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  1. Tinytimrob

    The wiki is back!

    Hello! I am pleased to announce that Ginever Entertainment now has an official wiki. This is a brand new wiki which will be replacing all of the wikis previously operated by The Ginever Alliance. You can find it here: https://wiki.ginever.net/ The new wiki has been embedded within the website after many hours of painstaking integration work. Both the login state and the skin are shared between the wiki and the rest of the website and the navigation between them should be almost seamless. The wiki also runs within the existing server structure which allows us to run it without having to pay any extra expenses. This was quite a difficult feat to pull off, so hopefully people will appreciate the effort. Over time, I will be importing anything from the old Ginever Alliance wikis which is deemed to be relevant or important to Ginever Entertainment. This is quite a bit of work, so you're unlikely to see this completed for a while. But, assuming you're logged in to the main website already, you should be able to head over to the wiki and edit pages straight away. Also, if you had admin permissions on the old wikis, those permissions should have been carried over to the new one. If you have a little bit of time, it would be great to see people contributing. The restoration of the wiki brings us one step closer to having a full service again on the Ginever website. Thanks all.
  2. Tinytimrob

    An update about GIF

    Over the past few months, we have been working hard in our spare time to try and get the new version of GIF ready for release. Progress has been slower than I would have liked (because everyone has been really busy) but I'm pleased to say that things are looking pretty awesome! The new game will be split up into a bunch of themed zones. For the first version of the game, I'm targeting around 100 levels spread across three zones (classic, ice and factory) with about 30 levels each, along with maybe a couple of 'silly' or 'weird' levels to round off the set. At the moment we probably have about a third of that many, so there is still a good deal of work to do in order to make up the needed amount. A forest zone was also planned, but I've dropped it for now because I wasn't able to make it feel the way I originally intended. It might make a reappearance later, or it may just end up entirely on the scrapheap. I don't know yet. All of the levels from the original game will return in a largely unchanged format except for the boss level, which is being completely redesigned. A few levels might end up with minor changes to make them more interesting, and there is currently no guarantee of them staying in the same order, but they should all be there. I can also confirm that the misplaced block in level 11 which renders the original game incompletable has been fixed In the future, I would like to release level packs to expand the game, or release an official level editor to allow others to make their own levels, although that depends entirely on how successful the release is. The PC release will be out on Windows, Mac and Linux and distributed via Steam, priced at $1.99. I may also make it available on a platform which does not include any DRM, such as GOG, although this is not my immediate priority and if the game is released on a platform without DRM there may be a surcharge for this benefit. The mobile release will be out on iOS and Android, priced at $0.99, and there may also be a free ad-supported demo version on mobile (although I haven't completely made my mind up about this yet, as I detest obtrusive in-game advertising). Other platforms may follow in the distant future, but only if I can justify the development cost. Further updates will be coming shortly along with some previews of the game as it currently stands.
  3. A new update is now available for Spellmaster II (version 0.0.32 based on source code revision d95cd53098e6). Patch notes for this version follow. Spellmaster II Preview Release 0.0.32 (15 October 2017) Spellmaster II core changes: Fixed the Join Lobby button not being clickable. Magic changes: Converted mana cost data is now included for Magic cards and can be used as a filtering option.
  4. A new update is now available for Spellmaster II (version 0.0.31 based on source code revision 169eb426815e). Patch notes for this version follow. Spellmaster II Preview Release 0.0.31 (10 October 2017) This is a pretty large update which includes various improvements across the board for both Magic and Intryon players, along with some bug fixes to the core of Spellmaster II itself. Consequently, it is strongly advised that all players install this update. Spellmaster II core changes: Updated to GinENGINE version 0.3.2 Intryon placeholder dummy tabs that were non-functional have been removed. Fixed a bug where you could click buttons in the friends list outside of the scroll box if you had a large number of friends. Replaced the broken patch notes button in the menu with a working link that goes to the dev blog. The card search box used in the deck builder and manual card addition dialog has been massively improved. The default search is now a 'contains' search instead of a 'starts with' search, and each word is also now checked separately, so you can put words backwards if you like (e.g. 'worm token' will now successfully find 'Token: Worm 1/1') Implemented the filter system. You can now filter by affiliation, rarity, card type, firepower, shield, hull, defence total and converted cost. Some filters are not available for all game types yet but this will be improved in future releases. Filter button is now unclickable if you have no decks selected. Filtering is now a client side component. Converted cost is now stored in the card database instead of being calculated on-the-fly by the game. The 'concede battle' option has been replaced with an 'end battle' option. The dialog shown when exiting Spellmaster II mid-battle using the window close button has been replaced with an end battle dialog. If you try to exit Spellmaster II this way, the battle will now be ended when you press Yes to exit. This change was made because of repeat incidents where battles were left paused. Magic changes: Added support for the following sets: Aether Revolt Amonkhet Commander 2016 Commander 2017 Duel Decks: Mind vs. Might Archenemy: Nicol Bolas Hour of Devastation Modern Masters 2017 Edition Amonkhet Invocations Planechase Anthology Summer Magic (Edgar) Welcome Deck 2017 Ixalan HTTPS encryption is now used when fetching card data. Intryon changes: The firepower statistic is no longer incorrectly called attack in some places.
  5. A new update is now available for Spellmaster II (version 0.0.30 based on source code revision 10b2eb5950f0). Patch notes for this version follow. Spellmaster II Preview Release 0.0.30 (8 October 2017) This update is for balance changes to the Intryon card game. Intryon balance changes: Secondary Explosions is now a Tactical card. Regroup no longer includes the stance clause.
  6. A new update is now available for Spellmaster II (version 0.0.29 based on source code revision bef7f85cffac). Patch notes for this version follow. Spellmaster II Preview Release 0.0.29 (7 October 2017) This update is mostly for balance changes to the Intryon card game. It is a compulsory update for all players. Internal changes: Previous versions of Spellmaster II are no longer able to connect to the server. This blocks connections from any version built around GineverAccount 5.0, which has a subtly different network protocol which is incompatible. Intryon balance changes: Marcopa's self-destruct now allows you to search for any ship card and put it into your hand. Long Range Fleet Beacon can now additionally put revealed cards at the bottom of the deck. Decoy Asteroid can no longer be shuffled back into the deck after being destroyed and is now forced to remain in the scrapheap for the rest of the game once it is sent there. Lesath shields reduced from 6 to 5. Alaxa Fiero shields reduced from 6 to 5. Precognition now has a variable cost (you may pay 4 or more) and can now only search for cards with a combined total cost of the amount you pay for the card. Black Hole Bomb now removes all keywords and abilities from all persistent cards before destroying them.
  7. Hello! As many of you will have been aware, at the end of 2016 the Ginever Alliance encountered some serious financial difficulties which led to the service being closed down. Fortunately, I was persuaded not to give up on the service and I am pleased to announce that a new arrangement has now been agreed on which allows the games development portion of Ginever to continue operating. From this point forward, the service will be operated by a new commercial business venture called Ginever Entertainment which takes up the mantle of running Ginever and inherits the legacy of the Ginever Alliance and its predecessors. As is indicated by the name, the primary objective of the new business is to create quality entertainment. The focus will initially be video games, although we would like to expand this in future if it seems appropriate. Due to the fact that the new operating business is commercial in nature, we will consequently no longer be seeking donations to pay for operating costs. Unfortunately, until we can get something complete out of the door, the shortage of available funding leads to a very tight budget which is difficult to work with. Over the course of the past few months I have been restructuring the service in an attempt to get it back online at a significantly reduced cost. It has been very challenging to accomplish this, with lots of caveats, and many compromises have been made to allow for financial savings. Fortunately, the hard work has paid off, and I am pleased to announce that as of today (Monday 2 October 2017) the main website is now finally back online! Sadly, the following services are still down: Ginever Wiki Robbit Wiki Intryon Wiki Game Translation Service Legacy Project archive and downloads Media archives Javadocs Legacy domains I'm hoping to eventually get some or all of these services back online, but this process is likely to take some time, because it is impossible for us to simply restore the services in the way they used to operate as we don't have adequate funding. Please be patient and I will try to come up with cheaper solutions in the coming months to get these services back online again. The source code hosting and bug tracker have been moved to Bitbucket for now, to save us from having to run these things ourselves. There are plans to bring the bug tracker back under our control at a future date, but we can no longer license JIRA under the new business arrangement, so we are forced to work on alternatives. In the meantime, if you need to report issues, you should do so via Bitbucket. For legacy project downloads: The new Robbit Launcher has been uploaded to the download system because it is currently under a special extended support arrangement. All other legacy files previously available for download on Ginever.net (e.g. RCT2 scenarios, Chopper, Breakout, Medessec Travelcade, etc) can be downloaded from our Discord server until the legacy project archive is back online, after which point they will be moved there out of the way. I'd like to thank everyone who supported the service during this difficult period of time. We now have a new chance to get our message out to the world and to provide quality entertainment to our users and I'm pleased to be able to have that opportunity. Please try not to waste it! Thanks all. -Rob
  8. Version


    This is a zip file containing importable Intryon starter decks for Spellmaster II. Please note that to use these you must have a version of Spellmaster installed which supports Intryon (the latest version available in the GineverLauncher is adequate). After downloading them, you can import them by doing as follows: Extract the ZIP file somewhere Launch Spellmaster II Go to the BUILD tab to access the Deck Editor Click 'NEW' to make a new deck Click 'Import' Select to import the deck files from wherever you extracted them After importing the starter decks, they will be available to select when creating or joining Intryon lobbies.
  9. Tinytimrob

    Welcome to the GIF Dev Blog

    Hello and welcome to the brand new development blog for the HD remaster of GIF, aka the Game of Inevitable Frustration! Over the coming weeks and months, we will be posting updates about the game's development to this blog so that you can follow what's going on. If you have an RSS reader you can also point it here to get updates that way. Hopefully, there will be lots of cool stuff posted to this blog in the future, so make sure you keep an eye out for the latest info. Thanks all! -Rob
  10. Tinytimrob

    Welcome to the newsfeed

    Hello, and welcome to the Ginever Entertainment newsfeed! I have started this newsfeed to bring you all the latest updates about Ginever Entertainment and its products. Over the coming months and potentially years we will post new information here for your perusal. More coming soon!
  11. Hello and welcome! I would like to welcome you to the newest iteration of the Ginever Entertainment community forums! Because the majority of people have migrated to the Discord instant messenger, I'm keeping these forums very small and low-key. The style of the new forums is essentially a half-way house between our previous Invision board and a Discourse forum; there will be a single discussion category only and everything will be sorted with the newest threads at the top. Hopefully, this is good enough for some limited discussion to take place You will, however, probably find the forums to be very quiet and/or entirely dead. Since practically everyone now just uses Discord, we don't have much need for forums at this point, so it's pretty much to be expected. Feel free to join our Discord server at https://discord.gg/3YCsMZF for real-time IM-style discussion -Rob
  12. A new update is now available for Spellmaster II (version 0.0.28, based on source code revision dfacf309941b). Patch notes for this version follow. Spellmaster II Preview Release 0.0.28 (31 August 2017) This is a compatibility update for GineverAccount 5.1 which is rolling out alongside the reworked web services. Installation of this update is compulsory. Changes in this release: Updated GinENGINE to version 0.3.1 Added support for GineverAccount 5.1
  13. A new update is now available for Spellmaster II (version 0.0.27, based on source code revision e317dd613b1f). Patch notes for this version follow. Spellmaster II Preview Release 0.0.27 (4 June 2017) This update adds the first wave of Intryon booster cards for testing! Things now get a lot more interesting, with 70 new cards to play with! Over the next weeks and months, we will be trying to test the new cards for balancing, to identify what works well and what doesn't. You're encouraged to play around with deck-building from this point onwards rather than sticking with the starter decks If you have feedback regarding the game, it would be amazing if you could directly send a PM to Paulicus25 over Discord asking him to look at your feedback. This way hopefully you can get a response faster and/or immediately rather than having to wait. I should also add that this is only the first of about 3 or 4 waves of booster cards that I'm expecting to add before the launch of the game, so there is plenty of room for more ideas. Please be sure to forward on your card ideas as well Changes in this release: Added the first wave of Intryon booster cards. For a full list, head over to the in-game deck builder. Minor tweaks to the way Intryon cards are rendered. Minor language adjustments on some cards.
  14. A new update is now available for Spellmaster II (version 0.0.26, based on source code revision 59ab44304c8a). Patch notes for this version follow. Spellmaster II Preview Release 0.0.26 (19 February 2017) This update provides updates to the Intryon game mode. Intryon updates • Heka changed from 1/1/1 to 1/0/1. • Zosma changed from 3/3/1 to 3/2/1. • The cost of Solar Siphon was increased to 6 and the ability on that card increased to 5. • The damage dealt by Energy Surge was decreased to 2. Updating to this version is strongly advised if you are using Spellmaster II to play games of Intryon. Reporting Bugs If you find any bugs, please report them on the official issue tracker (https://bitbucket.org/Ginever/spellmaster-2/issues). This will help us to weed out and fix bugs faster and more efficiently. Thank you.