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Minecraft mod pack created for Asterion Minecraft

This is a legacy project. Support for this project was discontinued in January 2016.

While Ginever Entertainment no longer provides any official support for this project, you may be able to find help within the wider Ginever community. For more information, feel free to ask in the forums or in our Discord server.

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Robbit Patch Notes & Updates

Information about new Robbit releases


Robbit "Delicious Doughnut" Patch 25.1

A patch is being installed for the Robbit client which adds new features and bug fixes to the game. The patch notes below are provided for your convenience.

Robbit "Delicious Doughnut" Patch 25.1 (07 December 2013)

Welcome to Patch 25.1! This is largely a feature patch, implementing spleef arenas, the donator shop and an in-game Dynmap replacement. The patch content is currently experimental, so there may be subsequent updates or a Patch 25.2 in the near future.

These patch notes will be mirrored on Ginever.net until further notice.

Vanilla Minecraft

Updated to version 1.6.4, which makes the following core changes:

  • Added chunk data saving for structures.

Christmas Features

  • A new Christmas title screen along with accompanying splashes and music!
  • Added Wrapped Present item, which can be given out by the ops at Christmas and opens to reveal a random cool item.


The Robbit client now has the MapWriter mod, which experimentally replaces Rei's Minimap and Dynmap. (There are still some issues that I have to work out, but it's largely good.)


The Opis server profiler has now been implemented. This allows the server to be profiled in order to find the chunks that are responsible for server lag.


  • Multi Core chunk loading can no longer be selected from the GUI. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!


  • The /plot about command now lists plot helpers.

RedPower 2

  • Green Sapphire has been renamed to Peridot in preparation for the switch to Project Red in MC 1.7.

Robbit Arenas

  • Finished implementation of the SPLEEF game type.
  • Added new command: /arena ready

Robbit Core

  • The GUI box in the top left of the screen now displays biome and chunk owner information in addition to the world name.
  • There is now a VOTE button in the ESC menu.

Robbit Decorations

  • Added a new set of Checkerboard blocks which can be made from wool.
  • Added two admin blocks: No Go Block (AdminForcefield) and Medessec Face block.
  • A really silly Alphablock recipe handler has been added to NEI, because people were brainless.

Robbit Dimension Handler

  • Added a new world provider which is able to generate empty space (void).
  • Peaceful Lobby and PvP Lobby now use the void world provider.
  • Peaceful Lobby and PvP Lobby now use the Factions world permission set.
  • Added new Project Void dimension (/dim 101) which uses the Project Zone permission set and the void world provider.
  • Added a new /tpdeny command so that you can deny teleport requests privately.

Robbit Factions

  • The treaty system has been completely removed.
  • Players you are neutral to can now be killed anywhere except on their own land.
  • Players in PvP factions are now subject to a 5 second teleport timer when in a PvP dimension.
  • The /f list command now sorts factions by player count (descending) and can be filtered to show only Peaceful or only PvP factions.

Robbit Foods

  • Burger and Pizza now have a maximum stack size of 3.

Robbit Music Discs

  • Added music disc: Sleigh Ride
  • Added music disc: Within Time

Robbit Permission Helper

  • User ranks are now loaded from disk rather than hard-coded.
  • A new Probation rank has been added. Players on probation will be subject to additional logging and scrutiny.
  • Capes are now retrieved from a caching server built into Robbit, rather than from a folder in Apache, allowing for the server to dynamically set capes on the fly (so I don't have to do it manually).

Robbit Shopping

The donator portion of the shopping system is now working. Head over to the Survival Lobby for donation related fun!


When a player votes for Asterion Minecraft, the entire server population is now notified, rather than just the voter.


The WAILA (What Am I Looking At) mod has been added to Robbit, which improves the NEI item tooltips and allows you to see which mods certain items are from.

Faithful Texture Pack

  • Added previously missing 32x32 textures for many Robbit exclusive blocks and items.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • The Charge Pads mod no longer has a missing 16x16 GUI texture.
  • Bed data is now copied on death in a dimwise fashion, which should fix the "bed lost on Arena death" bug.
  • Vanilla block references are now replaced when creating replacement ore blocks, which should fix the crop crossbreeding bug with Ferru and Aurelia.
  • When a player uses a restricted item in creative, the notification is now sent only to that player.
  • Mob spawner eggs can no longer be used in creative.
  • Silverfish Block is now in the creative blacklist.
  • BuildCraft's Filler is now in the creative blacklist.
  • The client no longer attempts to save server-side-only dimensions.
  • Alphablock tooltips now work again.
  • Fixed the recipe for Night Vision Goggles... again.
  • Fixed the Balkons ore dictionary crafting bug... again.
  • Fixed the sickle not working on EBXL flowers bug... again.
  • Saltpeter is now removed from the creative inventory.
  • Block interact events are now directed to the correct face where appropriate, which should fix the "I can't build off the wall of my plot" bug.
  • ItemEmptyMap is now recompiled when building the mod pack, which should fix a crash when trying to use empty maps.
  • Fixed the translucency of the Essence Crystal.
  • Fixed the translucency of the Shiverbark Leaves.
  • Set some step sounds for slate and alphablocks.
  • The textures for Stained Glass are now slightly less rubbish.
  • The textures for Soul Sand and its variants are now slightly less rubbish.
  • The drill should now work properly on all Soul Sand variations.
  • The following items can now be used on territory you don't own: Ender Pearl, Boomerang, Javelin, Spear, Canvas Bag
  • Fixed pick block on EBXL wooden slabs.
  • Added a cooling multiplier to the combustion engine and generator which should increase the amount of time coolants last for without breaking them.
  • Fixed the texture pack hashing algorithm bug that was causing incompatibility with OptiFine.
  • IPv6 now works again (SILLY MOJANG!). You can enable it from the Options area of Asterion Launcher if you want to use it.
  • GeoIP detection now works properly with IPv6 clients.
  • Tinytimrob can no longer be banned or teleported.
  • Added a try-catch to SpawnerAnimals to avoid a rare crash.
  • Fixed a NullPointerException when using /r.
  • Items blacklisted with ServerGuard are now correctly registered with the FML game registry.
  • Shears should now work correctly on ALL leaf types.
  • Fixed the Vorpal enchantment not being able to chop off heads.
  • The cancel notification for the BlockBreakEvent is no longer sent to players in creative mode (should fix creative permission error spam).
  • Fixed 32x32 textures for the Trade-O-Mat and Energy-O-Mat.
  • Added slabWood to the ore dictionary replacement list, allowing daylight sensors to be crafted with non-Vanilla wooden slabs.
  • Fixed a desync bug with newly placed tombstones that was preventing people from reading their text until the server reloaded the chunk.


Robbit "Delicious Doughnut" Patch 25b

A patch is being installed for the Robbit client which adds new features and bug fixes to the game. The patch notes below are provided for your convenience.

Robbit "Delicious Doughnut" Patch 25b (15 September 2013)

This is a minor patch which addresses some issues with Robbit Arenas and the connected textures mod. It also re-implements the AFK system and the /region list and /dim list commands from Minecraft 1.2.5 and earlier.


Robbit "Delicious Doughnut" Patch 25a

A patch is being installed for the Robbit client which adds new features and bug fixes to the game. The patch notes below are provided for your convenience.

Robbit "Delicious Doughnut" Patch 25a (13 September 2013)

This is a minor patch which addresses some issues with ATI graphics cards, BuildCraft gate triggers and the texture pack whitelisting system.


Robbit "Delicious Doughnut" Patch 25

A patch is being installed for the Robbit client which adds new features and bug fixes to the game. The patch notes below are provided for your convenience.

Robbit "Delicious Doughnut" Patch 25 (9 September 2013)

This patch updates the Robbit mod pack from the Minecraft 1.5.2 "Redstone Update" to the Minecraft 1.6.2 "Horse Update". As a result, it is now designated "Delicious Doughnut" rather than "Chocolate Muffin". These patch notes will be mirrored on Ginever.net until further notice.

Please note that NEI Plugins still has not been updated for Minecraft 1.6 and is currently missing from this build. (I am expecting a compatible version to be released soon.)

Vanilla Minecraft

Updated to version 1.6.2, which makes the following core changes:

  • The game is now launched using a Main class rather than as an Applet window. LWJGL then creates the window directly. This improves rendering performance slightly.
  • Crash handling is now done by the launcher rather than by the Applet window.
  • Added blocks and items: Horse Armor, Horse Spawn Egg, Hay Bale, Lead, Carpet, Name Tag, Hardened Clay, Stained Clay, Block of Coal
  • Texture packs have been replaced with resource packs which allow for customization of sounds and language files in addition to textures.
  • The texture stitching pass added in Minecraft 1.5.2 has been removed again in favour of individual texture files.
  • Chat packets are now modularized using JSON.
  • Added new status effects: Health Boost, Absorption and Saturation.
  • Added some new commands and game rules.
  • Horses, Donkeys and Mules are now in the game and can be ridden.
  • Baby Zombies and Baby Zombie Pigmen have been added.
  • GUI now displays mount health.
  • Boats are now controlled using the mouse.
  • Respiration enchantment now also helps you to see underwater.
  • Mobs now use a regional difficulty system.
  • The creative inventory search tab now has a tooltip for which tab the item is from.
  • Items which buff damage now have a tooltip showing what the damage bonus is.
  • Instant Health and Regeneration status effects were rebalanced.
  • Regenerating health now uses hunger or saturation points.
  • It is no longer possible to break blocks with swords in Creative mode.
  • Charcoal and Lapis Lazuli have been retextured.
  • Saddles can now be placed on horses.
  • Cauldrons and End Portals now emit a redstone signal for use with a comparator.
  • Golden Apple and Glistering Melon now require gold nuggets to craft.
  • Command Blocks can no longer be mined or destroyed in Survival mode.
  • Lava now decays properly.
  • Flint and Steel now loses durability when used to ignite TNT.
  • Mobs named Dinnerbone or Grumm are now flipped upside down (easter egg).
  • Villagers now have sound effects.
  • Nether Fortresses now contain loot chests.
  • Fixed a large number of miscellaneous bugs.

CraftBukkit & Spigot Internal Patch Components

  • Patched a serious duplicate handshake authentication exploit which allowed anyone to log in as anyone.

Minecraft Forge & Forge Mod Loader

  • The mod loading annotations have been replaced with an EventHandler annotation.
  • Mods are now loaded as resource packs in order to take advantage of that system.
  • The liquid system has been replaced with a new fluid handler.
  • The deprecated ISidedInventory interface has been removed because Vanilla provided its own implementation starting with Minecraft 1.5. This change breaks any existing machine automation because Vanilla sides inventories differently in order to allow item hoppers to work properly. As a result, all machines currently placed down on old maps (from Chocolate Muffin or earlier) that you currently have piped will need to have their piping changed. Input side is now TOP (not left) and output side is now BOTTOM (not right).


  • The server now supports Votifier! You can vote for the server on many popular server lists in order to raise our rankings and bring in more players, and then be rewarded with diamond credits as a thank-you. (See the forum for more details.)


  • The internals of BuildCraft have been rewritten. This updates Buildcraft to version 4.0.2.
  • "Liquid Pipes" are now called "Fluid Pipes" and "Conductive Pipes" are now called "Kinesis Pipes".
  • Added new pipe types: Lapis Lazuli Pipe and Daizuli Pipe.
  • Added a Filtered Buffer block.
  • Added a new machine called Flood Gate which allows you to drop fluids back down onto the map again, providing a Robbit equivalent to the removed RedPower2 grate.


  • Added "Bordered Glass" (originally Strengthened Glass) which is a new form of decorative glass.
  • The slabs and stairs made from RailCraft blocks have now been enabled.

Robbit Core

  • The Robbit Core has been updated to support the new launching method of Minecraft 1.6.
  • Implemented a better crash screen.
  • Added a new chat handler which allows easy conversion of text to JSON when sending chat packets to the client.
  • The GUI now has support for displaying mount health.
  • The GUI now displays the current world and server time in the top left corner of the screen.

Robbit Fluids

This is a new mod for Minecraft 1.6 which implements a layer over the top of the new Forge fluids system that allows for all fluids in Robbit to work sensibly.

  • All fluids must now be blocks due to changes in Forge.
  • Added a new fluid type called SeparatedFluid which emulates fluid behaviour from Vanilla.
  • All non-Robbit modded fluids except Steam (specifically Oil, Fuel and Creosote) are now replaced with a SeparatedFluid that implements the BlockRobbitFluid classes.
  • It is now possible to place Fuel and Creosote onto the map as flowing liquids that you can swim in.

Robbit Machines

This is a new mod for Minecraft 1.6 which adds a few new machines. It is intended as a replacement for Snyke7's Transformers mod which had to be removed in this version as it is no longer working due to the BuildCraft rewrite.

  • Adds three machines: Electric Engine (rewrite), Pneumatic Generator (rewrite) and Combustion Generator (new).
    • The Electric Engine converts EU to MJ at a rate of 25EU/t -> 10MJ/t. It will never overheat or explode.
    • The Pneumatic Generator converts MJ to EU. Each tick it will convert its entire storage of MJ into EU if there is room in the internal EU storage. It currently outputs Low Voltage packets but this may be adjustable in a future version.
    • The Combustion Generator is an IC2-compatible equivalent to the Combustion Engine. It is capable of burning all combustable fuels directly into EU and requires equivalent cooling to a Combustion Engine. It outputs Medium Voltage packets.
  • Rebalanced the Combustion Engine. It can now also burn Creosote in addition to Lava, Oil and Fuel. The new values are as follows:
    • A creosote bucket burns at 2 MJ/t (5 EU/t) for 50 seconds, generating up to 2,000 MJ (5,000 EU), equivalent to 1.25 coal.
    • A lava bucket burns at 2 MJ/t (5 EU/t) for 200 seconds, generating up to 8,000 MJ (20,000 EU), equivalent to 5 coal.
    • An oil bucket burns at 12 MJ/t (30 EU/t) for 250 seconds, generating up to 60,000 MJ (150,000 EU), equivalent to 37.5 coal.
    • A fuel bucket burns at 16 MJ/t (40 EU/t) for 300 seconds, generating up to 96,000 MJ (240,000 EU), equivalent to 60 coal.
    • Water and Frostwater are now better at cooling the Combustion Engine/Generator and will last about 5 times longer than before.


  • Texture pack whitelisting has been replaced with resource pack whitelisting. The general purpose is identical.

General Mod Updates

  • All mods have been updated to support Minecraft 1.6.

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a really stupid bug accidentally introduced in Chocolate Muffin Patch 24 which caused the entire scene to be rendered twice every frame, reducing frame rate.
  • Fixed a derp made during the port of RedPower 2 which caused ATI graphics drivers to crash if the alpha channel render pass was rendered first on block lamps.
  • Dimensional Anchors can no longer be pick-blocked.
  • The Crop-Matron no longer causes the server to freeze and crash.
  • ExtraBiomesXL leaves can now be used to make plantballs properly.
  • Electric tools and armour can no longer be enchanted using books.
  • Booze barrels no longer duplicate when broken.
  • The Project Zone now has identical non-ownership permissions to the creative world.
  • Breaking RedPower2 microblocks while in creative game mode no longer causes an item to drop onto the floor.
  • Oil no longer flows on creative plots when liquid flow is turned off.
  • Scrap boxes now work correctly.
  • Railcraft Wooden Ties now have their recipe fixed.
  • Hazmat items no longer make the player completely immune to damage.
  • Industrial Information Panels now work correctly.
  • Capes from OptiFine and IC2 are no longer shown by Robbit.
  • The multiplayer GUI is no longer displayed in single player.
  • Command Blocks now work correctly in single player.
  • Overclocker Upgrades no longer disappear from Charge Pads.
  • Zombie Pigmen no longer spawn in creative next to nether portals.
  • Spawn eggs can now only be placed in the creative world by operators.
  • The toolbox now works properly again.
  • Holding shift while placing a microblock no longer causes it to be removed from your inventory.
  • Using creative pick-block on RedPower 2 microblocks now returns the correct item.
  • Using creative pick-block on EBXL grasses now returns the correct item.
  • Using creative pick-block on fixtures and cage lamps now returns the correct item.
  • Using creative pick-block on red rock slabs now returns the correct item.
  • Using creative pick-block on reinforced doors now returns the correct item.
  • Giant Magic Mushrooms now have a hardness value and do not break instantly.
  • Bedrock is now in the creative inventory.
  • Trapdoors can now be used by everyone in the creative world.
  • Players no longer get stuck on Anvils.
  • IC2 wrenches no longer screw up large wooden chests.
  • The Solar Helmet no longer causes a desync on the client when used at night.
  • Items in a crafting table are no longer lost when a player is kicked.
  • Hydration cells are now used up correctly when right clicking.
  • Several miscoloured messages in Robbit Factions are now coloured correctly.
  • Item entity teleports are now logged properly.
  • The GUI text no longer randomly changes colour.
  • When being kicked for spam, an informative message is now displayed rather than disconnect.spam.
  • When viewing the creative inventory, the text in the search box is no longer misaligned if you have a potion effect.
  • The Hellrack and Hell Brick microblocks are now named correctly.
  • Particles are now rendered at the correct depth.
  • Removed duplicate Iron Nugget.

Reporting Bugs

Due to the size of this patch, there are bound to be teething troubles. If you find any bugs, please report them on our JIRA bug tracker located at jira.ginever.net. This will help us to weed out and fix bugs faster and more efficiently. Thank you.


Robbit "Chocolate Muffin" Patch 24.2

A patch is being installed for the Robbit client which adds new features and bug fixes to the game. The patch notes below are provided for your convenience.

Robbit "Chocolate Muffin" Patch 24.2 (18 June 2013)

PlotHelper 5

PlotHelper has now been reimplemented in the Robbit server and the creative world is therefore back up again. Key changes in version 5:

  • All plots now start out with a white border and the plot owners can now set their own border colour via a command.
  • People can now clear and unclaim their plots without assistance from staff.
  • People can now toggle liquid flow on or off on their plots without assistance from staff.
  • Some blocks are no longer placeable in the creative world for anti-griefing reasons (e.g. Nuclear Reactor).
  • Plots can now be merged together.


The issues blocking the reinstallation of the Dynmap live map have been partly resolved. As a result, an experimental version of Dynmap is now available again starting in this patch.

General Changes

  • Replaced AtomicStryker's version of Advanced Machines with one written by Immibis.
  • Added deprecation warnings for the /kit /policy /rules and /plotme commands. This should make migration easier for users who are used to those commands after playing on earlier versions of Asterion Minecraft and/or other servers.
  • Added food description tooltips to NEI.
  • Added automatic URL shortening, provided by the is.gd URL shortening service.
  • Accumulated PvP shop discounts/debts are now shown in /p who.
  • The overpowered skeletons have been nerfed to bring their behaviour back in line with Minecraft 1.4 and earlier.
  • Implemented a number of mob AI performance improvements, courtesy of the Spigot project.
  • Tweaked the 16x16 textures for the nether ores.
  • Added 32x32 textures for the nether ores, racks, and brick blocks (thanks Paul!).
  • Reduced the respawn rate of fruit growing under trees.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the sticky piston not appearing in the creative inventory tab.
  • Fixed the nuclear control cards not appearing in the creative inventory tab.
  • Fixed the /arena leave command putting you in the wrong dimension.
  • Fixed the faction power string not being correctly calculated in /f info.
  • Fixed a design flaw preventing many console-safe RobbitLib commands being usable from the console.
  • Fixed a server startup bug with Robbit Nether Biomes.
  • Fixed an issue with some RedPower recipes using incorrect damage values.
  • Fixed a user rank levelling bug which was allowing users who had not donated to destroy the project world.
  • Fixed a bug with the LongHashMap performance tweak that was causing it to be activated on the client side and waste RAM excessively.
  • Fixed a ray tracing bug that was causing "You don't have permission to do that" errors to be thrown when the chunk containing 0,0 was safe-zoned.
  • Fixed a bug causing flat snow to float aimlessly in the air when EBXL leaves naturally despawned.
  • Fixed a bug preventing URLs posted in the chat from being clickable.
  • Fixed a bug where player interact event results were checked in the wrong order, causing some tools to be usable in protected areas (such as IC2 wrench).
  • Fixed a number of minor permission-related issues, allowing silly things like people being able to steal Paul's steam locomotive.
  • Fixed missing texture in charge pad GUIs.
  • Fixed language string being missing for death.attack.electricity.
  • Fixed bug with coral blocks not being stackable.
  • Fixed bug with Balkon's Weapon Mod not being able to craft items using non-Vanilla planks.
  • Fixed ladders and rails having a derpy texture.

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