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  1. If you open a Combustion Engine with Lava in and mouse over the lava, all the items on the right hand NEI frame get their shadows mucked up
  2. GineverLauncher should have an option to minimise to the tray & show toast notifications for friends signing in/launching games/update available
  3. The windows mouse pointer is not hidden whilst playing B-Cool Breakout Deluxe using the GineverLauncher
  4. Currently the import feature seems useless since it is assumed that all supported Ginever games will already be available to install via the launchers built in installer. Import feature should thus be used only to add non-ginever game exe's to the launcher (or be removed entirely)
  5. The vanilla item 'Lead' which is used to catch passive mobs should be renamed to Leash. With all the wires and electricals in the game, Lead could be confusing especially to players unfamiliar with the mods (the sprite already looks like a wire as it is).
  6. The 'best tool' for harvesting Melons, Pumpkins and Lettuce is a Sword and has been for a long time. I personally find this stupid, annoying and believe it should be changed to an Axe
  7. Andesite, Granite and Diorite blocks & pavers all look incredibly crap and are not used for anything useful. They should either be retextured so that they can actually be used in building OR a new block should be added that combines the 3 blocks to make a block that does not look shit
  8. An advanced jetpack with a higher EU storage would be useful to have in the game. It should also have a "remain at this altitude" option. Rob also suggested that hover mode be renamed and some sort of display shown to indicate what mode you are currently using
  9. Trying to place down microblocks is incredibly annoying since they regularly go in positions that you don't want, especially when you are trying to place down a lot (such as for a ceiling or staircase). It would be good if there was a feature to lock & unlock the position of the microblock placing tool via a hotkey so that you can quickly put down a lot of microblocks that require the same positioning
  10. Foods that require a bowl as part of the recipe (e.g witch broth) are categorised with the bowl in NEI and not with the other foods
  11. Can I also suggest: Tomato Soup Fried Egg/Omelette Full English Breakfast Chicken Salad/Caesar Salad Steak & Chips Energy Drink
  12. The Fluid Registry lists various information about each liquid. For realism purposes these values should be changed to reflect the liquid itself - for example water, frostwater and most other liquids have the same temperature at 295 whereas lava has a temperature of 1300
  13. Vanilla Minecraft seeds (Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds & Melon Seeds) can be placed into a compressor to make compressed plants. Support needs adding for recipes using the new seeds from Robbit Foods.
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