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  1. Chat graphics do not display correctly when robbit hud is activated in any mode. This issue appears on only one of my computers, but does appear when using either graphics card.
  2. SpaceFreak

    Crop Analyzer GUI

    The GUI for the local inventory GUI when using the crop analyzer appears to be missing the background.
  3. I was not able to replicate the crash.
  4. Crashed while access NEI recipe for electric tree tap. Will attempt to replicate the issue. crash-2014-08-12_18.12.27-client.txt
  5. Recipe for any of the coffee crafted items are not available on the auto crafting table.
  6. SpaceFreak

    Scrap Boxes are not working properly

    Scrap box random item generator appears to be working correctly in 1.6.2.
  7. SpaceFreak

    Advanced Crop Crossbreeding Errors

    Tested in 1.6.2 Robbit and issue has not been resolved.
  8. SpaceFreak

    Scrap Boxes are not working properly

    Just tested again with different results. Used 20 scrap boxes and received 8 diamonds and 12 wood swords.
  9. Ferru does not grow pass the third stage even with the iron ore block underneath Aurelia grows to forth stage; however, it is not harvestable and has the appearance of Ferru (see attachment). Coffee Beans grow to their final stage and are harvestable correctly.
  10. Drops from scrapboxes do not seem to be correctly randomized.
  11. Placing Regular Electric Engine randomly causes crash crash-2013-06-07_10.06.06-client.txt Electric Engine Crash.txt