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Welcome to the Ginever Entertainment community forums

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Hello and welcome! I would like to welcome you to the newest iteration of the Ginever Entertainment community forums!

Because the majority of people have migrated to the Discord instant messenger, I'm keeping these forums very small and low-key. The style of the new forums is essentially a half-way house between our previous Invision board and a Discourse forum; there will be a single discussion category only and everything will be sorted with the newest threads at the top. Hopefully, this is good enough for some limited discussion to take place 🙂 

You will, however, probably find the forums to be very quiet and/or entirely dead. Since practically everyone now just uses Discord, we don't have much need for forums at this point, so it's pretty much to be expected.

Feel free to join our Discord server at https://discord.gg/3YCsMZF for real-time IM-style discussion 🙂 


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