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Minecraft mod pack created for Asterion Minecraft

This is a legacy project. Support for this project was discontinued in January 2016.

While Ginever Entertainment no longer provides any official support for this project, you may be able to find help within the wider Ginever community. For more information, feel free to ask in the forums or in our Discord server.

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Robbit Patch Notes: 27.0.0-DEV4 (r4437)


A new update is now available for Robbit (version 27.0.0-DEV4, revision 4437). Patch notes for this version follow.

Robbit "Fondant Fancy" Patch 27, Development Preview 4 (15 December 2016)

This is a minor patch which addresses various bugs and issues discovered in the development preview. It also adds a small amount of new content.

The primary reason for this patch is to improve and expand the arena system so that it can be used to develop minigames for the community which can make use of Robbit content. Following from this patch, the private server will serve as a method of playing Minecraft minigames in addition to providing a communal survival game world.

Robbit Arenas
• The arena system is now enabled on private servers.
• Added Dim 47, a new dimension which can be used for arenas that have to reset their contents. The dimension can be locked in order to prevent any chunks in the dimension from saving. Then, when players leave the arena, changes to the arena are discarded. This allows for development of new arena types where the players can modify the terrain.
• Added support for Sky Wars, a game mode where players start on individual islands with semi-randomized chest contents and have to build outwards in order to reach and attack other players. The last player standing is the winner.
• Added support for Snowball Fight, a game mode where players move and jump around the arena very quickly and have to score points by throwing snowballs at other players to kill them.
• Arenas can now only be added in Dim 10 or Dim 47.
• Fixed an issue where players who fell out of an arena and then logged off before their death would lose their inventory on relog.
• Death point map markers are now disabled while in an arena dimension in order to prevent them being spammed all over the screen during a PvP match.
• Crafting while inside an arena is now disabled.

Private Server Improvements
• Dimensions used for content development (102 and 103) are now enabled.
• Fixed an issue where Asterion Minecraft donation status was still being queried and displayed in some circumstances.
• Fixed PvP not being disabled in the correct place.
• Fixed the /home command not being usable in non-survival dimensions.
• Explosions will no longer do block damage in the project world.

Bug Fixes and General Changes
• The single-player map loader no longer forces you to create a backup of the world data when loading save files from Exciting Eclair. This resolves an issue where the Asterion Minecraft world archive was not playable because it was too large for a backup to succeed.
• Experimentally reworked entity synchronization. The primary intention behind this change is to reduce the likelihood of mobs and players appearing in the wrong place or glitching into the floor. It will however result in an increase in the amount of network traffic being sent by the server.
• Fixed an issue where players would frequently be invisible to others after logging in, respawning or teleporting.

Reporting Bugs
If you find any bugs, please report them on our JIRA bug tracker located at jira.ginever.net. This will help us to weed out and fix bugs faster and more efficiently. Thank you.

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