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  2. A new website has been launched to try and help promote GIF more easily. Check it out! https://www.gifthegame.com/
  3. The official trailer for GIF is here! The trailer has been produced by Medessec with music by ZombieWizard PHD. If you're interested in checking out this game you should have a watch. Coming to PC, Android and iOS on April 26th!
  4. Hello everyone! I'm pleased to announce that we are pursuing a release date of Friday 26 April for the commercial release of GIF! As of right now the game is practically complete (with only a couple art assets missing) so we are about 95% certain we can comfortably meet this date. The game will be initially available to buy on Windows, Mac and Linux (via Steam), Android (via Google Play), and iOS (via the App Store). The retail price of the game will be $1.99 (about £1.69 in the UK). Any proceeds made from the sale of the game will be put towards funding the next project. All versions of the game will include the full single-player gameplay experience, including 3 zones with 25 levels each (so 75 in total), 25 unlockable skins, and full support for USB or bluetooth game controllers in addition to keyboard or touch controls. The PC version will also include integration with Steam services such as leaderboards, achievements and Steam Cloud. (The leaderboards are really my favourite feature in the Steam release, because they help to add a competitive element to the gameplay, letting you battle it out with your friends for the fastest times. Woop!) As you can see, we are currently targeting PC and mobile only. You may be wondering why a console release hasn't been announced, especially since I've mentioned that the game works fine on my Xbox a couple of times recently, so I would like to clarify now that we would definitely like a console release in future. The game has been programmed with a possible console release in mind too, so there isn't really any reason from our side as to why this wouldn't be possible. However, the publishing policies operated by Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are not currently flexible enough to allow us to pursue any console release at this time. It is possible this situation could change in the future, so I wouldn't count out a console release down the line, but as of right now it doesn't seem like a realistic endeavour. I guess it depends how well the PC and mobile versions sell I have also been asked about whether we would be willing to release a DRM-free version of the game outside of the Steam store. The decision has been made not to pursue this option right now, because to release the game in that way the leaderboards would realistically have to be stripped out. It would also be much harder to issue updates and bug fixes to the game without using Steam. However, if there is a significant demand for a DRM-free version without the Steam functionality included, we will definitely look into that. We are nevertheless really excited to be able to finally announce the upcoming release of the PC and mobile versions of GIF! This is a huge milestone for us, and I'm very proud of everyone on the development staff for reaching this point. The production quality of the game is a lot higher than I could possibly have hoped for at the start of the project and I'm really happy with the way everything turned out in the end. So thanks to everyone who supported us and helped to make this happen! Look out for GIF, hopefully on sale from Friday 26 April!
  5. I did some digging today to figure out how I made this part of the uninstaller work. I was able to verify the issue more accurately and I think I finally came to an explanation. The data folder removal is performed using a custom component called "CleanupMainApplicationFolder". This component does nothing when installed, but has an uninstall action of removing the folder pointed to by the "P.REMOVEDATAFOLDER" property. The MSI trigger performs a custom action which sets the "P.REMOVEDATAFOLDER" property to the application install path immediately before the 'validate product ID' sequence, but only if REMOVEUSERDATAONUNINSTALL is set to 1. This is the default value, therefore it IS set during install (although the "P.REMOVEDATAFOLDER" property isn't used then, so this does nothing), but during uninstall it can be toggled off by the checkbox. If you don't have the checkbox ticked, the "P.REMOVEDATAFOLDER" property is never set, so it ends up being a null pointer. This results in nothing being removed. Thus, having the checkbox checked means REMOVEUSERDATAONUNINSTALL is set to 1, which in turn means P.REMOVEDATAFOLDER gets set to the install directory, which further in turn means that the uninstallation of the CleanupMainApplicationFolder component results in the installation directory being completely removed. Likewise if you have the checkbox unchecked, the REMOVEUSERDATAONUNINSTALL is set to 0, so P.REMOVEDATAFOLDER is never set (and thus is null), and thus the folder null is removed instead (which isn't valid, so nothing happens). All seems OK so far, the logic makes sense, and we know this works sometimes. So we move on now and keep digging. The component ID in the installer for the CleanupMainApplicationFolder component is set out like this: <Component Id="CleanupMainApplicationFolder" Guid="*"> And herein lies the problem. This instruction is supposed to auto-generate a unique component GUID. But for some reason, despite the other GUIDs in the file which are asterisked like this ending up unique, this one does not generate uniquely. Instead, the GUID of A9E06F23-F202-52C8-BBAF-DA1B58DC870E is generated for both GineverLauncher and Robbit Launcher 3 MSI files, which seems contrary to proper behaviour. (This was verified by using the WiX dark tool to decompile the MSI files currently available for download on the website.) I currently have no idea why this happened, since these GUIDs are supposed to be globally unique, so this seems like it is probably a bug or oversight in the WiX toolkit. Either that, or I misunderstood how these GUIDs are allocated. Either way, the auto-allocator is apparently unreliable. As a result, the cleanup component of both launchers installs with the exact same GUID. Unfortunately, this breaks the uninstall behaviour. Here are some example behaviours: Install GineverLauncher. Uninstall. GineverLauncher folder is cleaned up properly. Install Robbit Launcher 3. Uninstall. Robbit Launcher 3 folder is cleaned up properly. So we can see everything works fine if you only have one launcher installed. Awesome. Now we try with two installed... Install GineverLauncher. Install Robbit Launcher 3. Uninstall Robbit Launcher 3. Robbit Launcher 3 folder IS NOT CLEANED UP PROPERLY (and the GineverLauncher folder isn't touched either) Uninstall GineverLauncher. GineverLauncher folder is cleaned up properly. (the Robbit Launcher 3 folder is still present) Install GineverLauncher. Install Robbit Launcher 3. Uninstall GineverLauncher. GineverLauncher folder IS NOT CLEANED UP PROPERLY (and the Robbit Launcher 3 folder isn't touched either) Uninstall Robbit Launcher 3. Robbit Launcher 3 folder is cleaned up properly. (the GineverLauncher folder is still present) So it seems that whichever launcher is uninstalled last is the only one that gets cleaned up correctly, regardless of original installation order. For the one uninstalled first, the cleanup routine completely fails. So I previously thought this issue only affects the Robbit Launcher, but apparently I was wrong. Hypothesis as to why this behaviour happens: It seems that both program installs are adding 1 installation of the cleanup component. MSI is treating them both as the same component and tracking how many installs of the component there are. The component is only considered uninstalled when every single installation is removed. The cleanup also only happens at the point at which the package is considered uninstalled. So on installation of the first package, some installation counter is incremented. We now have 1 copy of the cleanup package installed. Uninstalling it at this point results in no copies installed any more, so the folder is removed. When you install a second package, the installation counter is now at 2. Therefore if you run one of the uninstallers at this point, this only decrements the counter back to 1 installation remaining, which is not enough to trigger the cleanup. Potential fix: I think this could easily be fixed by just manually inputting a GUID for this component for each installer, and then rebuilding the setup files. This would result in these components having completely separate GUIDs, and therefore there is no risk of clash. Unfortunately this will not fix the issue for the small number of users who already have the launcher installed. I'm also not sure what would happen if someone were to subsequently try installing (or uninstalling) using a "fixed" installer while they have an installation from an "unfixed" version present. This will have to be tested at some point to find out. *sighs profusely at WiX*
  6. This is the original version of AudioLoop, built against Shaltif's Xtreme Music and Sound (SXMS) 3. Provided for historical reference purposes only. Build date: 15 June 2008
  7. AudioLoop v2.0, originally bundled with builds of Crimson. Provided for historical reference purposes only. Build date: 27 August 2008
  8. AudioLoop v2.1, originally bundled with builds of Crimson. Provided for historical reference purposes only. Build date: 27 December 2008
  9. Alpha version of AudioLoop v2.2, previously never released. Provided for historical reference purposes only. Build date: 23 August 2009
  10. This is the legacy version of Athena 3, built on 29 September 2013 using source code revision 20. It is licensed under GCL version 2. The original source code can be found at https://hg.ginever.net/public/athena-3/. Athena 3 is provided for archival purposes only. It is strongly recommended to use Athena IV instead where possible (or, alternatively, some other tool).
  11. This is the "classic" Game Maker version of Whack-a-Ginger, originally released in December 2009. It features frogg (the "ginger") as the only whackable head. This ancient version of the game is no longer supported. You are strongly advised to play the latest version using the GineverLauncher instead.
  12. This is the August 2007 "Deluxe" version of B-Cool Breakout. It was developed using Game Maker 7 and published by Legend Killer Productions. It remains here for archival purposes only and is no longer supported. Unless you have a specific reason to use this ancient version of the game, you are strongly advised to just play the Anniversary Edition using the GineverLauncher instead.
  13. This is the November 3, 2011 release of Paulipede (version and the last version using GinENGINE++ and the original C++ codebase. It is compatible with Windows only and uses DirectX 9 for rendering (in contrast to the OpenGL 2.x which is used in newer releases). It remains here for archival purposes. It also remains available so that the game can be played on older systems that have issues playing OpenGL games. If you have a modern computer, you are strongly advised to just play the latest version of the game using the GineverLauncher instead.
  14. This is the original/classic version of GIF from 2009. It was developed as a joint project between Medessec and Tinytimrob and published by The Ginever Block. The 2009 release of GIF is notable because it was the first joint project between Medessec and Tinytimrob. The success of this game was directly responsible for the eventual formation of what would later become Ginever Entertainment. It is also notable because it serves as the inspiration and original source of content for the 2019 HD remaster of GIF, the first commercial Ginever project. This old version of GIF continues to remain freely available as part of the Legacy Project Series in order to help provide a better historical overview of Ginever Entertainment projects. It is known to have various glitches, including some physics glitches, and has known compatibility issues with Windows 8. There are no plans to fix these, since this ancient version of GIF has now been completely superseded by the commercial remaster.
  15. The website has recently been updated to Invision Community version 4.4. The guys over at Invision have put a lot of work into this new version of the community suite, which should result in improved performance in all areas of the site. I am also pleased to report that the Ginever Project Manager has now been expanded to include a downloads library. As a result, we have been able to restore the vast majority of downloads for legacy projects Consequently, the legacy download section of the Discord server has now been removed. This follows through with the original plan from September to make this happen, and brings us one step closer to restoring the services lost in the 2017 server shutdown. In addition, the project manager is now able to display storefront information for commercial titles, along with instructions on how to install some of the older software using the GineverLauncher. In the coming weeks and months you will hopefully see further work done in this area. Please note: The project manager does not currently include the third-party game mods which were formerly created for the Ginever community clan (such as those for Age of Empires, Supreme Commander or Worms Armageddon) because, despite still being in regular use by some pockets of the community, Ginever Entertainment is no longer able to maintain or support these mods in a proper way due to lack of funding. Instead, these mods are maintained by me as a personal hobby, with the latest versions being stored on the cloud storage server (or, for compatible games, in the Steam Workshop). There are currently no plans to distribute them on the main website and this is unlikely to change in the long term. If you would like access to the third-party game mods for whatever reason, please therefore ask in the Discord server. Thanks all.
  16. Previously unreleased compilation of various music remixes created by Medessec in the 2010-2011 time period.
  17. This is the latest of Medessec's music productions. Featuring mostly low-beat, slower and more negative-toned music, The Dismal Collection is more sort of an experimental set of music tracks. This is released as a Ginever Multimedia production under Creative Commons - and you can basically download this music for free and listen to it. This album contains 7 tracks: Storm Your Ears Faster and Faster 8-bit Induction Mispronunciation Inefficiency Authoritarian Oppression This album may be re-released, or the tracks may be redone and put into a newer album, if the music in this album is ever improved upon.
  18. This is the unfinished soundtrack from the on-hold GineverPrix game. The 3 .mp3s in here are three of the music tracks that were proposed for the game: GineverPrix Overture (Opening, Title, Menu) Dennington Speedway Medessec Underground Released under a Creative Commons license.
  19. Social Hierarchy is Medessec's first music album, downloadable completely for free under a Creative Commons license. The download also includes album art and a promotional wallpaper.
  20. This game is built with RPG Maker VX and requires the RPG Maker VX Runtime Package (RTP) to be installed before it will launch. The matching RTP for this game has been provided here for your convenience. If you already have it installed, you can just download the game and ignore the RTP.
  21. This is the discontinued alpha release of the Friendships and Troubles role-playing game.
  22. "It is rumoured that the G.I.T. is up to no good again. This is a top secret mission for your undertaking. The G.I.T (Ginever Institution of Terrorism) has undertook the most devilish task of launching a highly sophisticated piece of spy technology. We do not know its exact purpose, but their stealth carrier is beyond imagination." This was the first major game to be developed and completed by Dennington Games, and the first game ever to be published, being featured on a Farsight Productions demo disc in the latter half of 2003. It therefore serves as an important milestone in the history of the Ginever Alliance for both of these reasons. When submitting this game to The Ginever Block for historical archiving in early 2009, it was discovered to be incompatible with Windows Vista and later. For this reason, a minor patch (v1.01) was released for the game at that time. This patch includes the following changes: Compatibility with Windows Vista and later An annoying "invisible planes" glitch (that we had no idea how to fix at the time) was finally fixed The music on level 2 (originally recorded from a cassette tape) was replaced with a higher quality version Aside from those changes, the re-release of this game is identical to the original 2003 version and is considered a faithful representation of the original game. Known issues: There is a known crash with dmsynth.dll on Windows 8 and 8.1. The bug does not occur in Windows 7 or Windows 10. If you have Windows 8 or 8.1 you are advised to upgrade to Windows 10 if possible to work around this issue.
  23. This is a zip file containing importable Intryon starter decks for Spellmaster II. Please note that to use these you must have a version of Spellmaster installed which supports Intryon (the latest version available in the GineverLauncher is adequate). After downloading them, you can import them by doing as follows: Extract the ZIP file somewhere Launch Spellmaster II Go to the BUILD tab to access the Deck Editor Click 'NEW' to make a new deck Click 'Import' Select to import the deck files from wherever you extracted them After importing the starter decks, they will be available to select when creating or joining Intryon lobbies.
  24. Download the bootstrap.jar file and move it to the directory you want to install GineverLauncher in. Make sure you have full r/w/x permissions over this directory. Then cd to the installation directory in a terminal window and run java -jar bootstrap.jar. The launcher will install itself to the folder where bootstrap.jar resides, and will then self-update. It is possible to make a desktop shortcut by using the relevant tool for your platform (e.g. gnome-desktop-icon-edit or equivalent) in order to avoid using terminal in future. Please note that OpenJDK 8u40 or later and a matching version of OpenJFX must be installed in order to use the GineverLauncher on Linux. If you encounter problems with running the launcher or its bundled software titles, you should check with your package manager to make sure these dependencies are installed and that your default version of Java is correctly set. On Ubuntu 15.04 or later you can install the required dependencies with this command: sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jre openjdk-8-jre-headless openjfx If you are still using Ubuntu 14, updating to Ubuntu 16 or later is advised.
  25. Download the DMG file and mount it. Copy the GineverLauncher application from the DMG to your Applications folder. Run the launcher from the Applications folder and it will perform a self-update. Please note that Java Development Kit 8u40 or later must be installed in order to use the GineverLauncher on Mac. If you don't have Java, or your version of Java is out of date, you will be automatically redirected to the JDK download site upon launching the program. This application should be compatible with OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or later.
  26. Download and run the MSI installer. A setup wizard will appear that will install the bootstrap. The bootstrap will then fetch the latest version of the runtime and launcher code. Administrative privileges are required to complete first-time setup, but not to use the GineverLauncher afterwards. Please note that .NET Framework version 2.0/3.0/3.5 must be installed in order to use this version of the launcher bootstrap. It is installed by default on Windows Vista/7. Computers running Windows 8 or later will receive an install prompt on first launch if they don't already have it installed. If you still use Windows XP: We don't provide support for this platform, but last time we tested the launcher on XP it worked. Your mileage may vary.
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