RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Community Content Pack (for use with OpenRCT2) Feb 2016

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About This File

This is a large collection of various different RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 scenarios and modifications combined into a single download and designed to be applied to a fresh installation of RCT2. The pack has been maintained in various formats since 2006. It was originally created for use by the community in order to allow them to freely share parks and coaster projects; since then it has been expanded into a CCP so that it can be used for OpenRCT2 multiplayer parks. This content pack is therefore now primarily aimed at users of OpenRCT2 and has been designed to be intentionally compatible ^_^


The following content is included:

RCT1 experience (including CF/LL tiled footpaths!)
Play the classic parks from the original RollerCoaster Tycoon game, along with its expansions (Corkscrew Follies and Loopy Landscapes)! All of the parks are as close to exact recreations as realistically possible. This also includes the 'Real Parks' such as Alton Towers and Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Several .DAT object files are included which contain close replicas of the tiled footpaths from CF/LL that are missing by default in RCT2 (with support for standard supports, comb railing and gold bar railing). The classic park recreations make use of these footpath replicas in order to provide an even more accurate CF/LL experience, something missed out of practically all other CF/LL park recreations.

The full 'RCT1 mode' experience in OpenRCT2 is fully supported with this pack. The classic parks will automatically be detected and categorized under their respective games as long as 'Group scenario list by Source game' is selected in the options menu; unlocking scenarios is also supported allowing you to play these scenarios in the original order (just like in RCT1). The scenarios will also be automatically localized based on your language setting (i.e. Katie's World vs Katie's Dreamland). Finally, the bundled scenarios are detected for the RCT1 title sequence setting and the RCT1 LL title screen music is included (css50.dat) in order to round off the RCT1 experience.

Chris Sawyer DLC
Includes several DLC parks originally created by Chris Sawyer which are no longer available on the RCT website (Competition Land 1 & 2, Fort Anachronism, Panda World) along with all of the respective DLC object files (e.g. pink water)

Custom Objects
A large array of custom object files are included to help you design really cool parks. The object files are sourced from various locations; some are also custom specifically for this pack. The custom object selection includes the famous 'Water Path' (a path that looks just like water), many new water colours, custom rides created by the Amazing Earl (originally released on, various new scenery objects, etc.

Custom Scenarios
Includes the Mega Park Revisited and Mega Park Revisited Redux (remasters of the Mega Park with more rides and custom changes), Highflier Hills, Wilderdude National Park and various versions of Sparksyworld. Sparksyworld was the official park of the Medessec Organization in its heyday - the versions included in this pack are Sparksyworld 2008, Sparksyworld Arizona 2008, Build your own Sparksyworld 2008, Sparksyworld 2009, and Sparksyworld Trekawn Valley 2009.

Bonus Track Designs
A selection of various extra track designs created by Medessec (including some new track designs created for the 2016 update!)


To install this pack, simply unzip the contents of the archive to your RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 installation directory. For best results, you should apply it to a fresh installation of RCT2.

Please note: The 2016 update for the community content pack is not backwards compatible with previous releases from 2015 or earlier. This is because of design changes intended to make it more compatible with OpenRCT2. If you have an older version of this pack already installed, you are strongly advised to remove it (either with the uninstaller or by doing a fresh install of RCT2) before applying the 2016 content pack to your game. If you don't do this then you are likely to end up with many conflicting duplicate files. You have been warned!

What's New in Version Feb 2016   See changelog


Compatibility update for OpenRCT2, many various bug fixes, some new content, simplified installation

User Feedback

I updated this for better compatibility with OpenRCT2 :)

Please report any bugs or errors to me so I can take a look at them.

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