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Morta starter deck getting close!


Well, its a little while since I posted in here. Mainly due to work and illness but there you go that's life for you. Insert cough here.

Last weekend I completed a base initial draft of the starter deck for the fourth race in the future Intryon initial release, the Morta. Designed to play a little differently to the other 3 races, as you would expect, today after some modifications we have played our second internal test game with them. The first game was done recently between the Morta and the Eresat. The Eresat squashed the Morta like the bugs they are - the Morta needed some stat tweaks in order to make them focused more on their objectives and game play style and still be effective.

We made those tweaks and decided to face them up against the Valerians today....it was an utter trouncing. The Morta squashed the Valerians. The Valerians were incredibly unlucky in their draw - they only drew low end ships and had a pile of technology cards that in the end didn't pay off as well as you would have thought. And the Morta drew pretty much every single perfect card they needed in every situation. Some balance changes did get noticed though and we plan to make those asap. Hopefully we can get another test game in before the day is out.

Once the Morta deck is tested to a point where we think it can be beaten and also beat the other 3 decks then we will push it out to the main testing branch version for you guys to try out and provide feedback on.

On thing i will say though. The Morta certainly have their own way of playing and its an interesting change of pace. Look forward to you guys getting to see them in action!

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