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Collectible card game, currently on hold

This project is currently on hold and is not under active development.

For more information, feel free to ask in the forums or in our Discord server.

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Intryon Dev Blog

News and updates for Intryon


Further Play Testing Is Successful!

Hello all you intrepid followers of our mighty dev blog. After balance changes to the game to correct for the changes in game play during the previous round of play testing, more testing occurred today. And I must admit, the change was a MASSIVE improvement. We had fun testing it, and I mean REAL fun. There were times that we were driven to violent outbursts of hysterical laughter.

The balance between the Eresat and Velarian decks now is pretty much perfect. In our play testing pretty much every major card came out and did its job the way it was meant to. The biggest game we played was a long one. It went on for well over 20 rounds and although the Eresat took an early lead on life totals, to do so it sacrificed its ship numbers and in the end the Velarians had a comeback in a huge way and won out by a combination of aggressive defence and, frankly, luck of the draw.

It was incredibly close - the closest Intryon has ever been. More play testing is needed of course, but we were reasonably happy with the balance and game play rules for now. The next challenge for myself now is to begin work on the other two races starter decks to get them to the same point as the other two decks are. Hopefully this should begin soon.



Playing Intryon with Spellmaster Classic

Paul and I have successfully played a couple of games of Intryon over the internet by using a combination of Spellmaster Classic and remote desktop. It was ugly, but we managed it 😛

At the moment the Valerians are beating the Eresat the vast majority of the time. Paul will now be doing rebalancing, after which point we will have another attempt at playing the game.

In the way of artwork, all of the Valerian cards now have initial sketches drawn. The cards for the Eresat don't have any artwork yet. Further progress will be made on this ASAP.


Latest Play Test Results

Yesterday, modifications were completed to the general statistics and balancing for the existing Intryon card decks. Deck size was increased to 50 cards, hand size was starting at 7 and max. 10, a new neutral stance was added in addition to assault and guard stances, ships are invulnerable whilst warping in and to encourage more use of tactical cards, resources were reset for both players in each player's turn. Further play testing with these changes was done today. The result of which was a generally improved and more enjoyable game. The downside resulted in fresh imbalances between the decks. After the first couple of games we also implemented a round-based resource adding method rather than on the start of each players turn, to reduce the imbalanced nature of having an extra resource for going first. This seemed to be a success.

As such, a comprehensive list of required and suggested edits and changes to card statistics has been put together and further changes are upcoming.

Summary: Majorly improved but still requires a fair bit of work.


Card design previews!

With some collaborative effort between @Paulicus25@Medessec and myself, we have been able to programatically generate card art for the game by using sketches of the ships and the card borders.

Here's a sneak preview:

z6.jpg.f5503c63e6f04330ba81bb84c41878c0.   z8.jpg.c9a7046c5a27311a7524637a30480b19.

Enjoy 😄


Intryon Artwork Update - Valerians Concept Work

So- for those who don't know, I've been hard at work on the conceptual art for the "Valerians", which is the race in Intryon's universe that you would equate directly to the Humans of our own universe.



Design elements that will be mostly universal across the aesthetic of the Valerians will be a simplified crudeness, and sharp-edged machine look. We have yet to establish the final appearance of the Valerians themselves, there were ideas floating around about changing their appearance slightly to further distance them from the appearance of real life humans.



This ship here is called the "Sanger", and it's a Missile Barge Ship. Feel free to give us any feedback on the design to consider! I'm doing what I can before I get started on Eresat ships... those will be quite different.

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