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  1. Tinytimrob

    Port the Interdiction Torch from EE2

    Fixed in r4783, implemented as Aurora Torch
  2. Tinytimrob

    Port the Interdiction Torch from EE2

    This will be done
  3. It is extremely annoying having to deal with mobs in the nether due to them ignoring lighting conditions when spawning. It makes building nether bases very challenging. Suggest to port Interdiction Torch from EE2 to help solve this glaringly overlooked issue.
  4. The magma crucible port is currently in dev branch since r4766 as the "Melter" (name to be decided later), just needs a name, recipe and textures now. Edit: Now called Elemental Liquifier, finished as of r4784.
  5. The Fluid Infuser (an improved port of the Igneous Extruder) is implemented since r4761.
  6. Tinytimrob

    More uses required for Lead

    Fluid Infuser recipe added today uses Lead Plate (as of r4761)
  7. Tinytimrob

    Elemental Daggers

    Rejected because this doesn't match future feature plans
  8. The reason for this bug is return true instead of return false in ItemToolMeter.onItemUseFirst. The return true happens on the client side, and this prevents the server from receiving the instruction to use the item.
  9. Tinytimrob

    EU reader is "borked"

    Not applicable to fondant
  10. Tinytimrob

    EU reader is "borked"

    Working on this now.
  11. Tinytimrob

    Scoreboard for PvP arenas

    Resolved in 27 DEV 6.3
  12. Tinytimrob

    Scoreboard for PvP arenas

    Fixed in r4685