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  • Welcome to the Ginever Entertainment website

    We are a small indie dev team which was started by Theleruby and Medessec in 2009. We make games and other small projects because it's fun to do so!

    We strive to place the highest standards on game design to ensure that our products do not suffer from modern trends such as 'pay-to-win' money grabs that damage the ethics of the game industry. We also try to support the modding community behind our games by granting fair and equal modding rights to all players, something which stems from our long history as a non-profit games modding group.

    Our most recent game is GIF: The Game of Inevitable Frustration, which can be found on Steam, the iOS App Store and Google Play.
    (Check out gifthegame.com for the trailer and official store links!)


    Ginever has a long history in the video game modding scene, as well as in indie games development and public game server hosting.

    Between 2009 and 2017, we operated a non-profit dev and modding group called The Ginever Alliance, hosting custom servers for various games including Halo, Unreal Tournament, Star Trek Elite Force II and Minecraft. The most popular of these, Asterion Minecraft, came with its own mod pack called Robbit and was one of the most unique and novel communities of its time. Even after the closedown of the server, the devs continue to provide intermittent support and maintenance for the mod pack. We have also developed mods and content packs for many other games, including Age of Empires II and III, Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, Tabletop Simulator, Warcraft III and Worms Armageddon.

    On the development scene, we are most notable for creating our own games engine called GinENGINE, for developing indie games such as B-Cool Breakout, the Medessec Travelcade and Whack a Ginger, and for creating utility programs such as the Athena series of audio players and the Spellmaster series of collectible card game simulators. We also maintain some public open source libraries, including Java ports of FMOD Studio and Freetype 2.

    In 2017 we switched to commercial games development and set out trying to expand the talent of the team. At the end of 2017 we started work on a remastered version of the platformer GIF, which was commercially released in early 2019.

    For now we are not working on any new titles due to market saturation. The dev team is therefore providing support and maintenance only. The web services continue to be available to provide those for projects already released.

    Want to get in touch?

    For real-time support, we have a Discord chat server where you can talk to the devs directly as well as socialize with the wider community. Alternatively, for private matters you can send us a support ticket. Links to both can be found in the header.

    If you found bugs with any of our software, you can find issue trackers in the project system.

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