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Minecraft mod pack created for Asterion Minecraft

This is a legacy project. Support for this project was discontinued in January 2016.

While Ginever Entertainment no longer provides any official support for this project, you may be able to find help within the wider Ginever community. For more information, feel free to ask in the forums or in our Discord server.

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Robbit Patch Notes & Updates

Information about new Robbit releases


Robbit Patch Notes: 27.0.0-DEV7 (r4854)

A new update is now available for Robbit (version 27.0.0-DEV7, revision 4854). Patch notes for this version follow.

Robbit "Fondant Fancy" Patch 27, Development Preview 7 (2 October 2018)

This patch fixes some pretty substantial glaring problems in the Eclair/Fondant releases of Robbit, and has been a long time coming. Those of you using the bleeding edge build will get this automatically, but if you're still using Exciting Eclair for some reason then I'd strongly advise you take the time to update to Fondant Fancy and to stick with it from now on - I'd personally consider it more stable than the Exciting Eclair Legacy Edition, and it's only not being bumped to "stable" in the launcher due to the fact that development of content for Fondant Fancy still isn't finished.

Anyways, as I said in the patch notes for Preview 6 last month, the enormously glaring bugs in the mod pack really annoy me. This patch makes another huge step towards fixing those issues and there are plenty of tasty improvements for everyone to enjoy (or maybe hate)!

IC2 Energy-Net Overhaul

I'm pleased to announce that the IC2 energy-net has received a huge overhaul, resolving the vast majority of IC2 issues within the pack. Here are some of the significantly noteworthy improvements:

  • Voltage mismatch explosions and cable power loss are now working again. You'll have to use transformers or transformer upgrades in future, along with the correct cable types.
  • The detector and splitter cables now work correctly again.
  • The EU reader now works correctly.
  • The poorly named "HV cable" (which was actually for EV) has now been renamed to "Iron cable" to match the naming style of all the other cable types.
  • The amount of power loss on each cable, along with the voltage limit, is now displayed in the item tooltip.
  • The transformer blocks have been renamed to include both of the tiers they transform between, rather than just the lower one (e.g. the "Low Voltage Transformer", which converts between LV and MV, is now more sensibly named the "LV-MV Transformer").

It should be noted that the energy-net fixes in this release will apply to all active worlds. This includes the current survival world on the Chimerion server, as well as creative plots and the various project worlds. I tried to give people on the Discord some advance notice of this, so hopefully you took heed of my warnings and wired your base properly. If you didn't, things are liable to explode and you'll have to take the time to repair your setup when you next go online.

Voltage Colour Update

I've also taken the time to update the voltage colours of the various machines and transformers to effectively match their cable types, which goes as follows:

  • Light Blue is for Low Voltage (tin cable, 32 EU/t)
  • Brown is for Medium Voltage (copper cable, 128 EU/t)
  • Gold is for High Voltage (gold cable, 512 EU/t)
  • Grey is for Extreme Voltage (iron cable, 2048 EU/t)
  • Red is for Insane Voltage (glass cable, 8192 EU/t)

Many of you might not have even realized that Insane Voltage was a thing, because up until now it was never printed anywhere in the game (and it's only possible to output it from an EV-IV Transformer or a Nuclear Reactor, so hardly anyone will have ever seen it). Hopefully that's resolved now, fixing another glaring problem!

To coincide with this change, the placed down tin cable block got a slight re-tint to make it a bit more bluish - it now has the same colour as the item sprite and is a closer match to the light blue chosen for LV. The new colour scheme has also been applied elsewhere to try and improve the uniformity of the mod pack (e.g. the Solar Arrays and Charging Bench have taken on these new colours too).

Here you can see how those new colours look visually:


It's a small change, but it has a pretty big impact on making it easy to see what cables a specific output device or transformer is limited to.

Advanced Power Management Fixes

For those of you who were partial to the Advanced Power Management mod in earlier releases, I'm pleased to announce that this is now completely fixed (it was pretty buggy before, and I had to patch quite a lot to get it up to scratch, but everything now seems to be working well).

I've also taken the time to implement some small improvements that were requested a long time ago with regards to the adjustable transformer and emitter - they now have a packet count variable rather than a total output variable. This got requested on the bug tracker before by mkmarq but never got any attention before now. Sadly, he's no longer around, but hopefully someone else can enjoy this minor improvement 🙂 (I figured I'd look at it while I was doing bug fixes on the mod)

Music Expansion

This update introduces Robbit Music Expansion, a brand new mod which expands the music in Minecraft to include 15 new C418 music tracks. All of these new tracks were written either for Minecraft or Minecraft-related projects by C418, but never ended up making it into the game. I got really fed up with the limited amount of music, so I took this opportunity to expand it a bit by making these missing tracks available. Everything that has been added fits stylistically within the game and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

The music normally played on the title screen of Vanilla Minecraft has also been added to the music playlist, since people playing Robbit will otherwise never hear it (because Robbit uses Within Time as its title music instead). This adds another 4 tracks, giving a total of 19 extra pieces of ambient music. Not too shabby!

Coloured Beds

The coloured beds from Minecraft 1.12 have now been backported. These coloured beds are pretty much everything you'd expect:


Like with Vanilla, any existing beds should continue to be red in colour. However, new beds will now need to be crafted with matching colours of wool in order to get the colour of bed that you desire.

ChunkRemapper Updates

Since the release of Exciting Eclair, there have been fundamental changes to the save format in Vanilla Minecraft. This has been taken to the next level in MC 1.13, which completely abolishes block IDs and has a completely different layout of chunk data. Robbit doesn't currently have support for opening this new format, and attempting to open a world from the newest version of Minecraft just flat out crashes the Robbit client. Due to the remapping of block IDs in the Robbit mod pack the reverse is also true, with Vanilla completely crashing when it tries to open a world saved in Robbit.

Because of this, I'm making more of an effort to block people from opening maps that won't open in order to prevent people from corrupting their saves. For this reason, worlds made in Robbit will now be saved in such a way that Vanilla will be able to identify they aren't in a normal layout - MC 1.9 and later will display the save file as being from Robbit and refuse to load it without first making a backup. Likewise, Robbit will now be able to detect which version of Vanilla created a specific map file (assuming it was saved with MC 1.9 or later) and will assign a special remapping key to those maps (e.g. VANILLA-1.13 rather than just VANILLA). A consequence of this is that it will refuse to open maps from Vanilla that aren't able to properly pass through the chunk remapper, which will prevent the client from being in a position where it could arbitrarily crash.

In future it is possible that work could be done to re-enable loading saves from newer versions, preferably in a way which properly preserves them. In the event that this happens, I'll be sure to re-enable the import and conversion of those worlds. But in the meantime, those map imports are now blocked for the sake of preventing problems.

Key Binding Improvements

Many of you might have noticed that the key binding situation in Robbit has long been a mess. In fact, up until this release, THREE different things were bound to CTRL (and only one worked)! This issue was really bugging me. I ended up taking a look at it after I received another complaint and I've changed the conflicting key binds to properly resolve this issue.

After installing the patch, existing players are strongly advised to go into the key binding settings and reset all of their key binds to the default value (because otherwise you won't benefit properly from this bug fix).

At the same time, I've also backported the key bind sorting function present in newer versions of Vanilla (the backported code came from 1.12), recategorized a lot of the key binds, and removed a few superfluous ones that Robbit wasn't using. These adjustments really help to clean up the key binding screen, making it way easier to navigate, understand and use.

Connected Texture Mod Improvements & New Robbit Architecture Blocks

The Robbit Architecture mod was supposed to include a number of other Chisel blocks at the time of its initial release, but sadly they never made the cut. The reason for this was pretty simple - the Connected Texture Mod we had was taken from OptiFine and it only supported Vanilla blocks. The missing architecture blocks really needed the CTM to look good, so we ended up dropping them until this could be resolved.

Starting with this release, this problem has been finally fixed. CTM now supports matching blocks based on registry keys in addition to vanilla block IDs, which means that we can now use CTM on blocks added by Robbit. Because of this, we're ending up with some fancy "new" blocks that have actually just been shelved for over 4 years!

Firstly, we've got Fancy Wool and Fancy Rugs in all 16 of the standard colours. The rugs are essentially carpets which you make out of the Fancy Wool and they look pretty awesome. CTM is supported on both the wool and the rugs too! You can see how the rugs look against normal wool below:


I always really wanted to get these rugs into the game, so I'm pretty chuffed that we've finally been able to get them included.

Here are the other new CTM-enabled architecture blocks added in this release:


From left to right, top to bottom, these are the Steel Studplate BlockSteel Checkerplate BlockRusty Steel BlockDark GranitePlated Adamant BlockLapis Infused Fluix BlockSky Stone Mosaic BlockBoost Block, and Framed Wire Cage. The entire thing is surrounded by a Framed Wire Mesh, which is essentially an alternative version of Iron Bars.

The Plated Adamant Block has really high blast resistance, which makes it an alternative to Obsidian if you want something that actually looks decent as a blast resistant wall (although it's expensive as hell). The Boost Block has a neat effect where you get a speed boost whenever you run on it, which can help to cut down on long journeys running around your enormous base. All of the other blocks are basically just decorative. Everything except the Boost Block is available in microblock form in addition to their regular blocks so you can make way more shapes.

(Those of you who've used Chisel will probably be familiar with all these blocks, and you'll have seen them with other names and recipes - we took some creative liberty when porting them over.)

Hopefully these new blocks can help to improve the appearance of your bases and creative builds!

Tinted Glass

If you played on Delicious Doughnut or older, you might remember that Robbit has had Stained Glass way longer than Vanilla. When Mojang added their own version of Stained Glass in MC 1.7, we switched to using their version when we released Exciting Eclair, partly due to the fact that theirs supported CTM. I've grown to regret that decision, because I really think their Stained Glass looks ugly. It's pale and colourless and doesn't really have any stylistic matching to regular glass either.

Thanks to the CTM improvements in this patch, I've finally been able to get Robbit's original version of Stained Glass working with CTM for the first time, and I'm pleased to say it looks awesome. I've therefore made the decision to bring it back!

The old Robbit Stained Glass is therefore now available to use again - although it's been renamed to Tinted Glass so that it can sit alongside Mojang's version. Here you can see them side by side:


If you were a fan of the old Stained Glass like me, then I'm sure you'll really appreciate this "new" addition.

New Robbit Machines

One of my biggest frustrations with Robbit is the inordinate amount of people that used to rage-quit forever, just because we didn't have Thermal Expansion. For this reason, I've been working hard on porting over some of the missing machines to try and fully complete the set.

This patch adds two new machines to the pack you might be somewhat already familiar with - the Fluid Infuser (based on the TE Igneous Extruder) and the Elemental Liquifier (based on the TE Magma Crucible). Here you can see what these look like:


For those of you who have no idea what these are supposed to do, the Fluid Infuser fuses liquids together into solid rock (e.g. Water and Lava can be fused together into Cobblestone, Stone or Obsidian) while the Elemental Liquifier is the complete opposite (e.g. melting Obsidian back into Lava).

With traditional Robbit flair, we've made some adjustments to the basic concepts behind these machines, meaning that they now support Nether Biomes Fluids in addition to those from the regular game. Want to melt Frostrack down into Frostwater? No problem! Want to get rid of all that pointless Sludge? You can now turn it into Spellrack. Pretty neat eh?

For balancing purposes, the liquifier requires Blightstem as an additional reagent in order to prevent an infinite power exploit. The infuser can be used without needing any extra reagent.

Aurora Torch

Me and my fellow group members chose to build a base in the Nether this time around, and we've been continually bombarded with mobs spawning in our faces as a result. One time we logged in to find Zombie Pigmen on top of the machines. Something had to be done.

Then we remembered the Interdiction Torch from EE2, and the solution became obvious!

The new Aurora Torch is the first block to be added to Robbit Sorcery, and is essentially a magic torch which repels mobs, inspired by EE2's Interdiction Torch. It is made by placing Blightstem and Emerald on top of a stick and will repel mobs in an 8-block radius from the position of the torch. It also completely prevents mobs from spawning in that area, regardless of the light level.


The emerald in the recipe makes it a bit expensive to make, so it's unlikely you'll end up with loads of these, but they're going to be really handy in areas like the Nether where a regular torch doesn't effectively prevent mobs from spawning.

Furthermore, I've taken the opportunity to extend the F7 mob spawning area display so that areas which are blocked by a spawn repellant (like the Aurora Torch) will be displayed with a light blue cross:


For balancing reasons, the torch isn't going to be available in PvP worlds and has a 10 second charging delay in order to prevent you from using it to easily get out of combat. In the event that it turns out to still be OP and it gets abused, we've got some other tricks up our sleeve which you might end up seeing in a future patch. For now though, I'm hoping it's fine as it is.

Robbit Dungeons Development

Many of you will remember the blue portal in the spawn world which was supposedly going to go to a dungeon world. In order to make advancement on this plan, I've made some progress on implementing the coloured doors and chests that were originally planned for Fondant Fancy. Here's what they look like:


The chests and doors can be unlocked using matching coloured keys, and are locked again using padlocks. The keys are intended to be found within the dungeon, providing access to new rooms or to loot like potions, weapons or ammo which might be useful to help complete the dungeon. The padlocks are intended to only be used by the map makers and are used to lock the chests and doors prior to making the dungeon available for general play.

While the dungeon system isn't complete yet, these new additions will allow builders to make progress on their dungeon designs if they so choose.

WorldEdit Improvements

Those of you who've used WorldEdit on Robbit will probably have missed the CUI features. I've finally got round to making these work, which you can see in this demo video:

And yeah, I couldn't resist using the TNT 😛 

Anyway, this is a really cool improvement which will make the lives of the admins way easier!

Other Bug Fixes and General Changes

  • Chunk Loading option is now forced to be set to "Default" and can no longer be changed to anything else, which avoids a very frequent and annoying OptiFine crash.
  • JABBA storage upgrades now use a Lead Block in the recipe rather than a Barrel.
  • Tubers have been nerfed. They now grow more slowly, restore less hunger and saturation, and have a stack limit of 16.
  • The "downloading terrain" screen now specifies which dimension you are downloading terrain for, and has a themed background based on the destination dimension rather than always being dirt. (Just like the Pocket Edition!)
  • Added a Deep Ocean variant of the Ocean Oilfield biome in an attempt to try and slightly increase its appearance rate.
  • Disabled the Specter spawning naturally in areas around graveyard biome fortresses, because this was way too OP. They will now spawn only in graveyard fortress spawners.
  • The Metals Chest from Railcraft will now properly condense Bronze, Elemental, Silver and Adamant ingots into their block form.
  • The date of Easter will now be correctly determined up to the year 2030. (Saves me patching it again for a while!)
  • Spikes now have a hardness and blast resistance value assigned.
  • Pellets fired by Robbit's Ghast variants can now be deflected using swords just like the regular Ghast's fireballs.
  • Applied some general fixes to try and reduce the number of TE rendering glitches.
  • BiblioCraft's Fancy Crafting Table now works properly with the NEI recipe ghost.
  • Removed a broken clumping threshold test in the PlotHelper resync code.
  • Fixed a CTM rendering issue with iron bars.
  • Fixed beds and the /home command not working properly with the Mining World on Chimerion.
  • Fixed WAILA missing some tooltips for Item Frame and Minecart entities.
  • Fixed a bug with the Advent Calendar where it was spewing debugging text to the log file.
  • Fixed the player state not being updated in the scoreboard during a Sky Wars match when a player was knocked out.
  • Fixed a grammatical error in the disconnect message shown when the Mojang auth servers are down for maintenance.
  • Fixed a bug where the /g lobby command was available on Chimerion despite this lobby not currently being in use.
  • Fixed an issue where the UK/CA/AU language files were missing some spelling and naming adjustments (e.g. Gray vs Grey, Shovel vs Spade).
  • Fixed the fully-charged fluid Jetpack not being usable from the creative inventory due to not actually being filled with any fluid.
  • Fixed an issue where the Steel, Nether Quartz and Certus Quartz boomerangs were the wrong colour when thrown.
  • Fixed the Railcraft Item Unloader failing to launch cart in excess/complete mode when multiple stacks of identical items were in the filter.
  • Fixed a Vanilla issue where Splash Potions would not set up their damage source correctly, causing a bunch of weird issues with Robbit's permission system like the "you can't attack" notification appearing to the attacked person instead of to the attacker whenever a damaging Splash Potion was thrown.
  • The NEI handler sorting is now less stupid.
  • Added extra textures to the Faithful texture pack for some things that were missing. (The pack is still not complete, but it's at least an improvement.)
  • Added a few new splashes.


Phew! That took a while. This is a pretty huge patch, and it's taken quite a while to put together, but hopefully it was worth the wait 🙂

Reporting Bugs
If you find any bugs, please report them on the Robbit issue tracker. This will help us to weed out and fix bugs faster and more efficiently. Thank you.


Robbit Patch Notes: 27.0.0-DEV6.3 (r4689)

A new update is now available for Robbit (version 27.0.0-DEV6.3, revision 4689). Patch notes for this version follow.

Robbit "Fondant Fancy" Patch 27, Development Preview 6.3 (13 September 2018)

Bug Fixes and General Changes

  • Disabled event item claiming in spawn worlds, which fixes an issue where you could claim the item twice on the private server because the event item claim treated the spawn world as a PvP area.
  • Fixed a long-standing WAILA bug where the tooltip would screw up the lighting state of TE blocks (most notably signs).
  • Creative plots are now enabled again on the private server.
  • The PvE mining world is now enabled again on the private server.
  • Added DIM 11, which is going to be used a service lobby.
  • The arenas now have scoreboards displayed on the side of the screen.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't use buckets in Sky Wars arenas.
  • Fixed an issue where Logistics Pipes debug command was accessible to all users regardless of permission level.


Reporting Bugs
If you find any bugs, please report them on the Robbit issue tracker. This will help us to weed out and fix bugs faster and more efficiently. Thank you.


Robbit Patch Notes: 27.0.0-DEV6.2 (r4674)

A new update is now available for Robbit (version 27.0.0-DEV6.2, revision 4674). Patch notes for this version follow.

Robbit "Fondant Fancy" Patch 27, Development Preview 6.2 (12 September 2018)

Bug Fixes and General Changes

  • Various changes to the DAH controller.
  • Fixed some nether fluids not interacting properly with nether mobs.
  • Fixed an issue where areas outside of the PvE overworld would display a null owner in the infobox and the area change prompts were not sent to players.
  • Fixed some grindstone recipes being missing due to a typo made when updating Applied Energistics in DEV5.
  • Fixed custom knives added by Robbit Tools not having vertical crafting recipes.
  • Fixed an issue where rotating the grindstone crank caused chests to have a weird flashing effect.
  • Fixed a z-fighting issue affecting several blocks, most notably JABBA barrels.


Reporting Bugs
If you find any bugs, please report them on the Robbit issue tracker. This will help us to weed out and fix bugs faster and more efficiently. Thank you.


Robbit Patch Notes: 27.0.0-DEV6.1 (r4664)

A new update is now available for Robbit (version 27.0.0-DEV6.1, revision 4664). Patch notes for this version follow.

Robbit "Fondant Fancy" Patch 27, Development Preview 6.1 (10 September 2018)

Still fixing small bugs, as I keep finding the damn things.

Bug Fixes and General Changes

  • Dim 75 (TC 1.6 Creative) has been disabled, as this map doesn't exist and is not used anywhere. (This change should also apply to the Asterion MC legacy map archive)
  • Fixed the anti-griefing protection not working in PvE Survival while playing on Chimerion.
  • Fixed the infobox not showing the chunk owner in PvE Survival while playing on Chimerion.
  • Fixed WAILA harvest tier level tooltips being 1 tier off.
  • Fixed MapWriter not making use of the new official server dim storage mechanism when loading and saving waypoints.
  • Fixed an issue where on the disconnection error screen the kick reason was not properly visible on screens with large resolutions like 1440p.


Reporting Bugs
If you find any bugs, please report them on the Robbit issue tracker. This will help us to weed out and fix bugs faster and more efficiently. Thank you.


Robbit Patch Notes: 27.0.0-DEV6 (r4655)

A new update is now available for Robbit (version 27.0.0-DEV6, revision 4655). Patch notes for this version follow.

Robbit "Fondant Fancy" Patch 27, Development Preview 6 (9 September 2018)

These patch notes are going to be in more of a prose format, and less of a list of changes, because I wanted to provide you with the background behind the alterations.

I know at this point that hardly anyone cares about Robbit, but I really do love this mod pack - it's probably my favourite project ever😄 Every now and then I get a huge wave of nostalgia and come back to work on it some more - and every time I do, I say to myself I'm only going to make small changes, but it never turns out that way! I always feel like Robbit has so much potential and the creative juices always flow really strongly and easily whenever I'm working on it again. We also had a lot of long-term plans for this pack which never went anywhere due to Asterion's closedown 😞 But Minecraft is one of my favourite games, and I always feel like it's one of those titles which you can just put down for months or years, and then pick back up again later at any time. (I go through phases of loving this game and then being bored of it!)

Anyways, one of my biggest pet peeves with Robbit is that the server closed while the pack still had a number of enormously glaring bugs, many of which were introduced with the launch of Exciting Eclair. In particular, the build of IC2 we are using is just some random dev build from the middle of their 1.7 branch which has a bunch of half-broken stuff in. I really don't want to update IC2 much further, because I don't like the direction it went in, so we're left with all these random problems with the random IC2 snapshot that we ended up being permanently stuck on.

Obviously, this is not ideal. So my long term objective is to work on fixing all of these problems so that IC2 is left in a decent state when development of the pack eventually comes to a permanent close. I'm also looking to backport good stuff from later IC2 builds that seems useful (e.g. the new Robbit Machines Table Saw in DEV4.3, which essentially mirrors the functionality of both Thermal Expansion Sawmill and the Block Cutting Machine found in later IC2 builds). Fixing the energy net problems is a huge challenge which is best left to another time (I've probably gotta put a week or two aside for this) but smaller fixes and additions are easier to work on and I think add huge playability and QOL improvements to the pack.

My focus for this patch has largely been on the jetpack - a step in the right direction when it comes to fixing major IC2 issues. At the time of Robbit's last IC2 update the devs were in the middle of a fuel rework which sought to change the jetpack to being powered by fluids, but this work was never completed in the IC2 snapshot we're stuck on, which left the fuel-powered jetpack completely non-functional. Looking at the latest IC2 it seems that the final iteration of the rework has jetpacks being powered by biogas (made in a fermenter) and this is the only fuel that is supported - so after all the waiting, the final implementation honestly turned out to be rather crappy anyway. We can do better.

Fuel Update

Previous builds of Robbit included Creosote (a really shitty low-end byproduct made in a Coke Oven), Oil (found naturally in the world) and a yellow liquid made by refining Oil in a refinery that was rather ambiguously named "Fuel". Some machines also allowed Lava to be used as a fuel, although this was not universal.

This new update adds two new liquid fuels: Biomass (green) and Ethanol (orange). Biomass is made by enriching water with compressed plant balls using the Canning Machine (in the same way that Construction Foam is made by enriching water with CF powder) with each bucket of Biomass requiring 32 compressed plant balls to make. Ethanol is made by refining Biomass in a refinery. Some inspiration here was taken from other mods, but I've put my own spin on it as usual 🙂

I've also taken the liberty of solving the rather ambiguous name of "Fuel" - it is now called Diesel. Calling it Fuel seems really stupid, especially when there are now 5 different liquids that can be used as fuel (or 6 if you count Lava).

Here you can see the five primary fuels ordered from worst to best:


From a balancing perspective, here's the breakdown of the EU power of each fuel when burned in a Combustion Generator. The values of the old fuels haven't changed, but I listed them here anyway for comparison:

  • Creosote produces 5,000 EU per bucket  (equivalent to 1.25 coal)
  • Biomass produces 75,000 EU per bucket  (equivalent to 18.75 coal)
  • Ethanol produces 140,000 EU per bucket  (equivalent to 35 coal)
  • Oil produces 150,000 EU per bucket  (equivalent to 37.5 coal)
  • Diesel produces 240,000 EU per bucket  (equivalent to 60 coal)

The effective value of Biomass can be compared with sugar cane (something you can turn into Biomass) via the following method:

  • Each sugar cane can be burnt in a generator for 120 EU.
  • 8 sugar cane (worth 960 EU) compresses into 1 compressed plant ball. The use of the compressor costs 1200 EU.
  • The total equivalent EU spent to make each compressed plant ball is therefore 960+1200 = 2160 EU.
  • The total equivalent EU spent to make 32 compressed plant balls is therefore 69120 EU
  • The cost of using the canning machine to enrich water with the plant balls is another 1200 EU
  • Total EU cost of resources spent to make 1 bucket of biomass == 70320 EU.

After going through the process of making the biomass (which requires a reasonable amount of crafting and then several machine processing steps) the net EU gain is only 4680 EU (worth 1.4625 coal).

You can hopefully see that creating Biomass by itself isn't all that beneficial (you effectively spend 70320 EU to get 75000 EU out, which is not a huge gain). The real gain comes from the refining process. The cost of using the Refinery to refine 1 bucket of Biomass into Ethanol (or 1 bucket of Oil into Diesel) is 120000 RF (equivalent to 30000 EU) - and this process pretty much doubles the burning power of your Biomass.

All in all, the total effective EU spend required to make 1 bucket of Ethanol is 100320 EU, but the total power generated by that resulting Ethanol when burnt is a whopping 140000 EU, which is a gain of almost 40,000 EU per bucket!

It sounds like a lot of manual labour to make by hand - and you might be right - but there are great opportunities for the budding factory builder to automate the manufacturing of Ethanol, because it can be made entirely out of renewable resources like cactus and sugar cane. In fact, the entire process from start to finish (turning cane to ethanol) can be completely automated.

For those who like Railcraft steam boilers (although I'm not sure that's anybody, but oh well) the new fuels can be burnt for heat in the Liquid Fueled Firebox as well 🙂

Jetpack Improvements

You might be wondering why the hell you would bother to make Ethanol or other liquid fuels when you can just use solar panels. This is where the fixes to the Jetpack come in to play.

Those of you who have a lot of Robbit play time (or play time on IC2 in general) will be familiar with the Electric Jetpack. This is a jetpack you can recharge in an MFS or by standing on a Charge Pad, and it offers approximately 3 minutes worth of continuous flight time, with an EU cost of about 10,000 EU per minute.

You will also be painfully aware at how frequently you have to refill the damn thing, because 3 minutes of flight time sucks ass.

The newly fixed Jetpack (i.e. non-electric jetpack) introduced in this patch offers an alternative to the Electric Jetpack which is powered by liquid fuels. You can power it by any of the main 5 liquid fuels displayed above, with a total fuel storage of 4 buckets worth (although you can't use multiple liquid types at once). When compared to the electric jetpack, the fuel efficiency is only around 25% (so if you want to maximize your fuel efficiency, the electric jetpack is still the way to go) but where the fuel jetpack really shines is in flight time.

Here you can see how much continuous flight time you can expect from 4 buckets worth of fuel:

  • Creosote:  31 seconds
  • Biomass:  7 minutes 48 seconds
  • Ethanol:  14 minutes 35 seconds
  • Oil:  15 minutes 37 seconds
  • Diesel:  25 minutes

So for every fuel except Creosote, you gain a HELL of a lot of flight time. This goes up to a whopping 25 minutes when using Diesel!

Now you can see where the fuel-powered jetpack really shines. If you want to do some huge rebuilding projects and constantly refilling your jetpack is a huge hassle, it really pays to use the fuel-powered jetpack instead of the electric one. It also gives you a reason to actually make Diesel 😛

Other Bug Fixes and General Changes

As with any Robbit patch, there are some other little small changes:

  • Added wooden pressure plate variants. Recipes have been adjusted appropriately.
  • The old style bio-cells from IC2 have been removed.
  • Creosote cell now stacks to 64 like other cells rather than stacking to 16.
  • Fixed conversion ratio of RF-to-EU, which was accidentally set to the wrong value when updating to Buildcraft 7.
  • Fixed tooltip of CF sprayer to display localized fluid names instead of internal ones.
  • Fixed BiblioCraft registering its recipes in the wrong pass.


This patch makes a small dent in fixing all of the IC2 issues in Robbit. I hope you find the new changes a substantial improvement to the balance of fuels and jetpacks. Please let me know your thoughts on the new balancing!

Reporting Bugs
If you find any bugs, please report them on the Robbit issue tracker. This will help us to weed out and fix bugs faster and more efficiently. Thank you.

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