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  1. jGinENGINE

    Cross-platform game engine written in Java

Projects On Hold

  1. Intryon

    Collectible card game, currently on hold

Legacy Projects

  1. Robbit

    Minecraft mod pack created for Asterion Minecraft

  2. B-Cool Breakout

    Remake built for Ginever's 10th anniversary

  3. Chopper

    The GIT is up to no good again!

  4. Friendships and Troubles

    An RPG based on the F&T roleplays

  5. Medessec Travelcade

    MedShaft, MedMaze and MedMouse

  6. Medessec Albums & Soundtracks

    Experimental albums created by Medessec

  7. Paulipede

    Sort of like Centipede

  8. Whack!


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