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Minecraft mod pack created for Asterion Minecraft

This is a legacy project. Support for this project was discontinued in January 2016.

While Ginever Entertainment no longer provides any official support for this project, you may be able to find help within the wider Ginever community. For more information, feel free to ask in the forums or in our Discord server.

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Robbit "Exciting Eclair" Patch 26 Hotfix 12


A patch is being installed for the Robbit client which adds new features and bug fixes to the game. The patch notes below are provided for your convenience. Please take the time to read them in order to familiarize yourself with the changes made to Robbit in this patch.

Robbit "Exciting Eclair" Patch 26 Hotfix 12 (29 March 2015) [r3999]

Rob doesn't know the meaning of 'development freeze' apparently...

Bug Fixes and General Changes

  • Tools containing the word 'tool' (such as Network Tool, LogBlock Tool) can now be placed on the Bibliocraft Tool Rack.
  • Fixed some erroneous fluid properties shown in NEI.
  • The item 'Lead' has been renamed to 'Leash' to avoid confusion with Lead Ore.
  • Fixed a bug where Faction claims wouldn't show in MapWriter in the PvP Nether.
  • Fixed an issue where some logging was still being sent to the legacy logger.
  • Fixed a bug where smashing barrels didn't drop all of their contents.
  • Tooltips for items have been improved. Notably, armour now shows what percent of damage it blocks, tools now show their harvest speed, enchantments are now bullet pointed, and the Efficiency enchantment now shows you the harvest speed buff being applied.
  • Fixed some issues with the tpa and tpahere commands where players would not be notified properly about the success or failure of using the command.
  • Fixed a display glitch where scrolling between items using the mouse wheel would cause the HUD to be improperly rendered.
  • Fixed an issue where teleporting using Nether Portals would sometimes cause you to suffocate.
  • Fixed an issue with the ban command where the player would not be told why they were banned until a subsequent relog attempt.

Balance Changes

  • Rabbit Feet now drop more often to take into account the fact that the Rabbit mob currently doesn't drop any food.
  • Melons and Lettuce will now harvest faster with axes.
  • The armour formula has been rebalanced slightly (max points is now 28, not 25) and all pieces of adamant armour have been given +1 armour point. This rebalance makes all armours except Adamant slightly worse, while Adamant is made slightly better. The differences are small, but give adamant a decent advantage that makes it more worthwhile to craft into armour. The Robbit HUD has been modified appropriately so that the armour bar can be used to see how much damage (percent-wise) is being reflected by your armour [note that this change wasn't applied to the Vanilla HUD].
  • The minimum power that a player can have in Factions is now -10 rather than 0.
  • Implemented a bi-daily power drain (running once every 12 hours) in which players offline more than 14 days will lose 1 point of power. Only players who are currently a member of a PvP faction will be affected by this change. This is an experimental change which is designed to make it easier to reclaim resources from people who no longer play on the server; it may be adjusted in the future if these mechanics aren't sufficient enough or people abuse the system too much.
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