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  1. The launcher ui in it's current state is very nice. But all the round objects like buttons and drop down fields are not coerent and feel very far away than the rest of the style of the launcher. So current possible improvements can be: -Make buttons edgy eg. windows 10 ui. If the previous improvement is made. The background colors of the buttons can be set to the same color of the icon they are holding and the icon color can be set to white or grey. -Change overhaul launcher ui background color saturation. As i feel like the background color is too much going for the grey.(proably bacause of the ui tabs). Probably good adjective for describing the suggested colors is : bright colors?
  2. If a game has loads of small files eg: SM II the launcher is very slow at checking hashsums. A great solution would be to make the process multithreaded. The same thing can be done with downloads (for gui sake a drop down tab with the progress bar for each download thread can be also added ). Options for these should be avaible to the user in the options tab as a lot of programs allows this kind of feature.(Maximum limits for these options may be setted to 8 deafult can probably be 1 for download and 2 for hashsum.)
  3. This feature will allow to have different servers serving the content which will be a requirement when there will be lots of requests to the main servers. 1.The launcher should be able to detect which server is the best for the client. This can be implemented having an auto config on the server selection in the launcher config. 2. The launcher should check for the status of the server which can probably be in those states: Under heavy load, normal, offline, out of sync(this is when the server is syncronizing with the master.). 3.The auth token used with the download of a file will be verified by the mirror against the master in this way the server can be sure that the request is valid.
  4. The launcher currently uses absolute paths for the install directory and there's no way to install the launcher in another folder.
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