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  1. A new update is now available for Robbit (version 27.0.0-DEV9.5, revision 5112). Patch notes for this version follow. Robbit "Fondant Fancy" Patch 27, Development Preview 9.5 (7 June 2019) This patch is intended to help improve the stability of the game. Installation of this patch is mandatory for playing online, but even if you don't play online I would recommend installing it anyway. Bug Fixes and General Changes Fixed issues with server load-unload loops caused by the IC2 energy net. Fixed an exception that could lead to map corruption when the server entered into automatic freeze recovery. Fixed some circumstances where pitch and yaw were improperly flipped when teleporting. The player's last /back position is now stored in the save data, meaning that it gets preserved in both single player (between sessions) and multiplayer (between server reboots). Reporting Bugs If you find any bugs, please report them on the Robbit issue tracker. This will help us to weed out and fix bugs faster and more efficiently. Thank you.
  2. Implemented in r5110. /back location is now saved to player.dat and persists in both single player and multiplayer even between server restarts.
  3. Fixed in r5109. Adjacent tile notification will no longer be triggered by default when IC2 tile is added to or removed from energynet. Having this as the default behaviour is just too buggy and causes large load-unload loops in many instances. Blocks which explicitly need the notification (which should be the minority) will now have to explicitly state this in their block constructor. Currently this is set only to the IC2 power cable, which uses the load-unload trigger for updating cable directionality. This change may be behaviourally breaking with IC2 in some places and might warrant future patches to fix bugs caused as a result of this change.
  4. Attempted a fix in r5108. Hopefully should resolve the problem. A little hard to test from here, so further testing might mean the issue gets re-opened.
  5. The player's /back location is not saved when server restarts. It would be nice to save this data.
  6. java.util.ConcurrentModificationException at java.util.TreeMap$PrivateEntryIterator.nextEntry(Unknown Source) at java.util.TreeMap$KeyIterator.next(Unknown Source) at net.minecraft.world.WorldServer.func_72920_a(WorldServer.java:679) at net.minecraft.world.chunk.storage.AnvilChunkLoader.func_75820_a(AnvilChunkLoader.java:420) at net.minecraft.world.chunk.storage.AnvilChunkLoader.func_75816_a(AnvilChunkLoader.java:212) at net.minecraft.world.gen.ChunkProviderServer.func_73242_b(ChunkProviderServer.java:292) at net.minecraft.world.gen.ChunkProviderServer.func_73151_a(ChunkProviderServer.java:347) at net.minecraft.world.WorldServer.func_73044_a(WorldServer.java:902) at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.func_71267_a(MinecraftServer.java:413) at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.func_71260_j(MinecraftServer.java:469) at robbit.servermonitor.ServerMonitor.restartServer(ServerMonitor.java:179) at robbit.servermonitor.ServerMonitor.run(ServerMonitor.java:305) Looks like two threads are trying to save the map data at the same time, which is causing CME. Probably fixable using synchronization.
  7. ADD sometimes doesn't get written to chunks if the server restarts while in the middle of world generation due to the freeze timer being too restrictive. This is most visible when the server enters automatic freeze recovery while generating sections of the nether. The most visible side effect of this bug is that blocks added to the nether worldgen system which have block IDs > 255 will not be correctly saved. As a result, it looks like random blocks of creosote/coolant are just all over the place in the newly generated chunks. I'm not really sure why only the ADD ends up being corrupted while everything else is still fine. This is kinda baffling to me. Probably shoddy implementation of the map saving system. A potential workaround to avoid the problem is to set a really long freeze timer, which would prevent nether generation from triggering freeze recovery. Another possible workaround might be to somehow reset the freeze timer during world generation, although this might require a more extensive rewrite of the chunk generation code.
  8. Confirming issue. Right now I'm not able to work on fixing this because I'm on vacation until second week of July.
  9. The new IC2 energy net introduced in 27 DEV7 can cause chunk load-unload loops on the server in some circumstances. This is most likely the result of TE lookups being made in sections of the map that aren't loaded, with those TE lookups being triggered by the unload of adjacent chunks. Some work was already done towards fixing this problem in DEV7.3, but the problem is evidently not completely resolved because the bug is still causing significant problems in some areas of the survival map (most particularly right now for people wandering near the Dovahkiin nether base) Further investigation is required to track down exact cause(s).
  10. A new website has been launched to try and help promote GIF more easily. Check it out! https://www.gifthegame.com/
  11. The official trailer for GIF is here! The trailer has been produced by Medessec with music by ZombieWizard PHD. If you're interested in checking out this game you should have a watch. Coming to PC, Android and iOS on April 26th!
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