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Minecraft mod pack created for Asterion Minecraft

This is a legacy project. Support for this project was discontinued in January 2016.

While Ginever Entertainment no longer provides any official support for this project, you may be able to find help within the wider Ginever community. For more information, feel free to ask in the forums or in our Discord server.

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Robbit Patch Notes & Updates

Information about new Robbit releases


Robbit "Battenberg" Patch 23.3

A patch is being installed for the Robbit client which adds new features and bug fixes to the game. The patch notes below are provided for your convenience.

Robbit "Battenberg" Patch 23.3 (5 April 2013)

Player Database & Donation System

  • Added a new database to the server which stores information about player activity, currency, and donator status. This is a replacement to many of the features of Asterion present in Minecraft 1.2 and earlier such as /seen, /whois, /d, /pay, /bal, etc. You can access the player database via the /p command.
  • The credit balance of players is now synchronized with the server.
  • The donation system is now working again and all pending donations made before the launch of 23.3 have now been processed. The donation timer will be frozen until the launch of Chocolate Muffin.
  • Donator safes have been added to the game. Players who have donated to the server now have access to their donator safes.

Custom SSP Build Support

  • Robbit now has the ability to support custom SSP builds through the use of conditional compilation. This ability has been added so that Paulicus25 can fork the mod pack for single player use.

Mod Updates

  • OptiFine has been updated to version 1.4.6_HD_U_D5.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a programming oversight in Balkon's WeaponMod that caused the server to randomly lock up at inappropriate times (such as while Rob was asleep).
  • Removed some items from RedPower2 that had no use and were left in accidentally (Tinplate, Paint Brush and Paint Can).
  • Fixed a bug where players who were not in a faction could attack anybody.
  • Fixed players dying from fall damage when teleporting between creative and survival.
  • Fixed a teleporting bug where players would sometimes fall through the floor due to a rounding error.
  • Fixed a typo in ExtraBiomesXL which was causing marsh biomes to be generated incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug causing disabled items to have the wrong texture.
  • Not Enough Items no longer has cheat mode enabled by default.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Robbit is no longer in beta.
  • FML's stupidly-titled "Hello" box is now titled "Forge Mod Loader".
  • The /op and /deop commands have been removed from the game to stop Medessec from using them.
  • The AMC Staff and GA Staff ranks have been merged into the Staff rank. A Jr.Staff rank has been added to the game for potential future use, but as of now has not been allocated to anyone.
  • The server now logs the dimension that players are in when they connect.
  • The server.properties file is now sorted in alphabetical order.
  • The server name and description are no longer hard-coded and can now be configured in server.properties.
  • Improved the way the server synchronizes reading and writing to Robbit databases.
  • Players typing /plugins or /pl will now be presented with the list of installed mods (/mods).
  • The /help command has been massively improved and now conforms visually to the same standard as Robbit pluginmods.
  • Renamed IcecreaKingdom to Project Zone in preparation for public access.
  • The ban system now displays consistent kick messages to all banned players who try to log on.


Introducing: Asterion Launcher 2

I would like to bring your attention to the new 2.x series of Asterion Launcher, which is based on Technic Launcher The 2.x launcher series has a new user interface and many bug fixes and new features compared to the dated and buggy 1.x series that we have been using up until this point. Once the new launcher is confirmed stable and working on all platforms, support for the old 1.x series launcher will be discontinued. Until then, the new version will be offered alongside the old one to all players. (Options are always good!)

The primary changes in the 2.x series are as follows:

New User Interface: The new launcher has a streamlined user interface. The previously cramped news box has been made larger and now fills most of the space. The version check display has been moved to its own section. The mod pack selector is now accompanied by an "About this mod pack" section which describes the selected mod pack to the user. The partly broken skin display gimmick that failed to work with Mojang accounts and incorrectly capitalised names has been removed.

Improved Versioning: The launcher no longer uses a cheap hack to work out whether or not an update is available. Instead, it now asks the server directly. The launcher can be remotely disabled in the event of server maintenance, preventing installs from being screwed up. Specific versions of the launcher can also be disabled from the server in the event that a compulsory update is required.

Better Progress Bar: While installing an update to Robbit, the launcher now displays total files completed and remaining. In addition, the progress of the current download is now displayed in kilobytes rather than percent. Together, these changes allows you to see why sounds-vanilla takes forever to download and helps to reassure new players that the install is almost over.

Patch Notes: The launcher will now display patch notes while installing an update, allowing you to see what has changed.

Compulsory Update: The dialog asking players if they would like to update Robbit has been removed. If the version you have installed does not match the server, it will now be immediately updated without the consent of the player. This prevents morons from clicking NO on the dialog box and then wondering why they can't log in. It also helps to reinforce the idea of Robbit as a server client rather than as a single player mod pack. (It is still possible to select an older version manually, but only for Robbit DIY and Vanilla.)

Repair Tool: The launcher now has a built in repair tool. If Robbit gets screwed up somehow, you can use the repair tool to redownload or reinstall the game.

Better Mac Support: When run on Mac, the launcher now makes use of Apple's integration library to correctly set a dock icon and a name. (The old launcher had code to do this, but it did not work due to a programming oversight.) It will also display an error if run on Oracle's currently incompatible Java 7 JVM rather than running in a derpy fashion and confusing the user.

Less Stupidity: Most of the previously known bugs were fixed. As a result, the launcher is no longer riddled with a trillion bugs which cause dumb errors like "An update to Spoutcraft is available!" that corrupt the game. The launcher now also saves the installed version to disk on a successful install, and when checking for updates it compares the saved version against the latest one rather than using a fancy formula to determine whether there is an update or not. This makes the update detection much less buggy.

You can try out the new 2.x series launcher by downloading it from the website (launcher.asterionmc.com). Please note that there are likely to be updates to the new launcher over the coming days as bugs are found and fixed, so if you try it out you should use it with caution and be prepared to update it. You may alternatively continue to use the old 1.x version until the new version is deemed stable.

Thanks and have fun!

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