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  1. Several years ago, Rob and I had collaborated on a tiny 2D platformer game, a nifty but memorable little free game that people could play on the computer. Years have passed, but we're pretty certain that this game's ability -to inevitably frustrate you- is still definitely there, and can definitely be enhanced to make the game far more exciting and fun. So we're remaking the game with all new art! Better yet... we're releasing the game on Google Play and Apple's App Store for iPhone, so the game can inevitably frustrate you on the go. This will be our first true title, and we're shooting for it to be a quality one you can enjoy!
  2. Plz consider a whole new rebalancing of Jetpacks. Current idea is for the current Electric Jetpack to be rebalanced to have extreme power consumption (about 15-30 secs of flight time to 30000 EU full charge). Fuel Jetpacks are left alone (possibly buffed in flight time). To fill the need for more useful Jetpacks but balance resource management, there should be more expensive, higher tier jetpacks (Advanced Jetpack) requiring more power to function. There can also be an "Armored Jetpack", with a static armor value like Iron or Bronze armor, but jetpack capability similar to a basic jetpack.
  3. Guardians, spawning outside of Aquatic Temples, are repeatedly killing Squids which constantly respawn, causing a lot of ink sacs to be repeatedly dropped. Opis reported 600+ Ink sacs in the loaded chunks
  4. When a tunnel bore is boring, mining blocks along the way, it should be possible for a chest cart attached to the tunnel bore to collect the items that are mined by the tunnel bore. In the current version, the tunnel bore will continue to drop items loose onto the ground behind it, as if a chest cart was not attached to it, whether or not a chest cart is actually attached to it.
  5. The Adamant Drill formula currently doesn't account for the Mining Drill being at different charge levels (Sublevel IDs). The formula will work with a Mining Drill item 4831 with no Sublevel ID, but will not work with any of the 4831 item WITH sublevel IDs (to indicate charge level). Since the normal Mining Drill required to craft the Adamant Drill can only be obtained with a sublevel ID to indicate charge (as far as I'm aware and what I assume is intended) it is currently not possible for an Adamant Drill to be crafted in this current configuration.
  6. When an Electric Engine is destroyed, any items stored in the Electric Engine's power slot will not be dropped, effectively deleting it. This has been tested and tried on the server with multiple different power storage items in the Electric Engine.
  7. Creosote Cells in to fuel a combustion generator, I didn't receive the Empty Cells back again when the generator took the fuel in the cells. -Slot missing for Empty Cells to be dumped in the interface. -Might be intentional. If it's intentional, it's fucking bullshit
  8. With closed alpha testing beginning, it's pretty much a matter of cracking the whip to make sure we have art of some kind on all the cards currently in the testing, so I'm now working on the Mirali artwork! Included is the final sketch of one of the Mirali ships, I'd appreciate any feedback on what you guys think of the style. Hopefully the rest of the art will be finished in time for me to get started on the Morta art. I'd like to extend my gratitude to you guys for your support and interest in the game!
  9. So- for those who don't know, I've been hard at work on the conceptual art for the "Valerians", which is the race in Intryon's universe that you would equate directly to the Humans of our own universe. Design elements that will be mostly universal across the aesthetic of the Valerians will be a simplified crudeness, and sharp-edged machine look. We have yet to establish the final appearance of the Valerians themselves, there were ideas floating around about changing their appearance slightly to further distance them from the appearance of real life humans. This ship here is called the "Sanger", and it's a Missile Barge Ship. Feel free to give us any feedback on the design to consider! I'm doing what I can before I get started on Eresat ships... those will be quite different.
  10. ============================================================================ jGinENGINE CRASH REPORT ~~ Spent three years searching for a crash... got SOMEWHERE! ============================================================================ java.lang.ClassCastException: org.apache.logging.log4j.simple.SimpleLoggerContext cannot be cast to org.apache.logging.log4j.core.LoggerContext at net.ginever.engine.system.Engine.initialize(Engine.java:90) at net.ginever.engine.system.EngineClient.launch(EngineClient.java:47) at com.tinytimrob.whack.WhackingMain.main(WhackingMain.java:9) ------------------------------------------------------------ *** Debugging information for Java virtual machine *** ------------------------------------------------------------ Attach Listener PID: 5 | Suspended: false | Native: false | State: RUNNABLE Stack trace: ------------------------------------------------------------ Signal Dispatcher PID: 4 | Suspended: false | Native: false | State: RUNNABLE Stack trace: ------------------------------------------------------------ jGinENGINE primary client control thread PID: 1 | Suspended: false | Native: false | State: RUNNABLE Stack trace: sun.management.ThreadImpl.dumpThreads0(Native Method) sun.management.ThreadImpl.dumpAllThreads(Unknown Source) net.ginever.engine.debug.DebugHandler.getThreadDebugData(DebugHandler.java:34) net.ginever.engine.debug.CrashHandler.crash(CrashHandler.java:97) net.ginever.engine.system.EngineClient.launch(EngineClient.java:133) com.tinytimrob.whack.WhackingMain.main(WhackingMain.java:9) ------------------------------------------------------------ *** End of debugging information *** ------------------------------------------------------------ weenus
  11. If a folder previously used/visited in the prompt, saved in memory, is deleted- clicking "Browse" on "I want to choose directory for myself" does absolutely nothing, not even opens the prompt!
  12. Placing a cover on a lit lamp will make it an "off-state" lamp.
  13. Submitted on behalf of Cyanide0031. Complaint that certain tools don't load into Toolbox. Hoes were tested.
  14. Issue submitted on behalf of Cyanide0031 and Dafro1. The teleporter, despite being an electrical component, refuses connection to electrical wires.
  15. The Nuclear Reactor, when set to explode, might cause the client to crash. The circumstances when the client actually did crash were that the reactor was set up in the trees and in the "ball of Hay Bales", and the explosion was viewed from a distance. Every attempt to replicate the crash with the intention of getting the client to crash specifically has NOT resulted in the client crashing.
  16. Archlight discovered after attempting to mine a slow electric engine in claimed land(factions land he doesn't have perms on) the engine would visually disappear, but the block outline and collision would remain. Right clicking on this "ghost block" apparently crashes the client.
  17. Issue has apparently been present for some time. Flame enchanted bows can set members of other factions on fire, effectively harming them on the bow user's part. This happens regardless of status between the two factions, or whether or not the faction either players are in is peaceful or not.
  18. Allow for the crafting of Sno-Cones, Ice Cream, and Frogurt food items. A cone would be crafted with paper in a bucket configuration. Frogurt-use cheese. Sno cone would likely be just snowballs and paper, and not benefit much. Ice Cream will likely require milk and some additional ingredients similar to cake, and give consumer possible fire resistance, although a shorter, milder or less stable version of it. Frogurt will give slightly better fire resistance than Ice Cream, but still not as good as full fire resistance.
  19. If lightning strikes any block that burns, such as a tree/tree branch, it leaves the fire block on top of the block, infinitely, never burning out. It also doesn't ever "burn away" the block.
  20. Sometimes coming back to some machinery (e.g. from teleporting, returning to the area from the nether, or re-entering a chunk) the energy net will stop working. Completely replacing the wiring and the power container, and sometimes just a section of the wiring, can fix the problem. This problem may not affect all machinery in the same chunk. For example, my quarry grid equipment was down, but my machinery and MFSU on the machine floor(~40 blocks up) was working perfectly fine. Replacing the wiring and the Batbox/MFE of the Quarry grid fixed the problem.
  21. Diamond filters don't contain the correct blocks? Some of my diamond filters have some odd blocks in them.
  22. If you return from the nether, the energy net in the chunk loaded fails to operate properly, breaking all machinery powered by EU. Machines won't be powered through cable, even if correctly connected to a full power source.
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