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FMOD-based audio player used to test music loop points

About this project

Athena is a lightweight music player which was created to assist with Ginever software development projects. It provides an easily accessible version of the FMOD loopable music playback features provided with both GinENGINE and the Ginever Extension Library for Unity3D, allowing music loop points to be tested without games having to be continually recompiled or restarted, and it replaces a Game Maker tool known as AudioLoop which was previously developed for this purpose.

There are two versions of the tool available with "Athena" branding. The latest version, Athena IV, is a Java application built directly on top of jGinENGINE and therefore provides exact and reproducible audio playback behaviour. The previous release, known as both Athena 3 and Athena: The AudioLoop Replacement Project, is written in C# and is open sourced under GCLv2 (although it is coded terribly). Previous versions of the tool were branded using the AudioLoop moniker.

This tool was designed for internal debugging and development use only. Consequently, no official support is provided.

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