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Some web services and downloads are currently unavailable due to internal restructuring. In the meantime you can probably find what you're looking for in our Discord chat server. For more information, check the newsfeed or ask in Discord.

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    The latest news and announcements relating to Ginever Entertainment



    Those of you who have been paying attention since we became Ginever Entertainment may have noticed that the JIRA bug tracker went offline as part of the changeover and never came back up. This happened because the new business isn't licensed to use JIRA, and the cost of a JIRA license is absurdly enormous. We would have to pay more per year to Atlassian than we're actually going to earn - ouch! (How people manage to afford this stuff I have no idea.) Since then we've been using public Bitbucket issue trackers, and they are really horrible. Looking into other alternatives didn't help, because they suck just as badly too.

    In the end I decided we needed our own in-house solution to this problem (you probably guessed this by now!) so I've spent the last month or so working really hard to code something which doesn't break the bank and doesn't suck. The end result is the Ginever Project Manager or GPM - a permanent replacement to JIRA which brings together everything about our projects in one handy place.

    Like with the wiki integration, GPM is fully integrated with the main website, sharing the login session and the site's main skin, so your browsing between GPM and other site pages should feel cohesive and seamless. This was a really important aspect for me to get right, and I'm hoping that if we integrate more services into the website in future we can continue to follow this design to make things feel like they belong together.

    So how do you access it? Well, if you check in the header of the site, you'll see a new Projects tab. This is the entry point to GPM and under this tab you should see all our latest major projects listed underneath. Click on one of those and you'll be taken to that project's main page. Alternatively, you can click the tab header to get a full list of all projects.

    On the main page for each project you'll find a helpful description explaining all the fine details, such as what the project is about and who is working on it. You'll also find the new issue tracker - all of the old JIRA issues have been painstakingly imported, so the history of our projects has been properly preserved 😄 Finally, you'll see that the project pages now also contain their respective dev blogs - the blogs have moved there from elsewhere on the site and feel nice and snug in their new place.

    The long term plan is to move all of the legacy projects into GPM too - and for the project pages to be extended further to include downloads and other helpful content. Essentially, this new system will take all of the important aspects of each project and bring them together into a single location. If you want to access anything to do with a specific project, you just head over to that project's main page and go from there. In time, I hope to have our history and our future brought together into a single place on the site, and all under the website's main banner and style.

    I'm really happy with this new section of the website, and I think it helps to steer the site more in the direction of commercial development and support, which is really where we're heading anyway.

    Please let me know what you think of the new bug tracking service and be sure to give me feedback so that I can improve it!

    Thanks all.



    The wiki is back!

    By United KingdomTinytimrob, in Newsfeed,


    I am pleased to announce that Ginever Entertainment now has an official wiki. This is a brand new wiki which will be replacing all of the wikis previously operated by The Ginever Alliance. You can find it here: https://wiki.ginever.net/ 

    The new wiki has been embedded within the website after many hours of painstaking integration work. Both the login state and the skin are shared between the wiki and the rest of the website and the navigation between them should be almost seamless. The wiki also runs within the existing server structure which allows us to run it without having to pay any extra expenses. This was quite a difficult feat to pull off, so hopefully people will appreciate the effort.

    Over time, I will be importing anything from the old Ginever Alliance wikis which is deemed to be relevant or important to Ginever Entertainment. This is quite a bit of work, so you're unlikely to see this completed for a while. But, assuming you're logged in to the main website already, you should be able to head over to the wiki and edit pages straight away. Also, if you had admin permissions on the old wikis, those permissions should have been carried over to the new one. If you have a little bit of time, it would be great to see people contributing.

    The restoration of the wiki brings us one step closer to having a full service again on the Ginever website.

    Thanks all.



    As many of you will have been aware, at the end of 2016 the Ginever Alliance encountered some serious financial difficulties which led to the service being closed down. Fortunately, I was persuaded not to give up on the service and I am pleased to announce that a new arrangement has now been agreed on which allows the games development portion of Ginever to continue operating.

    From this point forward, the service will be operated by a new commercial business venture called Ginever Entertainment which takes up the mantle of running Ginever and inherits the legacy of the Ginever Alliance and its predecessors. As is indicated by the name, the primary objective of the new business is to create quality entertainment. The focus will initially be video games, although we would like to expand this in future if it seems appropriate.

    Due to the fact that the new operating business is commercial in nature, we will consequently no longer be seeking donations to pay for operating costs. Unfortunately, until we can get something complete out of the door, the shortage of available funding leads to a very tight budget which is difficult to work with.

    Over the course of the past few months I have been restructuring the service in an attempt to get it back online at a significantly reduced cost. It has been very challenging to accomplish this, with lots of caveats, and many compromises have been made to allow for financial savings. Fortunately, the hard work has paid off, and I am pleased to announce that as of today (Monday 2 October 2017) the main website is now finally back online!

    Sadly, the following services are still down:

    • Ginever Wiki
    • Robbit Wiki
    • Intryon Wiki
    • Game Translation Service
    • Legacy Project archive and downloads
    • Media archives
    • Javadocs
    • Legacy domains

    I'm hoping to eventually get some or all of these services back online, but this process is likely to take some time, because it is impossible for us to simply restore the services in the way they used to operate as we don't have adequate funding. Please be patient and I will try to come up with cheaper solutions in the coming months to get these services back online again.

    The source code hosting and bug tracker have been moved to Bitbucket for now, to save us from having to run these things ourselves. There are plans to bring the bug tracker back under our control at a future date, but we can no longer license JIRA under the new business arrangement, so we are forced to work on alternatives. In the meantime, if you need to report issues, you should do so via Bitbucket.

    For legacy project downloads: The new Robbit Launcher has been uploaded to the download system because it is currently under a special extended support arrangement. All other legacy files previously available for download on Ginever.net (e.g. RCT2 scenarios, Chopper, Breakout, Medessec Travelcade, etc) can be downloaded from our Discord server until the legacy project archive is back online, after which point they will be moved there out of the way.

    I'd like to thank everyone who supported the service during this difficult period of time. We now have a new chance to get our message out to the world and to provide quality entertainment to our users and I'm pleased to be able to have that opportunity. Please try not to waste it!

    Thanks all.



    Welcome to the newsfeed

    By United KingdomTinytimrob, in Newsfeed,

    Hello, and welcome to the Ginever Entertainment newsfeed!

    I have started this newsfeed to bring you all the latest updates about Ginever Entertainment and its products. Over the coming months and potentially years we will post new information here for your perusal.

    More coming soon!