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  1. With This Block (Crafting: Maybe A Jukebox In The Center, Surrounded By Iron With Redstone At The Bottem?) Anyways With This Block Upon Clicking On It It Has A Gui, Place A Disc Inside The 1 Slot It Has (Also In The Gui It Has A Radius Scroller Thing, Illl Get Too That Ina Minute,) And Then Power It With A Redstone Pulse And It Plays The Disk, Powering It Again In The Middle Of The Disc Restarts The Song Just Like If It Ends, Also The Radius Inside The Gui (Mentioned Earler) Allows You To Set The Radius That Players Will Hear The Auto-Juke When It Plays Min Raduis Of 0 And Max Range Of 100 Maybe?
  2. With This Block (Crafting: maybe 1 Alpha block and a diamond?) You Chould Make Any Particle Within A 15 Block Range, To Make The Particles Either Power The Blocks With A Button or Lever (Buttons Making A Little Bit Of Particles, And A Contand Pulse Making Constant Particles), But This Will Also Cause ALOT Of Lag Obviosly, So Maybe Make Some Kinda Limit To The Amount Of These Blocks Or The Amount Of Particles Generated By The Blocks.
  3. I Whould Like The Track From The Mod Railcraft (The Limiter Track)(Wich Allows You To Change The Speed Of Trains) To Have A Better GUI, When You Click On It With A Crowbar It Opens A GUI With 4 Buttons, > >> >>> >>>> Clicking On One Of The Buttons Sets The Speed That The Tracks Will Set The Train Speed To. Enough Said I Belive.
  4. In Fondant Fancy I Whould Like Wool Pressure Plates All 16 Colors Made With 3 Wool In A Row Wich Whould Make 3 Pressure Plates
  5. Make Recharbleable Crowbars (From Railcraft) And Be Able To Charge Them Wit EU
  6. Im Trying To Craft Effincy Upgrades For My Charge Pad, But The Recipie Seems To Be Broken, Due To A Messed Up ID with The Rechargeable Battery, What I "Think" Is Going On: I "Think" That Its Due Too Its Looking For A Battery With Power But With 0 Power Per Say, But When It Gets Down To 0 EU I Think it Changes IDS
  7. The Server Has Disapeared From My List, So I Need The Ip Again.
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