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  1. Tested in r4550. Bug still persists. It should be noted that correct number of items are removed - the cart is simply never sent on its way. If you two single items in the filter into a single stack, it works fine. However each stack has a maximum size in the filter of, strangely, exactly 127. This means if you wish to leave 2 stacks or more (128+ of the item) in the cart, it is not possible. Thus i would agree this is not desired behaviour!
  2. Tested on r4550. Bug does not seem to exist. When smashing either the facade or the pipe, the facade is destroyed.
  3. Seems to be making generic standard walking sounds in r4550. This is fine so i would say fixed.
  4. Well, its a little while since I posted in here. Mainly due to work and illness but there you go that's life for you. Insert cough here. Last weekend I completed a base initial draft of the starter deck for the fourth race in the future Intryon initial release, the Morta. Designed to play a little differently to the other 3 races, as you would expect, today after some modifications we have played our second internal test game with them. The first game was done recently between the Morta and the Eresat. The Eresat squashed the Morta like the bugs they are - the Morta needed some stat tweaks in order to make them focused more on their objectives and game play style and still be effective. We made those tweaks and decided to face them up against the Valerians today....it was an utter trouncing. The Morta squashed the Valerians. The Valerians were incredibly unlucky in their draw - they only drew low end ships and had a pile of technology cards that in the end didn't pay off as well as you would have thought. And the Morta drew pretty much every single perfect card they needed in every situation. Some balance changes did get noticed though and we plan to make those asap. Hopefully we can get another test game in before the day is out. Once the Morta deck is tested to a point where we think it can be beaten and also beat the other 3 decks then we will push it out to the main testing branch version for you guys to try out and provide feedback on. On thing i will say though. The Morta certainly have their own way of playing and its an interesting change of pace. Look forward to you guys getting to see them in action!
  5. Good news everybody! No, really. There have been some extra play tests of the early stages of the Mirali deck and a few things have come to light about the design. Such that we have actually had to redesign certain concepts, hopefully for the better. At the moment, playtesting has been done against the Valerians only. We decided that we needed to make sure it was balanced versus one deck at a time. Once the deck begins to be competitive against the Valerians we will see how it compares to the Eresat deck. From our experienced, as they stood, the Mirali were under-gunned. They just didn't have the fire-power to take down big threats. As such most of the midrange ships have been buffed to a reasonable degree. We've also tweaked some of the non-ship cards to add a bit more responsiveness to the deck. The 'Multishot X' ability that was recently added for the Mirali race was definitely a success. It had some rather interesting combos with other cards and was rather effective when used well, so I'm happy with that one. The fact that fighters on ships with 'Multishot X' get to attack X times is mostly negated by the fact they tend to die on the first attack anyway (when taking on enemy ships that is). On the other hand, the ability that we originally intended to be the signature ability for the Mirali, 'Self Repair', frankly was completely ineffective. Either the ships died to quickly to use it, or had no shields left when the lost their hull afterwards (as you have to punch through shields to damage hull) or left themselves wide open to destruction by using it. And the ability was best used when you have other ships in defence to hold the enemy fleet off, but would be most useful when you're ont he ropes and need to hold on longer. Completely counter-intuitive. So, we decided to re-design it. Now, instead of requiring you to choose to spend 2 shields, as many times as you liked to regain 1 hull per shield, 'Self Repair'is passive. At the start of your turn, each ship with self repair you have in play gains 1 hull, assuming they have less than their base maximum, plus modifiers e.t.c. That way if a ship survives the initial onslaught against it (a good reason to try and buff shields using protector) then it's even less dead in your next turn. If it becomes ineffective still, it may be prudent to turn it into an 'X' ability which you can define a ship to regain 2 maybe 3 hull per turn. However for now, we will see how it plays out just as a single hull regen, Lastly, Mineral field cards have been made cheaper, meaning you don't have to compromise as much your ship placement to play them (a big problem that was occurring during play testing). I would definitely say though I am happy with many of the core concepts. Some of the high end ships, when not disabled by what has quickly become the renowned Fused Command combo (to learn more about this, maybe you should watch more games when they're streamed! hmm? Also, grrrr darn you TinyTimRob!) are actually pretty nasty and at full potency could potentially be the most powerful ships in the game. So we're leaving them as they are. Nuff said. The next step is to see how the changes affect their competitive play. Hopefully they'll do a bit better!
  6. Hello all you intrepid followers of our mighty dev blog. After balance changes to the game to correct for the changes in game play during the previous round of play testing, more testing occurred today. And I must admit, the change was a MASSIVE improvement. We had fun testing it, and I mean REAL fun. There were times that we were driven to violent outbursts of hysterical laughter. The balance between the Eresat and Velarian decks now is pretty much perfect. In our play testing pretty much every major card came out and did its job the way it was meant to. The biggest game we played was a long one. It went on for well over 20 rounds and although the Eresat took an early lead on life totals, to do so it sacrificed its ship numbers and in the end the Velarians had a comeback in a huge way and won out by a combination of aggressive defence and, frankly, luck of the draw. It was incredibly close - the closest Intryon has ever been. More play testing is needed of course, but we were reasonably happy with the balance and game play rules for now. The next challenge for myself now is to begin work on the other two races starter decks to get them to the same point as the other two decks are. Hopefully this should begin soon.
  7. Yesterday, modifications were completed to the general statistics and balancing for the existing Intryon card decks. Deck size was increased to 50 cards, hand size was starting at 7 and max. 10, a new neutral stance was added in addition to assault and guard stances, ships are invulnerable whilst warping in and to encourage more use of tactical cards, resources were reset for both players in each player's turn. Further play testing with these changes was done today. The result of which was a generally improved and more enjoyable game. The downside resulted in fresh imbalances between the decks. After the first couple of games we also implemented a round-based resource adding method rather than on the start of each players turn, to reduce the imbalanced nature of having an extra resource for going first. This seemed to be a success. As such, a comprehensive list of required and suggested edits and changes to card statistics has been put together and further changes are upcoming. Summary: Majorly improved but still requires a fair bit of work.
  8. Add a muffler block or equivalent perhaps using essence and/or starmetal to muffle surrounding sounds. Perhaps any sounds produced within the same chunk?
  9. This suggestion was already a core component of the upcoming rewrite of the potions content. Both the potions available and the method of production will be completely redesigned - and ALL potions will use the nether essences, not just new ones.
  10. Probably not going to be implemented this way. The plan to add elemental combat effects for pvp was already in place however its more likely that they will be added as enchantments or as part of upcoming magic content. For example a flaming dagger could be produced by having a flaming enchantment on a knife.
  11. It is an interesting idea, however there are certain factors to take into account. If it works like cobwebs and deals damage, then people will get stuck and it will deal damage over and over until death. Basically instagib wire. If you remove the slowing effect to counter this then it duplicates the functionality of icicles and/or cactus/terrorspine as defensive items. You can achieve similar effects for defence already you just need to be a little more creative to do so, for example combining cobwebs with pressure plates and dispensers full of arrows or flowing water that pushes you onto terror spine or any of the 5 soul sands plus tesla coils. And considering icicles can be purchased with diamond credits, adding yet another defensive block is not the highest of priorities. A similar concept might be implemented at some point but its more likely to be magically themed to use nether content as its base. Might be a bit more interesting.
  12. Railcraft steel anvils seem to break incredibly easily when repairing items. Control was iron anvil - repaired over a dozen bows and swords without any damage to anvil. Steel anvil repeatedly breaks when only repairing approx. 5-6 items. Broke 8 anvils in a row repairing a variety of items - bows, swords, picks, enchanted, non-enchanted, iron, diamond etc. One would assume that steel anvils would be more durable than iron ones rather than less! To be looked into.
  13. They are currently very weak. Lanterns are best hung from the ceiling or put on posts, but this reduces the radius they light up the floor with. This reduces usefulness. Suggest increasing radius if possible to account for this. Perhaps doubling it might be best.
  14. Glass bottle is not returned from recipe. Possible cause might be that creosote bottle is not set as a container item.
  15. Tested and confirmed. Recipe does nothing when correct ingredient items are placed out correctly.
  16. Have not tested for other lamps but needs confirming. Was holding a sandstone lamp in my hand when it happened. Was in a creative single player world.
  17. Bug tested in 1.7 branch during development. Railcraft unloader still fails to emit redstone signal in excess/complete mode when multiple stacks of items are in the filter. Bug remains.
  18. Attempted to reproduce unsuccessfully. Temperature stayed within 100 degrees. Generator does not explode. Possible theoretical cause: someone walked past base and loaded chunk containing generator and not chunk containing pumps, causing engine to run without coolant. Possible solution: build storage tanks in same chunk as generator to provide backup coolant supply in the case of long distance pumps being unloaded.
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