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Frustration is inevitable. Now in HD!

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GIF Dev Blog

News and updates for the Game of Inevitable Frustration


An update about GIF

Over the past few months, we have been working hard in our spare time to try and get the new version of GIF ready for release. Progress has been slower than I would have liked (because everyone has been really busy) but I'm pleased to say that things are looking pretty awesome!

The new game will be split up into a bunch of themed zones. For the first version of the game, I'm targeting around 100 levels spread across three zones (classic, ice and factory) with about 30 levels each, along with maybe a couple of 'silly' or 'weird' levels to round off the set. At the moment we probably have about a third of that many, so there is still a good deal of work to do in order to make up the needed amount.

A forest zone was also planned, but I've dropped it for now because I wasn't able to make it feel the way I originally intended. It might make a reappearance later, or it may just end up entirely on the scrapheap. I don't know yet.

All of the levels from the original game will return in a largely unchanged format except for the boss level, which is being completely redesigned. A few levels might end up with minor changes to make them more interesting, and there is currently no guarantee of them staying in the same order, but they should all be there. I can also confirm that the misplaced block in level 11 which renders the original game incompletable has been fixed 😄

In the future, I would like to release level packs to expand the game, or release an official level editor to allow others to make their own levels, although that depends entirely on how successful the release is.

The PC release will be out on Windows, Mac and Linux and distributed via Steam, priced at $1.99. I may also make it available on a platform which does not include any DRM, such as GOG, although this is not my immediate priority and if the game is released on a platform without DRM there may be a surcharge for this benefit.

The mobile release will be out on iOS and Android, priced at $0.99, and there may also be a free ad-supported demo version on mobile (although I haven't completely made my mind up about this yet, as I detest obtrusive in-game advertising).

Other platforms may follow in the distant future, but only if I can justify the development cost.

Further updates will be coming shortly along with some previews of the game as it currently stands.


Several years ago, Rob and I had collaborated on a tiny 2D platformer game, a nifty but memorable little free game that people could play on the computer. Years have passed, but we're pretty certain that this game's ability -to inevitably frustrate you- is still definitely there, and can definitely be enhanced to make the game far more exciting and fun.

So we're remaking the game with all new art! Better yet... we're releasing the game on Google Play and Apple's App Store for iPhone, so the game can inevitably frustrate you on the go. This will be our first true title, and we're shooting for it to be a quality one you can enjoy!




Welcome to the GIF Dev Blog

Hello and welcome to the brand new development blog for the HD remaster of GIF, aka the Game of Inevitable Frustration!

Over the coming weeks and months, we will be posting updates about the game's development to this blog so that you can follow what's going on. If you have an RSS reader you can also point it here to get updates that way.

Hopefully, there will be lots of cool stuff posted to this blog in the future, so make sure you keep an eye out for the latest info.

Thanks all!


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