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  1. Railcraft steam boiler housing not connecting to IC2 EU Power cables. Steam boiler not functional as result.
  2. Presumably IC2 wood is probably missing in other places I am unaware about
  3. Just so we can make some fun wiring to determine if auto craftories may be out of supplies
  4. As I understand, it is supposed to fire a projectile like the projectile from the Ghast. In Hell Biomes, I am suddenly set a light and have to guess where the Scorcher is. Graphics Settings Max Resource Pack Faithful 32
  5. This has been present for a long time, but when you fist place a hopper for the first time you use a wrench to change it's output direction nothing occurs. You must firstly wrench a side other than the initial side you were facing. After this, it seems to work normally. This is annoying while you are working with hoppers in confined spaces.
  6. Bibliocraft "fancy signs" should incorporate all types of the different wood signs. It only accepts oak signs at the moment.
  7. Discovered in PVE Overworld, yellow dyed tank returned back as undyed stainless wall/ gauge/ etc - Unable to test, Unable to spawn in Creative due to item not having it's own ID? / Spawn-able item