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Play collectible card games more easily over the internet.

About this project

Spellmaster II is a program which allows you to play Magic: the Gathering and Intryon more easily over the internet. It was written to allow for long-distance play, where trying to play using webcams and physical cards would realistically be unfeasible. It also allows you to perform deck prototyping, allowing you to find out whether or not a card is worth buying before you waste your money on the purchase. However, it does not include any rule enforcement, so you are left to enforce the rules by yourself.

The program is a sequel to Spellmaster Classic, which was designed while Tinytimrob was at university so that he could play Magic with Paulicus25.

Unlike with Spellmaster Classic, which was developed as an assistive tool, Spellmaster II allows games to be played using only the program itself without needing physical cards, because it implements the full structure of the game (hand, library, graveyard, battlefield) and dynamically tracks the location of every card. This makes it a vastly superior program to the original.

How do I launch this program?

Install it using the GineverLauncher.

Please note: You must currently be in the Intryon alpha testing program in order to be able to install Spellmaster II. Without this permission, the program will not appear in the install list.
If you don't have access to this alpha testing program and want to join it, please contact Tinytimrob over Discord.

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