II core changes:

  • Updated to GinENGINE version 0.4-alpha1. This is a major engine update with many new features and stability improvements. A lot of the netplay code has also been refactored in order to move common battle code to the engine core. Login can now also optionally be handled directly by Spellmaster II without having to use the GineverLauncher. This is a prototype feature not expected to see any serious use right now, but could allow for release of SM2 (or applications forked from it) in other app stores/launchers in future.
  • Fixed broken buttons on spectator list.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash if an unknown user group was found in the friend list data.
  • Fixed a security-related regression introduced in GinENGINE version 0.3.1 (and thus in preview release 0.0.28) where the game would not bother to validate the SSL certificate of the gameplay server
  • Minor visual tweaks to several menus and control screens.
  • Game types are now implemented as netplay rulesets.

Magic changes:

  • Updated data set as far as Dominaria.


Spellmaster II Patch Notes: 0.0.32

A new update is now available for Spellmaster II (version 0.0.32 based on source code revision d95cd53098e6). Patch notes for this version follow.

Spellmaster II Preview Release 0.0.32 (15 October 2017)

Spellmaster II core changes:

  • Fixed the Join Lobby button not being clickable.

Magic changes:

  • Converted mana cost data is now included for Magic cards and can be used as a filtering option.


Spellmaster II Patch Notes: 0.0.31

A new update is now available for Spellmaster II (version 0.0.31 based on source code revision 169eb426815e). Patch notes for this version follow.

Spellmaster II Preview Release 0.0.31 (10 October 2017)

This is a pretty large update which includes various improvements across the board for both Magic and Intryon players, along with some bug fixes to the core of Spellmaster II itself. Consequently, it is strongly advised that all players install this update.

Spellmaster II core changes:

  • Updated to GinENGINE version 0.3.2
  • Intryon placeholder dummy tabs that were non-functional have been removed.
  • Fixed a bug where you could click buttons in the friends list outside of the scroll box if you had a large number of friends.
  • Replaced the broken patch notes button in the menu with a working link that goes to the dev blog.
  • The card search box used in the deck builder and manual card addition dialog has been massively improved. The default search is now a 'contains' search instead of a 'starts with' search, and each word is also now checked separately, so you can put words backwards if you like (e.g. 'worm token' will now successfully find 'Token: Worm 1/1')
  • Implemented the filter system. You can now filter by affiliation, rarity, card type, firepower, shield, hull, defence total and converted cost. Some filters are not available for all game types yet but this will be improved in future releases.
  • Filter button is now unclickable if you have no decks selected.
  • Filtering is now a client side component.
  • Converted cost is now stored in the card database instead of being calculated on-the-fly by the game.
  • The 'concede battle' option has been replaced with an 'end battle' option.
  • The dialog shown when exiting Spellmaster II mid-battle using the window close button has been replaced with an end battle dialog. If you try to exit Spellmaster II this way, the battle will now be ended when you press Yes to exit. This change was made because of repeat incidents where battles were left paused.

Magic changes:

  • Added support for the following sets:
    • Aether Revolt
    • Amonkhet
    • Commander 2016
    • Commander 2017
    • Duel Decks: Mind vs. Might
    • Archenemy: Nicol Bolas
    • Hour of Devastation
    • Modern Masters 2017 Edition
    • Amonkhet Invocations
    • Planechase Anthology
    • Summer Magic (Edgar)
    • Welcome Deck 2017
    • Ixalan
  • HTTPS encryption is now used when fetching card data.

Intryon changes:

  • The firepower statistic is no longer incorrectly called attack in some places.


Spellmaster II Patch Notes: 0.0.30

A new update is now available for Spellmaster II (version 0.0.30 based on source code revision 10b2eb5950f0). Patch notes for this version follow.

Spellmaster II Preview Release 0.0.30 (8 October 2017)

This update is for balance changes to the Intryon card game.

Intryon balance changes:

  • Secondary Explosions is now a Tactical card.
  • Regroup no longer includes the stance clause.

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