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Launcher for GinENGINE games

About this project

The GineverLauncher is an all-in-one installer, updater and launcher for software developed using GinENGINE, giving you easy access to past and present GinENGINE projects. Through this launcher, we aim to make all of our major GinENGINE-based software titles available to you.

In addition to installing current, stable builds, the launcher is also able to install alpha or beta releases for members who are subscribed to those testing phases.

The launcher is able to update itself when newer launcher versions are released.

How do I download and install the launcher?

Check the downloads tab.

What can I launch?

The launcher currently supports installing, updating and launching the following things:

  • Athena IV
  • B-Cool Breakout: Anniversary Edition
  • GinENGINE Pacman
  • Paulipede
  • Spellmaster II
  • Whack!

Where are Ginever Entertainment's Unity-based games, like GIF HD?

The GineverLauncher was only designed to install and launch games programmed using GinENGINE.

If you are trying to install any of our commercial Unity-based games, such as GIF HD, you should check on the Steam store instead.

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