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  1. tried on server and then on single player, diamond drill and pick break Crucible of Power but nothing to pick up
  2. if you want sometime when we are both on, I can demonstrate this in a LAN world where I run tests.
  3. Any time you start pumping Raw matter from glass tank to glass tank, when engine is shut off or removed, the fluid raw matter continues to pump to the new tank. This does not occur with water, just fluid raw matter.
  4. thank you. I am ready for the new map. Good job Rob!!!
  5. Not sure if related to new world height in nether, but it lags badly and is most noticeable when moving. I do have a very beefy machine, suspect the issue is with all the items rendering when jetpack travelling.
  6. can't teleport home, can't break cart, but can break blocks around it. used crowbar on it and just turned it sideways. my character is not moveable since it turned sideways
  7. the download you provided works without menu showing up. not sure what happened but I tried both a repair. then deleted all and installed new-- neither worked. but download you provided works great-- thank you Rob
  8. this is a new PC and I figure I am missing something, just wondering if crash report will tell you what as I do not know how to read it. this is window 8 pc (yuck, and all that as I do not like win8 but its all you can get now crash-2013-08-17_15.59.31-client.txt
  9. When I log in multi-player, the menu you see when you hit escape is showing. and I can not get rid of it, so no playing, typing or anything. This began after I updated to new launcher as was required when I tried to get on. I may have done something wrong but I downloaded the whole thing. Any pointers are welcome if I did something wrong just let me know.
  10. were charging a few days ago, went back to test something and now HV solar arrays do not charge my mfsu's
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