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The HD remaster of GIF is still under development

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Windows Legacy Project Series: Original/Classic GIF (2009) Build 10

  • GIF-classic-LPS.zip (6.43 MB)
  • Updated

This is the original/classic version of GIF from 2009. It was developed as a joint project between Medessec and Tinytimrob and published by The Ginever Block.

The 2009 release of GIF is notable because it was the first joint project between Medessec and Tinytimrob. The success of this game was directly responsible for the eventual formation of what would later become Ginever Entertainment. It is also notable because it serves as the inspiration and original source of content for the 2019 HD remaster of GIF, the first commercial Ginever project.

This old version of GIF continues to remain freely available as part of the Legacy Project Series in order to help provide a better historical overview of Ginever Entertainment projects. It is known to have various glitches, including some physics glitches, and has known compatibility issues with Windows 8. There are no plans to fix these, since this ancient version of GIF has now been completely superseded by the commercial remaster.

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