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Minecraft mod pack created for Asterion Minecraft

This is a legacy project. Support for this project was discontinued in January 2016.

While Ginever Entertainment no longer provides any official support for this project, you may be able to find help within the wider Ginever community. For more information, feel free to ask in the forums or in our Discord server.

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Robbit Patch Notes & Updates

Information about new Robbit releases


Robbit "Exciting Eclair" Patch 26 Hotfix 1

A patch is being installed for the Robbit client which adds new features and bug fixes to the game. The patch notes below are provided for your convenience. Please take the time to read them in order to familiarize yourself with the changes made to Robbit in this patch.

Robbit "Exciting Eclair" Patch 26 Hotfix 1 (27 September 2014) [r3662]

This is a minor patch which addresses some issues discovered with the 1.7 release. Not everything got fixed... I'll keep working on it.

Bug Fixes and General Changes

  • Reduced the number of server side lighting updates from 20 per second to 2 per second. They were wasting a LOT of CPU.
  • Fixed NullPointerException in DimensionHandler when players respawned in different dimensions after death.
  • Fixed PvP Nether having a broken minimap.
  • Fixed a crash which happened when the Polishing Station mode selection packet arrived too slowly.
  • Fixed iridium spawning in dungeon chests (again). If you find any, I'll swap it for Adamant Ingot, just bring it my way 😛
  • Fixed a world generation bug with Mountainous Desert and Mountain Ridge biomes where the generator would place sand:4 and redrock:4 instead of Tiny Cactus. Just in case you discover either of these illegally generated metadata 4 blocks, they now smash and pickblock into valid blocks.


Robbit "Exciting Eclair" Patch 26

A patch is being installed for the Robbit client which adds new features and bug fixes to the game. The patch notes below are provided for your convenience. Please take the time to read them in order to familiarize yourself with the changes made to Robbit in this patch.

Robbit "Exciting Eclair" Patch 26 (25 September 2014) [r3652]

This patch updates the Robbit mod pack from the Minecraft 1.6.4 "Horse Update" to the Minecraft 1.7.10 "Update that Changed the World". As a result, it is now designated "Exciting Eclair" rather than "Delicious Doughnut".

This is an absolutely enormous update which represents over nine months of essential redevelopment work to both Minecraft and the Robbit mod pack itself. Many things have been rewritten or redesigned. While there are not a huge number of gameplay changes in this release compared to patch 25.2, the work done on this update will help to make maintenance much, much easier in the long run. The primary focus of this update was to fix many of the dumb design decisions made over the last three years, to improve the quality of the build system, and to fix up a lot of crummy code; in that respect I feel it has been largely successful.

If you requested a mod for inclusion in 1.7 but it has not yet been included, please do not be discouraged. I'm still intending to look at all the requested mods and it's quite possible that I can sneak some of them into a future update. A follow-up patch (probably version 26.1) will most likely follow in the new year with the remainder of the content planned for this branch.

I would like to thank everyone who has stuck with Asterion Minecraft over the last 12 months, despite the long development time on this update. I would also like to thank everyone who had the decency to contribute towards the Ginever Alliance's expenses this year - you guys are awesome. (Everyone else who failed to send in even one dollar, you suck.)

THERE WILL PROBABLY BE MANY, MANY BUGS IN THIS VERSION. A lot has changed and the chance of everything being in perfect working order is extremely slim. I expect you to report any bugs you find ASAP on the JIRA bug tracker (jira.ginever.net) and I will try to provide weekly bug fix patches for the first few weeks as we smooth out the most critical issues. I would specifically like to thank SpaceFreak and Captiancurt for the work they have done so far in helping to test this release while everyone else was out being lazy; without them I suspect this release would be even buggier than it currently is.

The following mods are temporarily missing from this release and their absence should NOT be reported: Inventory Tweaks, Shortify

Now, without further ado, I proudly present "Exciting Eclair"!

These patch notes will be mirrored on Ginever.net until further notice. Some changes here previously debuted as part of Patch 25.2, but have been relisted here as they continue to be relevant to this release. The patch notes are also not exhaustive because I got tired of writing them. While I have tried to cover most of the major changes to Robbit's custom mods, most of the major supporting mods have only brief update summaries. New supporting mods being added to the pack are also largely just summarized. For detailed analysis of what changed in those mods (on what those mods can generally do, in the event of new ones) you should check their websites.

Vanilla Minecraft

Updated to Minecraft version 1.7.10, which makes the following changes to the base game:

  • Block and item registry overhaul: All blocks and items are now registered using a 'namespace' and 'key', with the namespace for all official Minecraft blocks and items being set to 'minecraft'. Blocks are now internally referenced by pointer and namespace/key combination in most places, rather than block ID. Air now also has a block representation, rather than being the absence of a block, and takes precedence whenever blocks are missing. This change has been made to help better support custom blocks and items and is a stepping stone towards the new Plugin API.
  • Resource pack overhaul: Multiple resource packs can now be selected at once. Packs at the top take precedence over those below. Resource packs can now also add new sound effects using JSON.
  • Sound system overhaul: Added new music which plays on the main menu and in creative, the Nether and the End. Music is now controlled by an internal music ticker, there are now separate music and sound volume sliders, and music now pauses when the game is paused. It is also possible to play multiple Jukeboxes at once.
  • Chat overhaul: Chat messages are now built using message components which can have properties applied, such as formatting, hover tooltips and custom URL links.
  • Network overhaul: The network code has been completely rewritten using Netty in order to improve networking performance.
  • Logging overhaul: The internal logging is now handled using Log4j2 to give better control over client and server logging.
  • UUID overhaul: Every Minecraft account now has its own universally unique identifier which is separate from the player name. This UUID is now used everywhere within the Minecraft server to identify the player (ban list, white list, inventory data, etc). In future this will allow the player to change their in-game name without breaking their association to online servers.
  • Biome overhaul: Biomes are now placed into categories based on temperature. Biome placement is now done based on temperature clumps in order to make biomes of similar temperature appear next to each other. Most biomes now have a taller maximum elevation and many generate up to 100 Y or higher. There are also many new biomes and some biomes now also have rare mutated 'M' variants which will generate infrequently. In total, the following new biomes have been added: Mesa, Mesa (Bryce), Savanna, Sunflower Plains, Roofed Forest, Birch Forest, Flower Forest, Taiga, Mega Taiga, Extreme Hills+, Ice Plains Spikes, Deep Ocean, Extreme Hills M, Taiga M, Roofed Forest M, JungleEdge M, Birch Forest Hills M, Cold Taiga M, Extreme Hills+ M, Savanna M, Savanna Plateau M, Swampland M, Jungle M, Mesa Plateau M, Mesa Plateau F M, Desert M, Birch Forest M, Savanna M, Savanna Plateau, Mesa Plateau and Mesa Plateau F, Birch Forest Hills, Cold Taiga Hills, Mega Taiga Hills, Stone Beach and Cold Beach.
  • Skins and capes are now distributed via servers and cached locally on the client. This means that skin server outages will occur less frequently and have less impact on the game. Skin changes now also no longer require client restarting; re-logging should update the skin for everybody
  • Added one-click broadcasting to Twitch.tv (requires a Mojang account)
  • Added a new Mojang splash screen which can no longer be changed by resource packs
  • Added new commands: setidletimout, tellraw, summon, achievement, setblock, testforblock and setworldspawn
  • Fishing and falling now have new particle effects
  • Added Acacia and Dark Oak trees, along with their respective blocks (wood, planks, slabs, stairs, leaves and saplings)
  • Added Grassless Dirt, a variant of Dirt which grass doesn't grow on
  • Added Podzol, a new Dirt variation similar to Grass which spawns in Mega Taiga biomes
  • Added Red Sand for the Mesa biome
  • Added Salmon, Clownfish and Pufferfish
  • Added new flowers (Blue Orchid, Allium, Azure Bluet, Tulips, Oxeye Daisy, Sunflower, Lilac, Rose Bush, Peony, Double Tallgrass and Large Fern). Rose has been replaced with Poppy.
  • Added new Monster Egg variants: Mossy Stone Brick Monster Egg, Cracked Stone Brick Monster Egg and Chiseled Stone Brick Monster Egg
  • Added Minecart with Command Block
  • Added Potion of Water Breathing
  • Added Stained Glass
  • Added a new 'AMPLIFIED' world type
  • Some lighting issues have been fixed.
  • Keybinds are now sorted into categories and more controls are now rebindable.
  • Some new video settings are now available for mipmapping and anisotropic filtering.
  • Added the ability for Minecraft to use framebuffer objects if available, to improve performance and add support for new rendering features.
  • Added the ability to toggle between a number of test shaders via 'Super Secret Settings'. This feature requires LWJGL 2.9 or later and a supported graphics card in order to function.
  • Unicode font mode can now be forced on/off in the language selection screen.
  • Server list has been enhanced. It can now be refreshed using F5, has multi-line MOTD comment support, allows servers to set their own icons, and lists online players when hovering over the player count.
  • Fishing mechanics have been changed. In addition to the new fish types, treasure and junk can now also be fished up. There are also new 'Lure' and 'Luck of the Sea' fishing enchantments.
  • Statistics overhaul: Achievements and statistics are now per-world/server rather than per-computer. The scoreboard can now also be used to track statistics and achievements as objectives. If a player earns an achievement, the server can announce it to all connected players in the chat. There are also new statistics (Distance by Horse, Junk Fished, Treasure Fished and Mob statistics) and new achievements (Repopulation, Diamonds to you!, Adventuring Time, The Beginning?, The Beginning. and Beaconator).
  • Added new item NBT tag 'Unbreakable' for adventure maps which prevents damage being taken on durability-based items
  • Structure data is now stored in separate NBT files in the world save
  • The death screen now has a confirmation prompt if you choose to quit
  • Worlds are now capped at a 30,000,000 block square radius. Blocks beyond this point are treated as solid.
  • Nether portals can now be built in different sizes to allow for design variations (between 4x5 to 23x23).
  • Unbreaking enchantment can now appear on any item without the use of an Anvil
  • Enchanted Books can now receive multiple enchants at once
  • Melons can now be found in Jungle biomes
  • Oceans are now smaller and take up much less of the map
  • Caverns are now less dense and interconnected
  • Wooden logs (except Oak) now have different textures for their top and bottom
  • Written Books can now be copied like Maps
  • Item Frames now drop the item inside them when punched, dropping themselves only if they are punched when empty
  • Weighted Pressure Plates now output a signal relative to the amount of entities on them
  • The colour of Sugar Cane is now affected by the biome (like leaves, grass, etc)
  • Flint and Steel is now a shapeless crafting recipe and can now be used to ignite Creepers
  • Many technical blocks have had their corresponding inventory items removed
  • Locked Chest has been completely removed
  • Maps in item frames now cover the whole block so that connected maps join together smoothly. The item frame can only be seen when viewed from the side.
  • Transparency rendering bugs with blocks such as Ice, Portals, Water and Stained Glass have now been fixed.
  • Iron Bars and Glass Panes are now two pixels thick and can now connect to each other
  • Cauldrons with water inside will now put out burning entities
  • Boats no longer inflict fall damage, now use WASD controls again, and have had Lily Pad breaking logic improved
  • Players can now sprint while riding boats, minecarts and horses to speed them up slightly
  • Added a new Chicken Jockey mob consisting of a Baby Zombie riding a Chicken
  • Zombies now cause less lag
  • Spiders, Cave Spiders and Endermen no longer become hostile if you attack them in creative game mode
  • Baby Zombies and Baby Zombie Pigmen can now walk in one-block-tall spaces
  • Witches can now drop Potion of Water Breathing and will now drink one when trapped underwater
  • Witch Huts now generate with a Witch inside, rather than generating empty and having Witches spawn later
  • Sheep with the custom name "jeb_" change their colour, fading between all 16 wool colours
  • Many bugs fixed

Minecraft Forge & Forge Mod Loader

  • Major feature: Chunks are now loaded from disk asynchronously. This should considerably improve the overall performance of the server when loading chunks because the main server thread does not have to stall while waiting for the chunk data to be read from the hard drive.

Build Tool Improvements

A new set of build tools, collectively known as RobbitGradle, have been developed based on Gradle technology. Development of these tools was forced upon us by the Forge developers (mostly AbrarSyed) who irreparably broke the old build system without providing a suitable replacement. Fortunately, that turned out to be a good thing, as the new build tools are far superior to the old ones. Key highlights are as follows:

  • OptiFine is now integrated directly into the main development branch and no longer requires stupidly hacky support workarounds. It is also directly accessible in the debugger, which means that OptiFine can now be used during development, rather than only in release builds. This means the Robbit Entity Renderer is no longer required and has been completely removed. It also means that some OptiFine-to-Forge reflections are no longer necessary, which improves rendering performance by a considerable margin. (In the future it is intended that ALL reflections will be completely removed from OptiFine.)
  • All mods except OptiFine now have their source code in sub-repositories, which makes updating them much, much easier.
  • There is now an automated build command which compiles and automatically packages the entire mod pack, along with automatic versioning of new releases. This cuts almost an hour of work on the old system into just 5 minutes of work on the new one.
  • The repository revision number is now compiled into the source code for easier and better identification of builds. The version detection script is based on one developed for GinENGINE.
  • The build system now supports Scala-based mods such as Forge Multipart and Project Red.
  • Decompiling mods is now much easier as the mod decompiler can now automatically integrate srgnames-based mods during the decompilation sequence. It is also no longer required for mods that are being decompiled to have all of the support sources available.
  • Configuration files are now stored within the master repository which means the mods and patches can be configured during development in order to cut down rollout time by several hours.

Removal of RedPower 2

For the last 18 months, I have been mantaining Eloraam's RedPower 2 mod without permission so that we can actually update to newer versions of Minecraft rather than being stuck on 1.4.7. While this was largely a success, the time has come to deprecate and remove this mod, as plenty of better alternatives now exist, I would rather not be stuck with maintaining this mod for the rest of eternity, and I do not trust Eloraam to deliver RedPower 3 as she claims she will be doing. The mod has therefore been completely phased out as of Exciting Eclair. Almost all of the features of RedPower 2 that we were using have been subsequently re-implemented by other mods in the pack, so there should be no real noticeable feature drop in this release. The primary changes that have occurred as a result of RedPower 2's removal have been covered below in the sections relevant to the respective mods that now replace and augment the RedPower 2 content.

VanillaMap 2 and ChunkRemapper

The VanillaMap mod is now completely replaced with VanillaMap 2, which has been developed completely from scratch in order to support the new block and item registry system. Some parts of the ChunkRemapper have also been modified to work alongside the new system. Highlights are as follows:

  • VanillaMap is now in charge of the IDs for ALL blocks and items, not just those from Vanilla. Yeah, I know this makes the name of the mod pretty dumb, but whatever...
  • All block and item IDs are now contained within a single configuration file, rather than a separate file for each mod. The new configuration file can be quickly generated using the master ID table spreadsheet. This cuts down the likelihood of a configuration editing error and is also much more efficient. Before, the rollout of a patch would entail several hours of ID configuration. Now, the entire ID configuration can be done in just 5 or 10 minutes.
  • A registry destupidifier has been added which allows Robbit to be in full control over the registry names assigned to modded blocks and items.
  • A 'reitemizer' has been added which creates fake ItemBlocks for all of the technical blocks that had their ItemBlocks removed by the 1.7 patch. Reitemized ItemBlocks cannot be placed into the inventory, but CAN still be used by mods such as WAILA that expect all blocks to have matching ItemStack representations. This fixes many bugs caused by Mojang's removal of the aforementioned technical ItemBlocks.
  • Adding new blocks or items to the mod pack without configuring VanillaMap correctly will now cause a configuration error which prevents new worlds from being made. This means that it is now up to the user to accept responsibility for configuring the mod pack if they make changes to it, rather than magically expecting it to somehow fix all by itself.
  • Remapping is now done using 'remappable stacks' which are based on ID-metadata combinations rather than just on ID. The remappable stacks can also have extra data attached if needed, which allow possibilities such as adding new NBT tags to ItemStacks, new TileEntities to placed blocks, etc. This allows for more finely tuned remapping and was necessary to support remapping worlds to 1.7 as many blocks, metadatas, NBT tags and tile entities have been shuffled for this release.
  • Biome IDs can now be remapped in order to easily resolve biome ID conflicts between ExtrabiomesXL and the new biomes introduced in Minecraft 1.7.
  • Remapping keys are now determined based on the destupidified VanillaMap 2 registry hash. If no remapping key can be found for the current hash, a VanillaMap configuration error is thrown
  • If there is no remapping support from VANILLA available, this now throws a VanillaMap configuration error
  • When a single player world is loaded that requires remapping, ChunkRemapper now warns players about potential data loss and corruption that may occur. It also makes a compulsory backup of single player worlds before remapping them, in order to safeguard player data in the event that remapping fails or does not work correctly.


The ServerGuard protection mod was practically rewritten for this release. Highlights include:

  • Texture hashing is now done on a per-texture basis rather than on a per-terrain-sheet basis. This allows the layered resource pack system introduced in 1.7 to be used safely without having to whitelist every single resource pack combination.
  • Recipes are now validated with ServerGuard, allowing some recipes to be disabled on a per-dimension-set basis.
  • Added a new IItemBlockEquivalent interface which is implemented by both ItemBlocks and by useless items which are replacing ItemBlocks. This allows many parts of Minecraft and Forge to treat useless ItemBlock replacements as though they were actually ItemBlocks, which fixes many ItemBlock replacement bugs.
  • The item hiding and blacklisting system has been completely redesigned and now works on destupidified registry keys rather than pointer reflection.
  • ServerGuard now includes a classpath hasher which is able to detect any file modifications to the mod pack or the libraries it uses, along with any unexpected mods. Attempting to make any unapproved changes to Robbit's classpath will result in players being unable to connect to the server. This completely blocks players who join the Asterion Minecraft server from making ANY changes to the mod pack of any kind (including manual addition of Forge-compatible cheat mods), so you can be sure that everyone connecting to the server has a client that is not tampered with. PLEASE NOTE that we take a very harsh view of people who tamper with their client - THERE IS NO GOOD REASON TO TAMPER WITH ROBBIT. If a mod isn't in the pack, maybe it isn't meant to be!

Backcraft 1.8 for Minecraft 1.7

This is a new Robbit-exclusive mod which backports many Minecraft 1.8 blocks and items to Minecraft 1.7 in order to largely alleviate the imminent rush to update to 1.8 simply to get the new blocks and items. In total the following things are currently backported:

  • Prismarine, Prismarine Bricks, Dark Prismarine, Prismarine Shard and Prismarine Crystals
  • Support for the 'interpolate' animated texture resource pack tag used by Prismarine
  • Sea Lantern
  • Iron Trapdoor
  • Red Sandstone, along with associated stairs and slabs
  • Fence and Fence Gate for individual wood types
  • Coarse Dirt (previously Grassless Dirt) now appears in the inventory and in NEI and has its own texture and name
  • Granite, Diorite and Andesite (with some minor changes)
  • Crafting recipes for Moss Stone, Mossy Stone Brick, Cracked Stone Brick and Chiseled Stone Brick
  • The biome for The End is now called "The End" rather than "Sky"

When the deobfuscation mappings are available for Minecraft 1.8 it may be possible to backport more 1.8 features for a future Robbit 1.7 patch in order to skip 1.8 entirely; more information might be available on this at a later date.

Robbit Mod Pack General Changes

  • Versioning overhaul: The build versions of Robbit-exclusive mods have been standardized. These mods will now consistently use the Robbit repository revision for their build version. This reduces the amount of work required to roll out a patch, as it is no longer necessary to identify which Robbit-exclusive mods have been changed and manually bump their version number.
  • Mod integration overhaul: Communication with external mods is now handled by a new 'Robbit Mod Integration' package. By putting everything in one place, it is much easier to disable or replace mods without breaking the rest of the Robbit code.
  • New loading event: A new event known as 'Early Bird Initialization Event' has been added to Robbit Core in order to allow Robbit to register or replace blocks and items before other mods get a chance to initialize. This change was required in order to release the pack without being forced to drop old features.
  • HUD overhaul: There is now a brand new heads-up display which comes in both a 'Simple' and an 'Extended' mode. The new HUD shows more information in a smaller space than in previous Robbit builds. For instance, it now shows saturation. Players who prefer the original 'Vanilla' HUD style can also choose to use that, although some information such as saturation is then not visible anywhere.
  • The infobox in the top left of the screen can now be disabled.
  • The title screen now displays the Robbit version codename underneath the logo.
  • Added many new splashes and removed some that were no longer relevant.
  • Added new silly commands (/game, /doge, /dance)
  • Added new playsound taunts (entry of the gladiators, hagrid, cheating and trap)
  • The command /gamemode now has the alias /gm.
  • The command /suicide now has the alias /die.
  • The dimension manager is now able to group dimensions into sets.
  • 'Silly' commands are now hidden from /help.
  • Fixed the project void world (dim 101) being registered as the PEACEFUL_LOBBY dimension type when it should have been PROJECT_ZONE.
  • Fixed LAN games trying to use the PvP teleport timer.
  • Fixed several bugs with the stencil buffer and minimap stenciling.
  • Fixed wooden staircases not being in the ore dictionary exclusion list.
  • Booze and coffee can now be drunk on faction territory.
  • Block-based mobs (such as wither and golems) can no longer be constructed in creative.
  • Moving between worlds with different inventory types now correctly cancels fire.
  • Fixed a bug where 'Your pending teleport has been cancelled' would display, even when you didn't have one pending.
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to put out fires when they didn't have permission to do that.
  • Fixed a bug where the dedicated server dimensions would try to be ticked in single player.
  • Robbit Shopping now has metadata.
  • Incorrectly flipped knife textures in Faithful 32x32 have been corrected.
  • Fixed an issue where the name 'Green Sapphire' was still applied to everything made of Peridot except nether ores and microblocks.
  • Removed the now-useless Live Map button.
  • Dispensers can no longer bypass the mob spawning permission checks.
  • Slimes no longer take fall damage.
  • Fixed a crash when placing a Bucket Filler next to a Compressor.
  • Fixed a design flaw in Vanilla which meant that creative game mode used by an operator in survival could cause other player's items to be permanently lost.
  • Fixed Java 8 incompatibility with the resource pack whitelisting system.
  • Fixed FML collection ordering crash which prevented Robbit from launching on Java 8 Update 20 or newer.
  • Explosions no longer deal block damage, now harming only entities. As a result, most explosives (TNT, ITNT, Nuke, Dynamite, etc) have been re-enabled.
  • Bugs with the Iron Fence not behaving as expected have now been fixed.
  • The game now displays a custom loading screen during the loading sequence rather than going back to the main menu. This fixes a bug where the "Ginever.net" and "Bug Tracker" links on the main menu could be clicked accidentally.
  • The game no longer crashes when tanks are placed at Y=0.
  • NBT tags are now correctly deleted from fuel cans and rechargeable batteries once they have been fully drained, allowing them to stack correctly with unused ones.
  • Fixed IC2 painters painting Railcraft fence posts the wrong colour.
  • Fixed a fence-wall rendering bug in OptiFine.
  • Robbit Dimension Handler now supports having dimensions with separate weather cycles. This feature has been used to implement separate weather cycles in the PvE and PvP survival worlds.
  • A new "PAUL PLZ DO TEXTURE" texture is now used whenever block and item textures in the Robbit namespace are missing.
  • Most of the bugs with sound and music playback that were introduced with Vanilla 1.7 are fixed. This includes jukeboxes playing over the top of music, music playing even when muted, music playing over the top of itself, etc.
  • The 'Super Secret Settings' button has been improved. It is now called 'Shader' and now shows the selected shader name. Shaders can also be toggled immediately upon launch because the shader manager is now initialized on startup rather than on world entry.

UUID Utilities

This is a new mod being introduced with Robbit's 1.7 branch which implements a thin wrapping layer around Mojang's UUID system and keeps track of UUID-to-name conversions in both directions. Conversions are locally cached in order to cut down the amount of traffic going to the Mojang server. If the information is not in the cache or is out of date, the UUID Utilities mod will send a request to Mojang's servers to look up the information. The cache is automatically updated on server restart if the data is more than 23 hours out of date.

  • New utility commands: /uuid getp (look up a player's UUID-name combination based on name) and /uuid getu (look up a player's UUID-name combination based on UUID)

Asterion Minecraft Player Database

  • Internal changes to support new UUID-based player identification system. Old databases will be automatically converted to support UUIDs.
  • Implemented a new version of HistoryBuilder with more comprehensive log-scanning in order to provide more accurate player history.
  • Added a new 'emerald credits' currency for later use. (Relevant command addition: /p emerald)
  • User login location is now stored within the database (specifically, how many times a player has logged in from each country) so that /p who can now identify the player's likely country of origin. In the future, more could be done with this data. (Existing players will have this data retroactively imported based on log-scan data.)
  • Total play time is now recorded by the server. (Existing players will have this data retroactively imported based on log-scan data.)
  • To avoid Mojang EULA violations, the 'Donator Safe' is now called the 'Whimsical Storage Safe' and the 'Donation timer' shown in /p who is now called the 'Whimsical timer'. Instead of providing donation rewards, the rewards previously given for donating are now provided to players randomly on a whim for no particular reason. If you happen to receive something nice at a similar time to sending in your donation, it's a complete coincidence and they are totally unrelated...


  • Significantly improved the efficiency of plot clear synchronization.

Robbit Arenas

  • A bug with the /arena list command that made all arenas appear in all lists has been fixed.
  • Added 'Golf Ball' item for use in the Mini Golf arena.
  • Fixed the 'gym' arena type not being functional.
  • Spleef arenas can now use translucent checkerboard as flooring by specifying colour values 16 to 31.

Robbit Architecture

Robbit Architecture is a brand new mod inspired by 'Chisel' which adds a huge number of new decorative architectural blocks to the game. Many of these blocks are variants of others, and can be obtained by engraving patterns into the base block using an 'Engraving Machine' that has been added to Robbit Machines. The remainder are largely craftable using basic materials.

  • New base blocks: Borderless Reinforced Stone, Hazard Block, Lurid Coral Block, Polished Ice, Polished Ice Brick, Cracked Ice, Lava Encrusted Coal Block, Silicon Circuit Block, Redstone Circuit Block, Polished Adamant Block, Polished Bronze Block, Polished Coal Block, Polished Copper Block, Polished Diamond Block, Polished Elemental Block, Polished Emerald Block, Polished Gold Block, Polished Iron Block, Polished Obsidian, Polished Peridot Block, Polished Ruby Block, Polished Sapphire Block, Polished Silver Block, Polished Tin Block, Polished Topaz Block, Diamond Paver, Elemental Paver, Emerald Paver, Peridot Paver, Ruby Paver, Sapphire Paver, Topaz Paver, Decorative Fiery Glowstone, Decorative Corrupted Glowstone, Decorative Frosted Glowstone, Decorative Spectral Glowstone, Decorative Charged Glowstone, Decorative Enchanted Glowstone
  • Most of the base blocks listed above have a large selection of engraving patterns available.

Robbit Coral Reefs

  • Coral is now macerated into dye rather than crafted. This makes obtaining dye from coral slightly more challenging.
  • Coral reefs now spawn in Deep Ocean biomes and are able to generate on Gravel ocean beds.
  • Added 'Prisma Coral' which can be macerated into Prismarine Crystals.
  • Added new coral reefs based on Prismarine and Prisma Coral.
  • Coral can now be sustained by Prismarine.
  • Coral now acts like water rather than air.
  • Coral now renders correctly when placed directly against glass.

Robbit Decorations

  • The stained glass from Robbit Decorations has been removed, as stained glass is now part of Vanilla. (Robbit Decorations stained glass will remap to Vanilla stained glass when loading old save files.)
  • The novelty block now has two new GIF-themed subtypes: 'GIF Block' and 'Mad Block'.
  • Added Translucent Checkerboard in all colours.
  • Added Nether Star Block, available in all colours.
  • Beacons are now available in all colours rather than just Cyan, and are now crafted using the matching Nether Star Block instead of a Nether Star.
  • Added buttons, fences and fence gates for all wood types where those items previously did not exist.
  • Alphablocks can now be crafted using any type of black dye.

Robbit Dungeons

Some work has been started on the new Robbit Dungeons mod. In this preview, the following items are now implemented:

  • Coloured keys, both single and infinite use
  • Padlock
  • Spikes

For now, the spikes will probably just be used in gym-style arenas until the dungeons mod is more complete. The keys and padlock serve no gameplay purpose yet, but there are plans to make use of them in a future patch.

Robbit Fluids

  • Added fluid wrappers for Raw Matter, Construction Foam and Coolant (IC2).
  • Added fluid mixing mechanics for all new fluids.

Robbit Foods

A large amount of work has been done on Robbit Foods in this patch in order to bring the mod more in line with the original vision.

  • All foods, including those from Vanilla, have been completely rebalanced to try and encourage crafting of more complex foods, as most players were living entirely on basic foods such as Apples. Hunger and saturation values, growth times, stack sizes and recipes have been changed massively. Food will now become a CRITICAL focus of survival gameplay.
  • Various fruits can now be juiced using a Juicing Press (see Robbit Machines). Different fruits produce varying juice yields. The juice can then be tanked, bucketed or put into tumblers. A general purpose 'Juice Tumbler' replaces Orange Juice and Mango Smoothie. (Since Juice is now a fluid, it can also be placed into the world by obtaining the fluid blocks from NEI or by using a Flood Gate.)
  • The model for lettuce has been massively improved.
  • Milk is now a placeable fluid. As a result, Milk buckets can no longer be drunk, as the behaviour of Milk Bucket was changed to be in line with the other fluid buckets. In order to drink Milk, it must now be placed into a Tumbler. Tumblers can now be filled from Cows in the same way as Buckets.
  • Milk can now be turned into Ice Cream, Cheese and Butter using the Freezer and Dairy Churn, new machines which were introduced in this patch (see Robbit Machines).
  • Lettuces and bush based crops no longer turn Farmland back to Dirt.
  • Added the following naturally spawning crops: Turnip, Beetroot, Grape Bush, Blueberry Bush, Cherry Tree and Pear Tree. The new trees come complete with their respective logs, planks, stairs, slabs, fences, etc.
  • Zombie Pigmen now drop Bacon when killed, rather than Porkchops. Bacon can be cooked and used in various recipes.
  • Wheat can now be ground into flour using either a Grindstone or a Macerator. Flour is now used as a recipe item, replacing Wheat in all food recipes that previously required it.
  • Cocoa Beans can now be turned into Chocolate, which replaces Cocoa Beans in all food recipes that previously required them.
  • 'Commemorative' foods are now in the game in order to represent and recognize all of the Robbit releases to date: Angel Cake, Battenberg, Chocolate Muffin, Delicious Doughnut and Exciting Eclair. (Delicious Doughnut is simply a renamed Jam Doughnut, but the rest are new.)
  • The following other foods are new in this patch: Chocolate Cake, Coffee Cake, Cheesecake, Winter Pie, Roasted Turnip, Sautéed Roots, Nether Sub, Taco, Sweet and Spice Slice, Pork Pie, Fisherman's Bake, Potato Chunks, Chips, Fish and Chips, Ice Cream Cone, Ice Cream Pie, Cherry Pie, Wizard Sundae, Fruit Cocktail, Breakfast Bap, Survivor's Sub, Raisin, Bread and Butter Pudding, Belgian Bun, Blueberry Muffin, Blueberry Cobbler, Pigman's Peril, Trail Mix, BBQ Steak, Sweet Apple Porkchop, Hunan Chicken, Hunter's Broth and Salmon and Pear Hors D'oeuvre.
  • Fixed a bug where the NEI food tooltips calculated saturation values incorrectly.

Robbit Machines

  • Updated for compatibility with IC2 Experimental.
  • Textures of existing Robbit machines were redone to make Robbit's machine textures fit in with the new IC2 machine textures.
  • Added the 'Juicing Press', which can be used to press most fruit items into Fruit Juice and subsequently use the juice to fill Glass Tumblers.
  • Added the 'Food Slicer', which is now used for some recipes where it would be sensible to use (e.g. Bread Slice).
  • Added the 'Polishing Station', which can take certain blocks and either 'polish' or 'buff' them in order to make new block varieties.
  • Added the 'Sandblaster', which is effectively an unpolisher, reversing the polishing process and turning polished blocks back into their originals.
  • Added the 'Engraving Machine', which can engrave certain blocks in order to make decorative variations.

Robbit Microblocks

Robbit Microblocks is a brand new mod which integrates with Forge Multipart to massively expand the selection of Microblocks available within the game. It also synchronizes the Facade and Microblock selection so that the same selection of materials can be used to make both. Over time, the selection of microblocks will be expanded to try to encompass as many block types as possible.

Robbit Music Discs

The following new music discs have been added:

  • Audio Network - Nicht Schlafen
  • Runescape - Book of Spells (played on Fantasia VST instruments)
  • Sim City 4 - Primordial Dream
  • Trash80 - Cascadia
  • Warcraft III - War 2 Intro Music

Robbit Nether Biomes

A large amount of development work has been done on Robbit Nether Biomes in order to bring it more in line with the original vision of the mod. Some of the features planned for Nether Biomes are still pending development, but may appear in later Robbit releases.

  • New nether biome: A new 'Shock' biome has been added to the nether which is yellow in colour and has an electrical theme. The Shock biome was originally planned for 1.5, but was dropped in favour of the Vile biome; it finally makes its appearance in this patch. The following core additions allow this biome to be possible: Shockrack, Shock Bricks, Spark Sand, Charged Glowstone, Vismous (a liquid which irradiates players who swim in it), Essence of Lightning and Voltaic Torch.
  • The Nether now generates up to 256 blocks high rather than 128. This fixes the issue with 1:1 ratio nether portals spawning players above the bedrock layer.
  • The code for handling 1:1 ratio nether portals has been changed. Rather than portals being created at the opposite end if missing, building and smashing portals is now synchronized at both ends. It is also not possible to build portals in the nether-to-overworld direction unless the frame in the overworld is still present. When portalling in the overworld-to-nether direction, the nether safety pocket is now repunched ONLY if the obsidian portal frame is not completely present. Together, these behaviour changes massively reduce the stupidity of nether portals and bring them more in line with the expectations of players.
  • The performance of the liquid generation pass for nether biomes has been improved.
  • Icicles now no longer generate on trees.
  • The Hell biome's Soul Sand is now renamed to Fire Sand.
  • Many new crops have been added to the nether. The Frost biome gains Shimmerbloom, a chilly plant found in fortresses which can be used to farm Essence of Frost but requires icy cold blocks nearby to grow. The Sorcery biome gains Hexroot, a bewitching plant found in fortresses which can be used to farm Essence of Sorcery. The Vile biome gains Blightstem as a Nether Wart variant which can be used as a reagent during potion making. The Shock biome gains two new plants: Franklins Kitestrings fall from the ceiling like vines and can be smashed for Essence of Lightning, while Discharge Pods provide a hazardous and difficult way to farm this new essence.
  • Death Blossom is now found in Graveyard biome fortresses instead of Nether Wart.
  • Crucibles of Power can no longer be harvested because the 'farmable' Essence of Sorcery is now provided by Hexroot. They must now be purchased from the diamond credit store if you wish to use them outside of the Sorcery biomes in which they are found.
  • Added various new mobs and projectiles to the nether. Scourge, Mindbenders and Chillwinds roam fortresses whilst Luminols, Dreadsailers, Heckles and Shatterers patrol the skies. Specters are instant death to all who encounter them, so its time to run and hide!
  • Shiverbark trees now grow Grandis Fruit, a plentiful source of food in difficult times.
  • Fixed Terror Spine and Spewer Poison Pellets not being able to poison players.
  • Fixed a bug with the scorchers that caused them to fire incorrectly.
  • Fixed lily pad being able to be placed on nether liquids.

Robbit Ores

  • Added new ore wrappers for Topaz and Lead, along with Nether counterparts
  • Added a 'mineable rate limiter' which reduces the ore spawning rates in PvP dimensions.
  • Smashing nether ores now shows the correct smash texture.

Robbit PvP Factions and Robbit PvE Groups

  • Factions has now been split into two separate mods. The PvP component continues to use the 'factions' terminology and the /f command, and is extremely close to the implementation used in Bukkit 1.0/1.1. The peaceful component is now known as 'PvE', using the name 'groups' and the new /g prefix rather than /f. Separate dimensions now exist for factions and groups, each with their own inventories. This allows you to play in both PvE and PvP game modes without having them affect each other. (You can also play with different people in each game mode if you like.)
  • The '/f who' command now clearly states the power distribution as 'Used/Safe/Max' to reduce confusion.
  • PvE groups no longer have a 'power' system. Each chunk simply counts as 1 chunk claimed, with a maximum claim amount set for each faction.
  • Fixed the faction kick broadcast saying 'left the faction' instead of 'kicked from the faction'. (This change carries over to groups as well.)
  • Quarries, fillers and tunnel bores are now barred from the main PvE worlds to avoid them being used for griefing purposes, as they are capable of bypassing the claiming system and protecting against this would be particularly infeasible. A new 'mining world' has been implemented where these can be used. The mining world is intended specifically for mining, quarrying, etc and will be infrequently reset when appropriate. Claiming is not possible in the mining world, so you should avoid building anything of value there!

Robbit Portals

  • The official name of this mod (previously known under varying names such as 'Robbit Stargates', 'PortalMod', 'Robbit Portal System', etc) has now been standardized everywhere as Robbit Portals.
  • The portals and portal border block are now marked as indestructible (like Bedrock) to avoid them being accidentally damaged in the mining world.

Robbit Sorcery

This is a brand new mod which work was just started on. Currently it is used as a storage container for custom enchantments, but in the future it will be significantly expanded. 

  • Reimplemented the 'Vorpal' and 'Disjunction' enchantments from RedPower 2
  • Added a new 'Ore Crush' enchantment for pickaxes which automatically mines ores into their crushed counterparts

Robbit Tab Manager

  • The registry key is now used to assign modded blocks and items to tabs, rather than block or item pointers.
  • The creative tab handler assigned to an item is now stored within the item instances themselves rather than in a local ID-based database.
  • The stubborn item search pass has been removed because the new registry key assignment method can now be used for all items previously considered stubborn.

Robbit Time Capsule

  • Added a legacy container block which is able to accurately represent the appearance of removed blocks. It is currently used for the Alloy Furnace and Project Table, but may be expanded to support other removed blocks in future. For example, there is considerable interest in using this new container to accurately portray the Asterion Tekkitcraft world in the time capsule.
  • The energy-net from IndustrialCraft 2 no longer operates in time capsuled worlds.

Robbit Tools

  • The selection of available tools has been massively expanded in order to provide better tool coverage for most materials. In particular, most tool materials now have Balkon weapons available.
  • Added 'trimmed' armour variants for Iron, Elemental, Diamond and Adamant. These are special 'decorative' variants of the normal armour which will be made available to players via the diamond credit shopping arcade. The idea and textures were provided by Icewolf7 (thanks!)
  • Sickle, Canvas Bag and Wool Card have been moved to Robbit Tools due to the removal of RedPower 2.
  • The harvesting radius of the Sickle now varies based on the tool material used to craft it, rather than all Sickles being identical.
  • Canvas Bags have been improved. All colours of Canvas Bag now appear in NEI along with their recipes, which have been changed slightly to match those of Project Red. Bags of different colours now also have their names set. In addition, if a custom bag name is set in the Anvil, it will now be displayed in the GUI of the bag.

Robbit World

Robbit World is a new mod container created for 1.7 to house all generic Robbit components that relate to world generation, along with many general purpose recipe items. Many of these were previously scattered under various other Robbit mods, and as the selection continued to expand during the development of 1.7, it seemed appropriate to move all these components into one place.

  • The following blocks and items have been moved to Robbit World from other areas of the mod pack: Flax, Adamant, Elemental, Ruby, Peridot, Sapphire, Silver Block, Indigo Flower, Polished Stone, Slate, Marble, Basalt, Silver Nugget, Copper Nugget, Tin Nugget and Canvas.
  • Robbit World is now responsible for world generation of Marble veins, Slate veins, Basalt volcanoes, Indigo Flowers and huge Jungle biome Rubber trees.
  • Added a new 'Topaz' gemstone which is identical in purpose to Ruby, Peridot and Sapphire, along with the relevant supporting blocks and items.
  • Added dusts for Ruby, Topaz, Sapphire, Peridot, Elemental and Adamant.
  • Due to the removal of the Alloy Furnace, the recipes for Elemental Ingot and Adamant Ingot have now been changed. Instead of simply smelting together the materials, they must now be macerated into dusts. The dusts must then be mixed together in a crafting table to create Elemental Dust and Adamant Dust. Finally, those dusts must be smelted to obtain the Ingot.
  • The recipes for Elemental and Adamant now require Essence of Lightning and Topaz respectively. This makes them slightly more expensive.
  • New 'Limestone' and 'Flagstone' rock types have been added. These generate in a similar frequency and style to Gravel. Along with the basic rock types, the applicable decorative blocks have been added (Bricks, Chiseled Bricks, Paver, Slabs, Stairs, etc) along with Robbit Architecture engraving variants.
  • Packed Dirt and Dirt Bricks have been added as early building materials.
  • Added new recipe items: Lightning-Charged Circuit, Silver-Plate Circuit, Elemental Gear, Silver Plate, Certus Quartz Plate, Diamond Plate, Adamant Plate, Starmetal Ingot and Starmetal Plate. Many higher level crafting recipes now make use of these items.
  • Added 'Stone Paver' along with Robbit Architecture engraving variants.
  • Added 'Sandstone Paver' along with Robbit Architecture engraving variants.
  • Added slabs and stairs for the new Backcraft stone types.


WorldEdit has been updated to version 5.5.9. The following Robbit specific changes were also made:

  • Fixed the command /we butcher
  • Partially fixed /we regen [STILL PARTLY BROKEN, USE IS NOT ADVISED]
  • The /we distr command will now display registry key (rather than Block #) if a block isn't registered properly with WorldEdit
  • Copying and pasting of tile entity data for all block types has largely been fixed (there are still a few places where double-pasting is required, such as red alloy wiring)

Advanced Machines

  • Updated for compatibility with IC2 Experimental.
  • Textures were redone to make the Advanced Machines textures fit in with the new IC2 machine textures.
  • The selection of Advanced Machines has been expanded. The following new machines are now available: Vacuum Canner, Thermal Washer, Compacting Recycler, Liquescent Extruder, Impellerized Roller and Water-Jet Cutter.

Advanced Power Management

  • Updated for compatibility with IC2 Experimental.
  • Added an EV Charging Bench and an EV Battery Station.

Applied Energistics 2

Applied Energistics 2 is a new mod which has been added to the 1.7 branch of Robbit. It introduces a sophisticated item storage system based on matter-to-energy (ME) conversion known as the 'ME network'. This is essentially an in-game computer which can store items on hard drives and in portable storage cells (think USB memory sticks). You can then search these storage mediums for items by using various terminals. Terminals and drive servers are connected using ME cables (think LAN cables), which can be covered up using the Facades from BuildCraft if desired. The convenience of this mod is outweighted by its cost, because running an ME network continually is very expensive on power. In addition to the ME networks, this mod adds a few other cool things which you may find interesting or useful:

  • 'Sky Stone' meteorites are now found uncommonly within the world. The center of a meteorite contains a chest with various presses inside. The presses are required to craft AE2 machines and components.
  • 'Certus Quartz' is a rare variant of Quartz that is now found in the overworld. It can be turned into iron-strength tools, or used as a recipe item to craft various AE2 components.
  • The 'Quartz Grindstone' is a new early-game machine which is effectively a hand-cranked macerator.

Some minor modifications were made to this mod in order to make it fit better within the pack. Most notably, the Spatial IO and Wireless ME Network have been disabled. There was also the issue of the PvP worlds having a limited number of meteorites inside which would severely limit the ability for most players to use the mod in the PvP worlds. As a result, a new and extremely expensive 'Starmetal Plate' was added to Robbit World that can be turned into the AE2 presses by using a BuildCraft Assembly Table and Laser. In order to craft the presses in this way, you need materials and machines from multiple different mods within the pack, encouraging players to use all of the pack's features to their fullest potential.

Balkon's WeaponMod

  • Added reload progress effect to HUD.
  • Fixed melee enchantments not being applied when spear/knife/boomerang is thrown.
  • Poisonous darts of different types no longer stack incorrectly.


BiblioCraft is a new decorative mod which adds various new blocks to decorate a player's base more realistically or interestingly. For example, it includes 'Fancy' Crafting Tables, Bookcases, Display Cases, Armor Stands, Potion Stands, Seats, Cookie Jars, etc. Most of these blocks serve no real Survival gameplay purpose and are simply there to look cool. (Currently, the mod pack supports crafting most of these items out of Vanilla wood types only. In a future update, the mod will be expanded to support the Robbit and EBXL woods as well.)


  • An internal design conflict that prevented Facades from being included in earlier versions of Robbit has now been resolved. As a result, Facades are now available for general use. Facades are effectively a form of Microblock Cover which can be placed on pipes and ME cables in order to compactly hide them and prevent them from being in the way.
  • Pipe gates have been improved and now come in several more variants.

Charge Pads

  • Updated for compatibility with IC2 Experimental.
  • The Crystalizor and Lapotronic Charge Pads are now HV and EV tier, respectively (rather than MV and HV). A new 'Advanced Charge Pad' has been added for MV to fill the gap. This brings Charge Pads in line with the IC2 Experimental energy storage units. Some recipes were changed to accommodate these changes.

Compact Solar Arrays

  • Updated for compatibility with IC2 Experimental.
  • Added an Extreme Voltage Solar Array.
  • The compact solar arrays now have new textures to fit in with IC2 Experimental. Each array type now also has a different texture so that you can tell them apart from above.


ExtrabiomesXL has been updated to the latest version, which provides compatibility with Minecraft 1.7. The most notable changes to this version are as follows:

  • The 'Birch Forest' and 'Savanna' biomes from ExtrabiomesXL have been renamed to 'Eastern Forest' and 'Prarie' respectively, because Vanilla 1.7 added biomes called 'Birch Forest' and 'Savanna'.
  • The 'Acacia' tree type from ExtrabiomesXL has been renamed to 'Wattle' for the same reason. (This name was chosen because in some parts of the world, Acacia trees are known as Wattle trees.)
  • The biome IDs of all EBXL biomes have been changed because they were clashing with those of Vanilla 1.7.
  • Horses now spawn in Mountain Ridge biomes.
  • EBXL biomes now register with the biome dictionary, which allows them to generate many biome-specific features from other mods (such as Quarried Stone) that were previously missing from EBXL biomes.
  • The selection of autumn leaves has been changed. In addition to this, Autumn trees now have their own wood type.
  • Japanese Maple, Japanese Maple Shrub, Cypress, Bald Cypress, Rainbow Eucalyptus and Sakura trees have been added to the game along with matching wood types. They generate in the world alongside other tree types but are rarer and tend to appear far less frequently than the primary trees.
  • Many new flowers have been added to bulk out the selection and increase variety. Most of them can be crafted into dyes of varying colours.
  • Several basic dyes have been added for colours that did not have basic dyes (black, white, blue and brown) so that the new flowers can craft into them.

Forge Multipart

Forge Multipart is a brand new mod being introduced to Robbit 1.7 which implements a standard way to have multiple parts in one block space. Many different mods are able to make use of this system, allowing parts from many different mods to occupy the same block space. Numerous Vanilla block types are also supported natively by Forge Multipart (torches, levers, buttons, etc) so several of them can now be placed in the same block space if desired. While at present this support does not extend to Robbit's custom variants of those blocks, support is planned in the future. Forge Multipart includes a feature-rich microblock system which has been introduced to replace the microblocks from RedPower 2. When used together with the Robbit Microblocks mod, it is able to act as a full replacement to the RedPower 2 microblocks. In addition, there is no limit to how many microblock material types are possible (whereas RedPower 2 had a 256-material limit) so almost any normal block can potentially be turned into a microblock in the future. This is a HUGE benefit for creative builders, as they will have a much greater reign over building design than in previous Robbit releases.

IndustrialCraft 2

IndustrialCraft 2 has now been updated to "IC2 Experimental". This is an absolutely huge update which completely redesigns many aspects of the mod. Going into detail here would take forever, so I will aim simply to summarize the main changes:

  • A new ultra voltage tier has been added (8192 EU/t). In order to accommodate this, the energy storage blocks and batteries for the MV and HV tiers have been bumped up one level. This means that the HV tier is now represented by the Energy Crystal and MFE Unit, and the EV tier is now represented by the Lapotron Crystal and MFS Unit. The gap left in the MV tier has been filled with new items (the Advanced Battery and the CES Unit). The amount of power that can be stored in the various batteries and storage units has been rebalanced in tandem with these changes.
  • Many new recipe items have been added and many recipes have been changed. A small number have been replaced or removed. For example, a series of metallic plates and item casings have been added as additional recipe items. As a result, Refined Iron is no longer needed and has been removed.
  • Many new machines have been added with various functions in order to expand the available selection. In addition, all of the machines in the game have been re-textured in order to modernize the appearance of the mod.
  • The energy-net has been rewritten to combine all packets into a single packet during transfer. This significantly improves performance of the energy-net. (Redevelopment of the energy-net is still ongoing, so there may be bugs in this patch, but you should expect them to be solved soon.)
  • There are now three levels of macerated ore. Robbit adopts the following names for these: 'Crushed' ore, 'Washed' ore, and 'Dust'. Each subsequent level is more 'pure' than the previous one. IC2 Experimental provides new machines (the Ore Washing Plant and Thermal Centrifuge) to perform the purification; doing this allows you to pull tiny amounts of other materials out, and thus get even more from your ore. Purification is entirely optional, as every level of dust will smelt into ingots. In the event a recipe requires the 'purest' dust for some reason and you do not have the purifying machines to hand, you can smelt and remacerate to get the purest dust, but by doing so you lose out on the extra dust fragments.
  • Raw Matter is now a fluid rather than a solid item, and the way that it is created and processed has massively changed. Solid Raw Matter which has been transferred to this map in safes can be placed into a Mass Fabricator as a form of 'super-scrap' in order to perform a one-way conversion to the new fluid.
  • The way Nuclear Reactors work has been redesigned again.
  • Many many other various changes and tweaks which are far too numerous to realistically mention.

JABBA: Just Another Better Barrel Attempt

The JABBA mod has been introduced to "Exciting Eclair" in order to finally implement Barrels, which have been continually requested for Robbit ever since it launched. Barrels are a form of 'single purpose superchest' that can only store a single type of item, but which can contain much larger quantities than a normal chest. The most obvious use case for Barrels is for low end items that you typically end up with vast amounts of and normally have difficulty storing (such as Cobblestone). JABBA barrels have numerous upgrades available which can increase the storage capacity of barrels or provide various other features (such as to output redstone signals, transfer items to hoppers, etc). JABBA also comes with a 'Dolly' which can pick up many 'tile entity' blocks (such as Chests, Barrels, Machines, etc) and move them around without having to empty their contents. A 'Diamond Dolly' is also available to move Mob Spawners and will probably be sold in the diamond credit shop.


  • The factions minimap mode has been expanded to display group claims as well. It is now also enabled by default upon login, because most people had no idea it existed.

Nuclear Control

  • Updated for compatibility with IC2 Experimental.

Project Red

Project Red is a RedPower 2 replacement mod which re-implements many portions of RedPower 2 and is intended to be used in tandem with Forge Multipart. For the time being, Robbit is making use of the lighting, wiring and logic gate portions of Project Red. The design of this mod is extremely similar to the portions of RedPower 2 which it is replacing. Notable changes are as follows:

  • The Alloy Furnace and Project Table have been dropped entirely (although dummies still exist for the time capsule). Recipes have been changed to compensate.
  • Cage lamps now look different, as Eloraam's cage lamp model is no longer in use. (This change may be reverted in future depending on how unpopular the new model is.)
  • 'Lumar' is now called 'Illumar'.
  • Jacketed Cable has been replaced with Framed Cable. This is a very similar concept, except that the jacket is optional, and if you do not provide a jacket you simply get a wooden frame around the cable. You can also now jacket the framed cable with any microblock material from Forge Multipart or Robbit Microblocks. In addition, it is now possible to frame insulated wire in addition to regular wire. This allows you to place framed wire directly into bundled cable for colour retention.
  • Individual pieces of wire within the same block space are now stored in separate multiparts. This allows you to have varying types of wire in the same block. It also means that each piece of wire inside a block has a separate power state. For example, a wire on the top and bottom of a block space can be placed without placing one on the side; these wires will now have separate power levels.
  • Several new logic gates have been added to increase the available selection (such as a comparator gate).
  • Added new Illumar lanterns in the same style as block lamps, cage lamps and fixtures.
  • Added coloured Illumar buttons that light up when pushed. A variant known as a 'feedback' button is also available which lights up when the block it is attached to receives a redstone signal.
  • Various other miscellaneous changes.

Please note that due to changes in the way wiring and logic circuits are implemented in Project Red, things may not work in the same way as RedPower 2. It was also unfeasible to provide absolutely perfect remapping of these blocks in the ChunkRemapper. While a lot of care was taken to do the best match possible in the time available, some modifications may be required to any redstone contraptions you built during Robbit 1.6 or earlier, particularly if they are complex. You may also find some wiring needs to be replaced.


  • Robbit specific change: Modified naming conventions for Railcraft blocks to bring them in line with Vanilla and Robbit Architecture.
  • Coupler and Decoupler Tracks have been merged into a single Coupler Track. Hit with Crowbar to switch modes. Recipe now requires two crowbars. Existing tracks should be converted automatically.
  • Rock Crusher now produces crushed IC2 ores instead of dusts.
  • Adjusted Energy Cart capacities/tiers to match new IC2 values. Added CESU Cart and removed MFSU Cart.
  • Added Signal Interlock Box. Each one can be paired with a controller and receiver. Chain them together to create an Interlock.
  • Added Signal Sequencer Box. Outputs to each side in turn when pulsed by Redstone Repeater/Receiver Box. Chainable.
  • Added Creosote Wood Block
  • Added Steel Anvil with twice the durability of a regular Anvil.
  • Rock Crushers will now suck up items tossed on top like a Hopper. Items that can't be crushed will be destroyed. They will also damage players that stand on top of them. These features use energy.
  • Added Creosote Block variants of Stairs and Slabs.
  • Added Stone Lamps.
  • Added Platforms, a variant of Posts.
  • Added Trade Station, a block that can trade with Villagers.
  • Using a Magnifying Glass on a structure will now give you some information about why it won't form.
  • Fixed a crash when smashing signal block pairs.
  • Various other changes and bug fixes.

WAILA: What Am I Looking At?

  • Tooltips now show the health of mobs and players.
  • Tooltips now show the tool and harvest level required to harvest blocks.
  • Tooltips now show whether or not a block can be acquired using Silk Touch.
  • Integration with various mods has been improved.
  • Fixed the WAILA tooltips of PortalMod portals showing 'Disabled Block'.
  • Fixed pumpkin and melon stem showing "tile.pumpkinStem.name" as their WAILA tooltip.

Reporting Bugs

Due to the size of this patch, there are bound to be teething troubles. If you find any bugs, please report them on our JIRA bug tracker located at jira.ginever.net. This will help us to weed out and fix bugs faster and more efficiently. Thank you.


Robbit "Delicious Doughnut" Patch 25.2

A patch is being installed for the Robbit client which adds new features and bug fixes to the game. The patch notes below are provided for your convenience.

Robbit "Delicious Doughnut" Patch 25.2 (28 July 2014)

This is an interim patch designed to bide some more time between now and the release of Robbit "Exciting Eclair". It is NOT the 1.7 update. That is COMING SOON(tm)!

General Improvements

  • Opis profiling announcements are now less confusing.
  • The title screen now displays the Robbit version codename underneath the logo.
  • Backported some new splashes, silly commands (/game, /doge, /dance) and playsound taunts (entry of the gladiators, hagrid) from 1.7 branch.
  • The command /gamemode now has the alias /gm.
  • The command /suicide now has the alias /die.
  • The dimension manager is now able to group dimensions into sets.
  • The Hell biome's Soul Sand is now renamed to Fire Sand.
  • 'Silly' commands are now hidden from /help.
  • 'Donator Safe' is now called 'Whimsical Storage Safe' to avoid Mojang EULA violations.


ServerGuard now includes a classpath hasher which is able to detect any file modifications to the mod pack or the libraries it uses, along with any unexpected mods. Attempting to make any unapproved changes to Robbit's classpath will result in players being unable to connect to the server. This completely blocks players who join the Asterion Minecraft server from making ANY changes to the mod pack of any kind (including manual addition of Forge-compatible cheat mods), so you can be sure that everyone connecting to the server has a client that is not tampered with. PLEASE NOTE that we take a very harsh view of people who tamper with their client - THERE IS NO GOOD REASON TO TAMPER WITH ROBBIT. If a mod isn't in the pack, maybe it isn't meant to be!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the project void world (dim 101) being registered as the PEACEFUL_LOBBY dimension type when it should have been PROJECT_ZONE.
  • Fixed LAN games trying to use the PvP teleport timer.
  • Fixed several bugs with the stencil buffer and minimap stenciling.
  • Fixed wooden staircases not being in the ore dictionary exclusion list.
  • Fixed the 'gym' arena type not being functional.
  • Booze and coffee can now be drunk on faction territory.
  • Block-based mobs (such as wither and golems) can no longer be constructed in creative.
  • Moving between worlds with different inventory types now correctly cancels fire.
  • Fixed a bug with the scorchers that caused them to fire incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug where 'Your pending teleport has been cancelled' would display, even when you didn't have one pending.
  • Smashing nether ores now shows the correct smash texture.
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to put out fires when they didn't have permission to do that.
  • Fixed a bug where the dedicated server dimensions would try to be ticked in single player.
  • Robbit Shopping now has metadata.
  • Incorrectly flipped knife textures in Faithful 32x32 have been corrected.
  • Fixed an issue where the name 'Green Sapphire' was still applied to everything made of Peridot except nether ores and microblocks.
  • Fixed a crash in Railcraft when smashing signal block pairs.
  • Fixed a bug where the NEI food tooltips calculated saturation values incorrectly.
  • Disabled the now-useless Live Map button. (It will be completely removed in 1.7).
  • Fix lily pad being able to be placed on nether liquids.
  • Fixed the faction kick broadcast saying 'left the faction' instead of 'kicked from the faction'.
  • Dispensers can no longer bypass the mob spawning permission checks.
  • Fixed the WAILA tooltips of PortalMod portals showing 'Disabled Block'.
  • Fixed Terror Spine and Spewer Poison Pellets not being able to poison players.
  • Slimes no longer take fall damage.
  • Fixed a crash when placing a Bucket Filler next to a Compressor.


Robbit "Delicious Doughnut" Patch 25.1b

A patch is being installed for the Robbit client which adds new features and bug fixes to the game. The patch notes below are provided for your convenience.

Robbit "Delicious Doughnut" Patch 25.1b (09 December 2013)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed incorrect enumeration of Factions relationships.
  • Fixed missing "Large Map Mode" in MapWriter.
  • Fixed missing "Disable Map Mode" in MapWriter.
  • Fixed missing NESW compass markers when using circular map mode in MapWriter.
  • Disabled broken biome colouration in MapWriter caused by VanillaMap incompatibility. Will fix properly later.
  • Added support for remapping autocrafting tables.


Robbit "Delicious Doughnut" Patch 25.1a

A patch is being installed for the Robbit client which adds new features and bug fixes to the game. The patch notes below are provided for your convenience.

Robbit "Delicious Doughnut" Patch 25.1a (08 December 2013)

This is a minor patch which fixes some stupid derps in the original version of Patch 25.1 that were preventing a full rollout.

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