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Remake built for Ginever's 10th anniversary

This is a legacy project. Support for this project was discontinued in January 2017.

While Ginever Entertainment no longer provides any official support for this project, you may be able to find help within the wider Ginever community. For more information, feel free to ask in the forums or in our Discord server.

About this project

B-Cool Breakout was a classic-style breakout game developed in 2006-2007 for the B-Cool community forums, an earlier iteration of Ginever.net. And now it's back!

This anniversary edition is a special remake of the game created with GinENGINE for the 10th anniversary, updating the visuals and extending support to modern versions of Windows as well as both Mac and Linux.

Play all 25 of the original levels just as you remember them and try to earn the highest score you can!

How do I play this game?

Install it using the GineverLauncher.

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