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  1. Several years ago, Rob and I had collaborated on a tiny 2D platformer game, a nifty but memorable little free game that people could play on the computer. Years have passed, but we're pretty certain that this game's ability -to inevitably frustrate you- is still definitely there, and can definitely be enhanced to make the game far more exciting and fun. So we're remaking the game with all new art! Better yet... we're releasing the game on Google Play and Apple's App Store for iPhone, so the game can inevitably frustrate you on the go. This will be our first true title, and we're shooting for it to be a quality one you can enjoy!
  2. Medessec

    Mirali Artwork Started

    With closed alpha testing beginning, it's pretty much a matter of cracking the whip to make sure we have art of some kind on all the cards currently in the testing, so I'm now working on the Mirali artwork! Included is the final sketch of one of the Mirali ships, I'd appreciate any feedback on what you guys think of the style. Hopefully the rest of the art will be finished in time for me to get started on the Morta art. I'd like to extend my gratitude to you guys for your support and interest in the game!
  3. So- for those who don't know, I've been hard at work on the conceptual art for the "Valerians", which is the race in Intryon's universe that you would equate directly to the Humans of our own universe. Design elements that will be mostly universal across the aesthetic of the Valerians will be a simplified crudeness, and sharp-edged machine look. We have yet to establish the final appearance of the Valerians themselves, there were ideas floating around about changing their appearance slightly to further distance them from the appearance of real life humans. This ship here is called the "Sanger", and it's a Missile Barge Ship. Feel free to give us any feedback on the design to consider! I'm doing what I can before I get started on Eresat ships... those will be quite different.