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Minecraft mod pack created for Asterion Minecraft

This is a legacy project. Support for this project was discontinued in January 2016.

While Ginever Entertainment no longer provides any official support for this project, you may be able to find help within the wider Ginever community. For more information, feel free to ask in the forums or in our Discord server.

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AMC-593 (Feature Request)

Add the ICBM mod (hear me out on this one!)


Remember how we said this was OP not too long ago? Nowadays, when I think of it, some of the things that make ICBM OP in Robbit do not apply anymore, and could be introduced into PvP to make things more exciting:

  • Basically infinite resources (HV power, mass fabs, etc) meant that a rich faction could just infinitely nuke anyone with their unlimited materials. Now resources are highly limited in PvP. If some of the recipes are 'amped up' in price, firing a missile or not would be a difficult decision to make (i.e. is it worth our limited supplies?)
  • The explosion griefing issue meant a hard NO for ICBM. This is fixed now.
  • PvE groups are unable to be hit with missiles since they are in a different dimension.

ICBM would add a whole new aspect of PvP gameplay to Robbit:

  • Missiles (the non-griefing ones that we should add) would be an expensive option to attack a faction that refuses to come out of their base. They have a configurable 2000 block radius. A missile strike could also be an initial surprise attack (i.e. against Seavern. Although we are difficult to kill in combat and have a nearly impenetrable base, a missile strike could be an option for a weaker enemy faction to get some kills) This gives relatively more power to underdog factions vs. powerful factions while adding a non-OP hardcore element, both of which i feel like people will like.
  • Radar Stations, at the cost of precious energy, can detect players and incoming missiles within a 500 block radius. In turn, an Anti-Ballistic Missile can be launched to counter an incoming missile.
  • EMP Missiles can effectively wipe out an energy system, removing precious power from a base until replenished. EMP Towers are machines that do the same, but have a very high energy cost to use.
  • A Signal Disruptor can be used to bypass your own detection systems. Alternatively, if an enemy frequency is discovered, you can use it to bypass enemy radar/detection. (frequency channel limit will not be an issue here)
  • Camouflage Blocks can be used to hide doorways, missile silos, etc, and can be walked through. This would also make for a cool dungeon tool 😛.
  • You will need to ALSO defend your base against missiles. (i.e. Did I build my energy storage room low enough?... If we get hit with a missile, will this part of the base be safe?... Are we prepared to use Radar/Anti-Missiles?).
  • Turrets. I understand Gun Turrets contradict your anti-gun stance, and will probably not be added. And Railguns can also be used to grief. But Laser Turrets can be used as a high-energy-cost way to defend a base against mobs/players.

Finally, here's all the OP or other things from this mod that really won't work:

  • Gun Turrets and Railgun, Rocket Launcher, Spikes (duplicate)
  • Missiles/Explosives: Antimatter, Red Matter, Rejuvenation, Sonic/Hypersonic, Breaching. Probably not anvil, exothermic or endothermic, but I'm not exactly sure what the last 2 can do.

Every other missile type works (causes direct entity damage, bad effects, flings entities/players around, etc without causing block damage)

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PVP is supposed to be a wacky and destructive outlet for maniacal players. Now that PVE is a separate world, PVP can now finally expand beyond vanilla minecraft style PVP. Apart from the excellent factions mod, there are zero PVP oriented mods. Unfortunately, the impervious factions mod completely stifles any PVP fun and freedom by allowing peaceful factions to hide and preventing aggressive players from doing ANYTHING.This (mod)idea adds a fresh component that will incite ALL players to finally take action and defend themselves from a real threat (other than Seavern stalking you for hours while holding Shift for 30 minutes, outside your window, while they enjoy a nice sandwich and set up a chair outside your base, perhaps some tea or coffee).

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Currently, the system allows factions who are smart or skilled to efficiently protect themselves (which is good) - But so much, that you are able to effectively master the skill of defending your base where it will very difficult or impossible to strike you, especially if you stay indoors.

Hardcore gameplay elements (I define these as gameplay elements that fairly allow players a way to breach protective systems to an extent) are needed - at least a little. ICBM will allow for an expensive way to attack hiding players through walls and disrupting energy nets/mob farms without claiming or infiltrating. This prevents both weak factions from being invulnerable due to hiding and overpowered factions from being invulnerable by mastering base defense.

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